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What’s New In Umnico?

Changelog and features update of the omnichannel communication platform Umnico that will help you to improve your sales, enhance customer support and achieve new business results.

Pipeline update and new features for partners

📍 Pipeline update: New functionality

By popular demand, we have finalized the pipeline (sales funnel). It now shows and indicates all unaccepted and unassigned dialogues. Bulk actions are also available for them, including accepting a dialogue.

📍 New iOS app

We have updated Umnico app for iOS devices in Apple Store. The current version of Umnico application will no longer be supported soon. We strongly encourage all users to reinstall the application as soon as possible to continue working with Umnico platform on mobile devices.

Download new version of Umnico App here.

📍 Umnico is on marketplace

We have added Umnico application to international Bitrix24 store (on the .com domain). From now on, all customers who use that store and Bitrix24 in English can easily find us on the marketplace and install the application right from the store.

📍 New functionality for our partners

Now integrators and partners can invite clients directly from Umnico's interface. This is how it works:
- Go to Partners section - Add a new client.
- Enter the email address you want to send the invitation to.
- The letter with the invite ships to the specified email. That registration will immediately take place taking into account the referal link and will be added to partner account.

Unaccepted dialogues in the sales funnel

The iOS app is changed

We have updated the iOS mobile app in Apple Store. The current version of Umnico application will no longer be supported soon. We strongly encourage all users to reinstall the application as soon as possible to continue working with Umnico platform on mobile devices.

Download new version of Umnico App here.

New payment options and tutorial

📍 New payment options: pay in USD

From now on, our customers can pay for the subscription in U.S. Dollars from anywhere in the world. All customers who previously paid in rubles can switch to paying in USD. Please, contact our technical support if you want to change the currency of your payment.

📍 Welcome tutorial

All new customers are be able to learn about the main functionality of the service through a tutorial. Thanks to capacious texts and videos, you can learn how to work with Umnico. Current customers can go through atutorial by clicking "Help" - "Training" in their account.

📍 Changelog page

A new page has been published on our site, which contains the information about all the updates and announcements. Now you can follow our news not on social media and instant messengers only, but also in Umnico itself.

Log in to your personal account to get acquainted with the new functionality, or sign up for a free trial if you are not familiar with the service yet.

Update: Pay in USD

New functionality - notes in dialogs

📍 Let's start with the main thing - we've added notes!

Notes are a new kind of comment that stays in the dialog history forever. It's much more convenient than regular comments that can be deleted by a colleague. Besides, notes allow you to leave a lengthy message.

It's easy to use: click on the icon and add a note.

Only adding notes is currently set up; editing and deleting will be coming soon.

📍 Added a fixed link to start a WhatsApp conversation from a chat on the site.

How it works:
- If a customer starts a chat on the site from their phone and wants to continue the conversation on WhatsApp, tapping the icon will open the app on their phone.
- If the client comes in from a computer or laptop, the dialog will open in the app (if there is one) or in the web version (if there is no app).

📍 We’ve added Avito connector to Bitrix24 - now it's even easier to set up the integration.

📍 Remember that Discord and Facebook Leads can be connected for free.

Update: Notes in dialogs

An updated online chat interface

1. We continue to actively update Umnico Live Chat. The interface of the chat room has been completely updated, and the features are being worked on continually. We will tell you about the updates soon.

2. We've added the functionality that many have asked for. Now filters are not flipped when the page is refreshed. You can always reset filters by clicking on the cross.

3. Fixed some annoying little bugs so that nothing will distract you from your work.

Online chat interface is updated

WhatsApp Checker now in amoCRM

Umnico update digest:

1. The WhatsApp Checker is now available in amoCRM.
The checker works fully automatically. How it works:
- Open the transaction and pay attention to the field with the working phone
- If there is a green handset next to the phone, the number is registered on WhatsApp
- If you see a pale green handset, the number is not registered on WhatsApp
- If you see a gray handset, then it has failed to establish whether the number is registered to WhatsApp or not.

2. We've added support for real-time WhatsApp messages.
Now, whenever you send a message from the WhatsApp app or the web interface, they will always get to the Umnico dialogue without synchronizing the dialogue. Low or no internet speed is no longer an obstacle. As soon as the connection stabilizes, all messages will go straight to Umnico.

Hurry up and try it out.

Update: WhatsApp Checker in amoCRM

Unlimited online chats and WhatsApp group chats

We've added two important features you've been asking for.

