What’s New In Umnico?

Changelog and features update of the omnichannel communication platform Umnico that will help you to improve your sales, enhance customer support and achieve new business results.

Notification widget 2.0 in your Umnico account

We continue to develop our communication platform by adding new functionality to make your customer relations even more convenient and efficient. We are glad to present a new set of updates.

📍 New notification widget in your Umnico account

We have modernized the notification widget in Umnico Inbox (the bell icon located in the side left menu). Now, thanks to the new button, you can immediately mark all notifications as read, even if there are a lot of them. The “Show read” switch allows you to simultaneously display read and unread ones. It will now be difficult to get lost in notifications.

📍 Instant integration removal

Previously there was a delay whenever the removal of connected integration took place We have sped up this process, and now communication channels are removed from the system almost instantly. To do this, you need to go to the settings tab, get to the “Integrations” section, and click the “Delete” button.

📍 A new error notification for Avito

For the convenience of Umnico users from Avito, we have added a warning function about errors in video message loading. Now, if the data cannot be loaded, Umnico will display a send error message so that you can make adjustments to the message and re-send. Umnico users will not lose communication with customers and will increase conversion to orders.

📍 Displaying quoted WhatsApp messages and attachments in Bitrix24

We have fixed an issue where quoted messages and attachments sent via WhatsApp were not displayed properly in Bitrix24 Open Lines. Now, everything works fine, and all messages are displayed in the Umnico widget and Open Lines. There is no need to reinstall anything.

You can check the new features and functionality right now in your account.

Umnico Live Chat plugin is now on WordPress and Bitrix24 integration update

We are ready to introduce another set of new features and improvements to make your customer communication even more structured and convenient.

📍 Umnico Live Chat plugin is available in the WordPress marketplace

The Umnico plugin for live chat can now be installed directly from WordPress. To do this, you need to find the Umnico Live Chat widget in the WordPress store, install it, and configure the chat for the site to suit the needs of your business. That’s it! Your website audience's new communication channel is ready.

📍 Getting to Bitrix24 deal from the Umnico widget

We have added a new feature to the Umnico widget in Bitrix24 - a “handshake” button in chats that quickly moves you to a deal card. Previously, a user could chat with a client through the Umnico widget, but a related deal card could not be connected to that dialogue so it had to be searched manually. Now, when you click on the “handshake” button, the connected deal card opens in a new browser tab.

📍 New Instagram and Bitrix24 integration mechanism

We have added an Instagram post preview for Bitrix24 open lines so that from now on you always understand what product or service your clients are talking about and what Instagram post brings you new customers. In addition, we have eliminated Instagram deal duplication for open lines in Bitrix24, which could occur when replying to a message through the Umnico widget.

📍 Current status of WhatsApp connection in your Umnico account

Previously, in some cases the WhatsApp integration status could be displayed incorrectly, requiring a page refresh. We have improved the status display algorithm and increased the accuracy of information in your account.

Feel free to explore and review the new Umnico functionality right now in your account or the settings of your WordPress project.

Chat history loading mechanism update

Umnico has another set of updates that can enhance your productivity in the short run.

📍 New look of chat history in Umnico

For the convenience of users, we have added several improvements to the chat history loading process:

  • The message loading indicator is visually clear. Now, when you scroll to the top of a chat (to old messages), the chat history download will automatically start and an indicator will be displayed in the center showing the progress of the process.
  • Fixed the focus of the message on which the history loading was started. Previously, when loading a story, the focus moved automatically to the beginning of the chat.
  • Default chat display adjustment. When switching between chats, the newest message is now always in focus.

📍 Registration country changing for your Umnico account

The ability to change the country of registration of the Umnico account is unlocked. Previously, when starting the trial, the system fixed the default country. Now you can change this information before the first payment of the subscription. We remind you that the choice of country affects the subscription currency: when choosing Russia, payment is made in rubles, when choosing another country, payment is made in US dollars.

📍 Bugfix for chats when removing WhatsApp integration

Some users encountered difficulties in the New Chats section after removing the WhatsApp integration and had to reload the page. Now, everything is fixed, and the section works normally.

You can review the updated version of the omnichannel communication platform right now in your Umnico account.

