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Automate customer communication via live chat on the website, messengers, and social media. Respond to customer inquiries and receive payments even when your human agents are offline.

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Save your time on repetitive tasks: chatbot can answer frequently asked questions, collect information, and redirect inquiries to relevant agent on its own
Personalize communication
Chatbots can analyze client’s profile and suggest relevant products and available services to them
Custom conversational bot builder with no coding experience

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a digital assistant that can be customized to interact with clients across various platforms such as messengers, social media, and live chat widget. Leveraging ChatGPT technology, Umnico Chatbot can perform a range of tasks such as answering typical questions, collecting contact details, sending reminders, calculating order costs, accepting payments, and recommending similar or related products — all without the need for human involvement.

Conversational AI powered bot, can be considered to be a virtual assistant who works without breaks and never requires a salary increase. After several training sessions, it is able to completely take on solving basic business problems around the clock.

How does chatbot builder work?

Umnico Chatbot Builder allows users to create their own chatbots without requiring in-depth programming knowledge. The process begins with selecting the chatbot’s objectives and defining dialogue scenarios. Subsequently, you can customize the bot’s responses to frequently asked questions, create interactive buttons, establish the logic for choosing between multiple answer options, and integrate the bot with the desired communication channels.
With Umnico’s intuitive constructor, a user can test their chatbot to ensure it meets the specified tasks and fine-tune its operational logic. Umnico also provides ready-made solution templates for automating business tasks and offers custom development of conversational AI for customer support, sales, and marketing.

How to automate text-based customer communication?

Umnico Chatbot Builder allows you to automate customer communication fully or partially via live chat on a website, WhatsApp, Telegram, VKontakte, Instagram, and other platforms. The chatbot can pose relevant questions and provide pre-set answers, guiding a client toward a sale without the need for human agent involvement.

You can also create unique dialogue scripts for each messaging app. Message chains can be copied within one or between different messengers to automate communication across multiple channels. Umnico’s live chat widget enables website visitors to connect with your brand via their preferred communication channel.

Umnico Chatbot expands business capabilities by improving support quality and raising sales

For what tasks can you use Umnico’s chatbot builder?

Every day, agents process a large number of inquiries, but only a fraction of them lead to sales. The Umnico Chatbot assists customer support by handling these inquiries and only transfers sales-qualified client inquiries to human agents.

Conversational AI that replies messages on Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp

Sales automation in messengers and on social media

Umnico Chatbot Builder offers a variety of automation scenarios that allow your business to fully or partially automate customer communication across popular instant messengers, social media, and live chat on your website. Simply upload questions and answers, provide a dialogue script, connect the desired communication channels, and the bot will automate correspondence in all selected messengers. This allows your employees to focus on working with the customers who are more likely to make a purchase.

Chatbot performance over other sales and support agents

Enhance your customer support and be available 24/7

Umnico Chatbot can respond to customer inquiries at any time of the day, assisting them in making a purchase or resolving an issue. It can promptly provide product information, send a payment link, or help place an order. It can also inform about order status, offer response options, and accompany the new client until the repurchase process. Your agents will no longer have to answer the same type of questions and will only receive inquiries that truly require the attention of a human expert.

Interaction with chatbot on a smartphone
Customize a chatbot that meets your business needs in a couple of minutes with Umnico Chatbot Builder Try for free
WhatsApp chatbot conversation sample

Entrust customer support and user survey to ChatGPT

Umnico is the first company to implement GPT-4 technology into its communication platform. This allows our chatbot to simulate natural conversations with a live agent while strictly adhering to the rules defined by you. Unlike NLP models, GPT-4 can independently recognize all typos in user inquiries and quickly find the most suitable answer. A GPT-powered chatbot can be used for surveys or user support, and all that is required to start is a table with parameters for a survey or categories of questions and answers.

Ecommerce website chatbot conversation sample

Add AI to your website and messengers to make the chatbot a lead generation power

An online robo-consultant can assist visitors in navigating the website, collect contact details of potential clients, pre-qualify leads, and refer them to relevant support agents. The Umnico Chatbot not only increases website conversion but also enhances the effectiveness of all marketing campaigns. The conversational AI initiates a dialogue with potential clients through instant messengers by sending a personalized greeting and then offers interaction options such as receiving information about products/services, participating in promotions, or subscribing to a company’s Instagram.

Create your own chatbot in a few minutes

Umnico Chatbot Builder allows you to create a chatbot in a few simple steps without the need for programming or software development skills. The catalog of ready-made solutions enables you to automate customer communication using proven templates. All you need to do is collect frequently asked questions and answers, upload them into the script, and the chatbot is ready!

Sign up for free with Umnico
Connect instant messengers and setup live chat widgets
Provide the chatbot with frequent questions and answers to them, as well as triggers for its launch
Create a bot script in our intuitive builder

Work with the chatbot builder as a team

Invite your team members to work with chatbots to train AI more quickly and efficiently. Collaborate on all dialogue scenarios, set up a model for classifying and segmenting clients, and choose agents to whom customers with specific inquiries are transferred. Teamwork helps to cover more dialogue scenarios, which improves the quality of automatic processing of inquiries.