1. Support for WhatsApp group chats.
Now you can reply to customers not only in private conversations but also in group chats. The functionality is already available and is included in the cost of the WhatsApp integration fee.

2. Added the ability to create multiple chats simultaneously on the site.
Now you can create as many individual chats as you need for your tasks. Create an unlimited number of chats for free.

Changelog Update

New integration - Discord

Another functional integration has been added to the Umnico piggy bank, this time it's Discord.

Support for private messages is fully implemented at this moment. In the nearest future we plan to add support for group chats.

The integration is already available to connect. Contact technical support to start testing.

Hurry up to evaluate the new functionality.

Update: Discord Integration

New integration - Facebook Leads

A list of important updates:

1. Just a reminder that Umnico has changed the terms of the trial period. New users can connect 20 integrations of each type simultaneously for the trial period, for example, 20 Instagram accounts, and 5 operators to test the full functionality of the service.

2. There is a new Facebook Leads integration. A brand new integration format allows you to pull a completed form into the Umnico interface, where it can be fully processed. Facebook leads integration is available free of charge for testing, contact technical support for more details.

3. We added a new beautiful page about our company .

4. We closed the bug in amoCRM with an indeterminate indication if a user was the first to send a message by nickname from the Umnico widget. Now everything works correctly.

You can evaluate the new functionality right now!

Update: Facebook Leads

New payment method and number of notifications display

A list of important updates:

📍 As a reminder, Umnico accepts payments from all cards without any restrictions. At the moment, payment is only possible via a link. Please contact technical support or the sales department for an invoice link.

We also added a new payment method - PayPal invoice. Please contact technical support or the sales department to generate and send an invoice.

📍 Number of notifications
Umnico now displays the number of messages from support and the number of notifications for tasks that are approaching their due date.

📍 New section in settings
In the new section you can manage mail templates: create, edit, delete. In the near future, we will add a tab with text templates to work with all integrations as well.

📍 We’ve added a new page, which will be displayed in case of connection problems: 404

📍 New trial conditions
New users can now connect 20 integrations of each type at a time for a trial period, such as 20 Instagram accounts, and 5 carriers to test the full functionality of the service.

📍 We are actively working on speeding up our system. Over the past 3 weeks, the download speed has become more than twice as fast.

You can evaluate the new functionality right now!

Changelog Update

What to do with Facebook and Instagram integration?

Friends, we are all experiencing a very difficult situation around Instagram and Facebook right now.

There are a great number of companies interested in VKontakte, Telegram personal/bot, and Odnoklassniki integrations and our service support all official variations of these integrations.

Connect the necessary integrations now.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

1. Will the integration with Instagram work?
In our service, the integration with Instagram will work as usual without any glitches or VPNs. You can reply to Direct posts, comments, and Stories in the Umnico interface without restrictions.

2. How do I integrate Instagram?
The integration is done the same way as before, but now you need to use a VPN service to connect. A VPN is only required to connect, you don't need a VPN to continue to work.

3. How can I pay for Umnico with cards of non-Russian banks?
To pay for the service using cards of non-Russian banks, please contact technical support to issue a payment link.

4. Can I test the integrations for free before buying?
Yes, we can provide any integration for testing completely free of charge; get details via chat.

Please call us or write to our live chat if you have any questions or need to test the integrations. We will gladly help you.

Payment acceptance for all cards and countries is now open

Umnico can once again accept payments from all cards without any restrictions. At the moment, the payment is possible only via a link. Please contact technical support or the sales department for an invoice link.

We also added a new payment method - PayPal invoice. For invoice preparation and sending, please contact the technical support or sales department.

Paying for Umnico from abroad

Due to restrictions, users can no longer pay for Umnico with Visa, Mastercard, and JCB cards from foreign banks.

At the moment, only MIR, Qiwi Wallet, and UMoney cards are available for payment on a preset invoice. For invoicing, you should contact technical support or the sales department.

In the coming days, Umnico will implement payment by all cards, and we will inform you about any possible future changes.

In case of any questions about payment, please contact technical support.

WhatsApp Number Checker in WhatsApp Business API Integration

New functionality added and bugs fixed

📍 WhatsApp Number Checker when using WhatsApp Business API integration
Now WABA users can also find out whether a given number is associated with WhatsApp or not. The working principle is exactly the same:
— Enter the phone number;
—Click on the check button.
The system will show whether the number is associated with a WhatsApp account.