Improved сhat history loading

Bitrix24 integration update

We continue to improve the functionality of integrating between Bitrix24 and Umnico. Here are some latest updates:

📍 “Reach out first” function improvement in the Umnico widget for Bitrix24

We have improved the “Reach out first” functionality from the Umnico widget. Now, when you use the widget to start a new chat, deals are automatically created in Bitrix24, and outgoing messages are recorded in the Open lines so that you are always in the context of correspondence with your clients.

📍 Duplication of Bitrix24 integration caused by the API token resaving is eliminated

In the previous version of the platform, each time the Umnico API token was saved in the Bitrix24 settings, duplicate integration records were created in the Umnico personal account. We have improved the algorithms for processing integration connection events. The API token is now saved correctly.

📍 The extended error notification when connecting Umnico integration with Bitrix24

A detailed description of the error is added when the API key is entered incorrectly. Previously, users did not understand why the integration was not connecting - the system showed a standard “Connection Error” notification. Now the system displays an accurate description of the error, which will help you fix the settings faster and avoid errors in the future.

You can review the updated version of the omnichannel communication platform right now in your Umnico account.

Instagram integration minor update

We continue to work on developing our communication platform to make your customer relations more convenient and efficient. We have a couple of updates.

📍 Instagram post preview in Umnico Inbox

Previously, some groups of users had to use a VPN service to view Instagram post previews in the New Chats, My Chats, and Archive sections. We have improved this functionality so that you are always in the context of your customer communication. Everything is set and running in your account, there is no need to reconnect or reinstall anything.

📍 User removing

In the previous version of our platform, in some cases, it was not possible to delete a user if they were loaded from amoCRM. We have improved the logic of this functionality. Now, the administrator of Umnico Inbox always has the capability to delete an unnecessary user. The update is already available for the Umnico Inbox account administrators and owners.

You can review the updated version of the omnichannel communication platform right now in your Umnico account.

Instagram post preview update

Force restarting for Viber bot and Telegram bot integrations with Umnico

Every day we make our communication platform a little better so that you, our clients, can earn much more. We are eager to release some improvements.

📍 Viber bot and Telegram bot integrations force restarting

Previously, the user did not have the opportunity to “restart” the connection of the Viber bot and Telegram bot integrations without losing the chat and deal records; it was necessary to remove the integrations manually and then connect again. We have a new added functionality that restarts Viber bot and Telegram bot with full historical data preservation. This update is already available for all Inbox users. You can restart your bot-based channels in the Settings - Integrations - Connected Integrations menu, by clicking the “Restart” button next to the active communication channel.

📍 Logic update for the "Response time" field in the New chats/My chats/Archive tabs

In the previous version of the platform, the client response time indicator for chats could be reset when a message was received or sent. We have fixed the logic of that timer. Now in Umnico Inbox, all users in the New Chats, My Chats, and Archive tabs are shown the real time spent responding to a message. The timer resets when a new incoming message is received and stops when an outgoing message is sent. The update is already available for all Umnico Inbox users.

📍 Telegram account ban notification

We have added an error notification if a user account is banned in Telegram. Previously, users did not understand why the message was not sent to Telegram from Umnico - the system showed a standard notification “Message not sent.” Now, it displays an accurate description of the error, which will help you fix it faster and prevent it in the future.

You can review the updated version of the omnichannel communication platform right now in your Umnico account.

Viber and Telegram reconnection in Umnico with full history preservation

Email integration enhancement

We keep improving our platform to make your customer communication more convenient and efficient. A new set of updates is here.

📍 All types of letters now appears in the dialogue history via Email

Some users have encountered difficulty displaying messages sent from some email applications in the Umnico email integration. We have enhanced Email support, and now all email content is available in the chat history in Umnico. There is no need to reconnect or set up the integration again.

📍 Referral accounts authorization update

We have fixed errors that occurred when authorizing users and adding operators in accounts connected via referral links. The update is already available for all new users. If you still have any related difficulties, contact our support, we will be glad to help.

We have also eliminated a number of minor errors, improved the security and performance of the system.

You can review the updated version of the service right now in your Umnico account.

Interactive buttons in WhatsApp templates

We keep working on improving the functionality of Umnico. Traditionally, we have collected all the latest updates for you.