Umnico Chatbot Builder interface: building an Ai-empowered chatbot with buttons

Manage chatbots with your smartphone

Install the Umnico app for iOS and Android to monitor customer conversations with chatbots and agents, as well as to respond to inquiries from messengers and social media anytime, anywhere. Combine several instant messengers in a single app and manage all customer communication with your smartphone.

Umnico mobile application for iOS

Unprecedented functionality by Umnico for your confident business development

Omnichannel messaging platform for automating all customer communication, growing sales, and improving customer support.

builder icon
Intuitive builder
The intuitive tool for creating chatbot scripts
template icon
Chatbot templates
Pre-build bot set for typical business tasks
GPT-4 icon
GPT-4 integration
The popular language model that emulate live specialist communication
mobile icon
Lead capture
Contact forms support for 24/7 generating leads
widget icon
Social media integration
Chat automation on Facebook, Instagram and VKontakte
avatar icon
Custom greetings
Welcome message from a chatbot to engage website visitors
search icon
Customized solutions
Chatbot development for your individual business
horizontal distribution icon
Lead distribution
Inquiries distribution settings among chatbots and users
message icon
Instant messengers integration
Pre-made chatbots for WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber and Discord
filter icon
Stop lists and filters
Unwanted messages and clients blocking
file icon
File sharing
Send and receive photos, audio, video and documents
full mobile icon
Mobile device support
Chatbots work on both PCs and mobile devices
supermarket icon
Marketplaces integration
Chatbot for popular marketplaces and classifieds
kanban icon
CRM integration
Custom solutions for Bitrix24 and amoCRM
chat icon
Group chats
Support of group discussion with clients and a team
analytics icon
Reports on the performance of chatbots and live agents
languages icon
5 interface languages
English, Russian, German, Spanish and Portuguese
trigger icon
Automatic and manual flags for important messages
emoji outline icon
Collection of emoticons for warm communication
history icon
Communication record
The entire chat history between the bot and a client in Inbox and CRM

...and many other capabilities.

Umnico Chatbot Builder subscription terms

Test Umnico’s chatbot builder for free

Create your first bot during a free trial or order custom development of a personalized solution right now.

From $25 / month

The subscription price depends on the number of connected channels, the number of users and the payment period.

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“Umnico provides us with full control over the correspondence between employees and clients at our company”

Vladislav Tikhonov, Mojito Management Company

“We’ve taken full control over all customer inquiries, and they are no longer lost when switching between messengers. It’s become clear who exactly answered whom”

Natalia Kartavitskaya, Turmania

“Thanks to Umnico, my business has become more systematized, conversion to sales rate has improved and leads have stopped being lost”

Sergey Alimov, Maneken Brand

Frequently asked questions about chatbot builder by Umnico

Do you have questions about the functionality of Umnico Chatbot? New users usually ask us the following:
Is it possible to automate live chat on a website?
Absolutely! To provide website visitors with AI-based consultations without human agent involvement, you’ll need to install the Umnico Live Chat widget, add typical questions and answers to the Chatbot Builder, and then connect it to the live chat by setting triggers. You can also set up auto-invites to the live chat on your website, which will enable you to actively engage visitors in conversation and collect contact information for future interactions.
What messengers and social media does the chatbot support?
Umnico’s Chatbot can respond to messages and comments from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte, and others, as well as instant messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, and Discord. The functionality of the bot can be expanded to other channels as needed.
How long does it take to set up a chatbot?
You can set up a chatbot yourself in just a few minutes. The exact time typically depends on the complexity of your bot scenarios. Additionally, our technical experts can assist with the setup, with the bot setup time varying from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on its complexity.
Can I get help with chatbot settings?
Umnico Chatbot Builder is intuitive and the settings are extremely user-friendly. If you encounter difficulties installing the chatbot yourself, our technical expert will assist you in setting it up via live chat in the shortest possible time. You will only need to pay for the first month of use.
How can I use chatbot effectively?
The chatbot assists human agents by answering frequent questions 24/7. For instance, it can inform customers about order status, product availability, and delivery conditions; it can also collect customer contact details and redirect the conversation to a human agent when necessary.
What types of chatbots are there?
There are different types of chatbots available. Some follow predetermined scripts, offering pre-defined answers. Others, equipped with artificial intelligence, can analyze the context of a question and determine the purpose of the inquiries. They remember unique inquiries from users and gradually improve their answers, becoming more and more accurate. Umnico supports and offers all aforementioned types of chatbots. Our team is also ready to help you choose the best solution for customer communication automation.
What can you add to the message sent by a bot?
You can embed various elements into a message your chatbot sends, including pre-defined text, images and animations, you can attach different types of files to the message, and you can also use reply buttons to lead a conversation according to your desired scenario.
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