📍 We’ve added a full selection in the external Umnico widget. Now you can highlight and copy any information without restriction.

📍 Fixed a bug with a jumping date in dialogs; if there is more than one on the page. Now the dates are always displayed correctly.

📍 Fixed a bug with highlighting message text in dialogs. Now, when you double click, a word is highlighted, and when you click again, the whole message is highlighted.

Umnico's external widget locking changes

Umnico has some important new updates

📍 Improved security
Our team always pays special attention to system and data security. With the new update, the authorization algorithms of accounts have become much more complex. The overall security has improved many times over.

📍 Changes to the blocking conditions of the Umnico external widget
If you forget to pay the rate, your access to the service will be blocked, but we've added the ability to write to support, request an invoice, or clarify any issues.

📍 System notifications in the Umnico external widget
Notifications from Umnico can now be seen, not only in the service itself but also in external widgets that are installed in CRM systems. In the upper left corner, there is a bell that will be lit up in red for 24 hours from the moment when the last notification was received.

Drafts in Dialogs

We updated the drafts.

We've incorporated a new functionality: now, everything you wrote in your dialogs but didn't send will be saved in a draft, which you can send later. How it works:
— An unsent message in a dialog saves to draft,
— Next to the dialog where there is "Draft", click on the icon of a pencil and the message will appear.

You can evaluate the new feature right now!

Drafts in Dialogs

Be the first to write via WhatsApp Business API

We continue to incorporate new features to make your communication with customers even more effective.

Latest updates:

📍 The ability to start conversations in the WhatsApp Business API using templates
The long-awaited feature is finally available. WhatsApp Business API users can now be the first to start a conversation using service templates.

📍 Message delivery status in Facebook Messenger
Message status is now available in Facebook integration as well. Everything works in the same way as in the Instagram and WhatsApp integrations. The new conversations will display two blue check marks next to messages if the message is read. No checkmarks? That means the user hasn't read it yet.

📍 WhatsApp Checker now available in Bitrix24
The new feature we talked about last week is now available in Bitrix24. How it works:
— Enter a phone number in the transaction;
— Bring up the Umnico app;
— Click on the verification button.
The system will show whether the number is associated with a WhatsApp account.

You can evaluate the new functionality right now!

Avatars, user response logs, and WhatsApp Checker

Monday is the day of great news!

Umnico now has avatars and user response logs. So it's now possible to find out which user has sent a message to a customer. This feature is very helpful if several users have access to the same integration.

But that's not all! We've added a new feature - WhatsApp Checker.

You can now know if a phone number is associated to WhatsApp before you send a message first. How it works:
— Enter your phone number;
— Click the check button.
The system will show whether the number is associated to a WhatsApp account.

You can evaluate the new functionality right now!

Task Access and Dialog Availability Time Display

Let's start the last month of winter with some updates. Here's what we've been working on lately:

📍 Task Access.
Users can now see all dialogs and tasks. You can configure this option under Settings - Operators. 🙌 We do not plan to stop here and are actively working on the development of profile settings.

📍 Displaying dialog availability time
We added a countdown timer to the dialog that shows how much time a user has left before the dialog closes. The update is relevant for integrations of: Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp Business API.

📍 Channel selector to write first in amoCRM
Now you can select which channel the message will go to if you write to the customer first. Channels to choose from: Telegram/WhatsApp.

📍 New WhatsApp Business API page with template purchase*
On the updated page, you can see the number of sessions purchased and also purchase additional sessions.

* The WhatsApp Business API tab is only available to those who have purchased the WhatsApp Business API integration.

You can connect the new features in your account now!

Free email integration and employee mapping in amoCRM

It's been a while since we told you about the updates. However, we have a lot of them piled up!

📍 Free email integration
You probably already know about it, but in case you haven't connected it yet. Here's a reminder

📍 Employee mapping in amoCRM
Employees can now see only the required channels in the amoCRM widget. We know you've been waiting for this!

📍 CRM systems widget updated, now available:

  • Ability to sync dialog;
  • Ability to select a language;
  • Ability to enable/disable audible message notifications;
  • Display of tariff expiration date;
  • Display of incoming phone number or login in the widget table.

📍 Multicurrency support in your account

📍 New audible notification for reminders about tasks

📍 Ability to turn on/off audible notifications for messages and tasks in your account

📍 Select WABA templates in the interface

📍 Certificate replacement on nginx (solves the problem with old OS without updates)

Connect the new features in your account now!

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