📍 Interactive buttons in WhatsApp message templates

In the previous version of the WhatsApp Business integration in Umnico, the interactive buttons clicked by the client in response to sent templates were not displayed. To view them, the user had to go to their WhatsApp Business app. We have improved the suitability, and now information about the client’s choice of an interactive button is available for viewing in Umnico transactions. To take advantage of the new functionality, you need to send a WhatsApp message template to chat with a client in Umnico.

📍 No more limits for Telegram Bot chat history

We canceled the existing limit on loading Telegram Bot message history. Now the entire communication history is downloaded for viewing from the moment the Telegram Bot integration was connected to Umnico. The update is already available to all Inbox users, and you don’t need to reconfigure the integration.

📍 Inline pictures in Email

Users were experiencing difficulty displaying inline content in the Email integration when attachments were added to the body of the email without using the built-in mailbox tools. We've made corrections and all content is now available in the message history in Umnico. There is no need to reconnect or reinstall anything.

You can review the updated version of the service right now in your Umnico account.

Interactive buttons support for WhatsApp Business templates

Personalized names for your communication channels

You asked us — we did it. We are proud to present some important updates for Umnico.

📍 Custom names for connected communication channels

Previously, communication channels could not be personalized with specific names The aforementioned caused difficulties in identification channel identification. The new update helps leverage a plethora of channels in a convenient and personalized way. Now the user has the opportunity to customize the name of connected integrations the way they like. This feature will make it easier to navigate the system and more efficiently manage connected integrations. The update is already available to all Umnico Inbox users in the Settings — Integrations — Connected Integrations menu, just hover the cursor over the name of the communication channel, click on the “Pencil” button, change the name in the dialog box and confirm your actions.

📍 Improved system productivity

We are pleased to inform you that data loading in the user interface has been optimized to improve the performance. We bet you have already noticed the high loading speed of chat history in Inbox. Now, even if you have thousands of chats and hundreds of connected communication channels, data loads almost instantly. Many users have already appreciated this innovation and received an increase in the speed of inquiry processing.

📍 New response timer for WhatsApp Business API

Previously, the response timer for WhatsApp Business API chats in Umnico Inbox displayed the time since the last message from a customer was received. We have revised the logic of the timer to meet the new Meta criteria. Now in Umnico Inbox, all WhatsApp Business API users see the real-time of the active session in their chats. This timer is reset when a different category template is selected, or when a template is sent within an active session started by an incoming message. This is a Meta’s policy requirement for session write-offs.

You can start customizing the names of connected communication channels and review other innovations by logging in to your Umnico account.

Custom communication channel names in Umnico

New help desk tool: bug reports

We are expanding and improving the functionality of our communication platform so that you can sell more and resolve customer issues with high efficiency. Let’s discover the latest Umnico updates.

📍 Implementation of the Sentry-based bug reporting tool

A new tool has been added to Umnico Inbox that allows you to record videos of user activity without leaving the platform. Additional application installation is not required as well. Sentry records all technical events, hence, you can clearly show our support team where you have a difficulty, and they will be able to resolve your issue in a shorter time. If something doesn’t work out as it should, or there are some errors in the system, use the “Submit bug report” button, which is located in the “Help” section of the main menu inside your account. With that bug report, you can record a step-by-step sequence of your actions and send it to the Umnico support team right away. Such will help us to resolve your issues faster.

The update has already been added, all you have to do is to start recording your actions in case you encounter difficulties working with the platform. However, we hope that this will never occur.

📍 Chat history real-time updating

Previously, to update chat history in Umnico Inbox, users had to refresh the browser page, which caused some difficulties for agents. In particular, it was not always immediately possible to indicate messages that had already been answered and which inquiries required further processing. We have improved the process of updating chat records. Now all users can see the entire history in chats they have access to in real-time, all they need to do is to log into their Umnico accounts.

📍 New algorithm for grouping Email chats by sender

If the “Group emails by sender” option was selected in the Umnico Email integration settings, some emails with the same subject could be combined into one chat, even if they were from different senders. We have fixed this bug, and now all messages will be grouped by sender, even when the messages have the same subject. Everything already works and there is no need to reconfigure the email integration again.

📍 Improved preview of messages from VKontakte

When using VKontakte dialogs in Umnico Inbox, some users were forced to reload the browser page to update information about the last entry in the dialog. You asked us — we solved it: now message previews always display up-to-date information. The update is already available to all Inbox users.

You can check the new bug report functionality and give other updates a try right now in your Umnico account.

Bug reporting tools for Umnico

VKontakte voice message support and more updates

This year begins with the following updates to the Umnico platform, which should make your customer communication even more convenient in 2024.

📍 Voice messages on VKontakte

In our previous version, incoming voice messages from VKontakte were not displayed properly in Umnico, and to view them, a user had to log into the original VKontakte account. We have added this feature, so now all incoming VKontakte voice messages are available for listening right from deal cards in Umnico. There is no need to set or reconnect your VKontakte integration; the update is already available to all Umnico users.

📍 Call duration data in the webphone

Previously, webphone users saw the call history but could not find out the call duration without examining the dialog log. We have added the ability to view the duration of calls. Now it is displayed under the phone number in the connection history web-phone. All Umnico Inbox users will be able to determine exactly how long each conversation lasted. The update has already been added, and you just need to start making and receiving calls.

📍 Display of the selected currency sign

The currency sign placed next to the total value of deals for each stage of the funnel was not always displayed correctly in the “Sales pipeline” section. We have taken this into account in the new update. Now, next to the value of a deal, a Umnico Inbox user will see the currency sign selected in the profile settings. To take this update into action simply refresh the page in your browser.

Feel free to give new features a try by logging in to your Umnico account.

Customizable WhatsApp Business templates in amoCRM and other updates

We are constantly working to ensure that the Umnico communication platform helps you interact with customers more effectively. Before the upcoming holidays, we’d like to tell you a bit more about the most remarkable recent updates.

📍 Customizable WhatsApp Business API templates in amoCRM Salesbot

Users of WhatsApp Business integration with amoCRM can now add variables to WhatsApp Business API templates to automatically insert values from any field of the CRM system. Previously, there was no personalization of templates — the update allows you to customize templates according to the specifics of your business and operations. The update applies automatically without re-configuring the integration.

📍 Improved Telegram video compatibility for Safari

Previously, if Safari browser users wanted to view video files in Umnico Inbox received through Telegram, they had to download them to watch. Now Mac OS lovers can watch videos directly in the Umnico Inbox in Safari, so they can respond to video messages much faster.

📍 File attachments in Discord

In the previous version of the integration with Discord, images sent from Umnico were not displayed. We fixed this in this update. Now clients of the platform can view the sent images in Discord dialogs and group chats.

📍 Read status for messages in WhatsApp group chats

Previously, Umnico clients did not see marks on the reading of sent messages by all participants of the group chat in WhatsApp. We have improved this functionality, and now messages read by all members of the group are indicated by two checkmarks, as in the usual interface of WhatsApp.

📍 Assigning a deal to admin or account owner

At the request of clients, we have expanded the functionality of deal management for clients — previously, an administrator or account owner could not be appointed responsible for the deals. We have added this feature so that you can manage deals in Umnico Inbox even more efficiently.

📍 Extended error notification when inputting a wrong number in WhatsApp Business API

We’ve added notifications about errors when entering an incorrect number via WhatsApp Business API integration. Previously, users didn’t understand why a message was not sent to a specific number - the system showed a standard notification “Not registered in WhatsApp”. The system now displays an accurate description of the error, which will help you fix it faster.

📍 Copying tags inside deals in Umnico Inbox

Previously, to copy a tag that included a hyperlink, Umnico users had to select the whole text. We’ve improved this and now clicking on a tag copies it entirely to the clipboard, which is especially convenient for long links inserted in tags.

You can already try out all of the new features and updates in your Umnico account.

Improved Safari compatibility and other updates

amoCRM integration upgrade and VoIP telephony improvement

We are constantly ameliorating and developing our communication platform so that our customers can get the best return on it. A brief overview of the most important recent updates.

📍 amoCRM integration advancement

Previously, some users experienced problems with the amoCRM integration, such as duplicate deals after receiving an incoming message. We have improved the integration, and now all deals are created correctly based on the incoming messages.

📍 Media files preview in WhatsApp

Sometimes, WhatsApp integration didn’t preview photos, videos, and audio files in conversations with customers. We have fixed this, and now all media files in dialogues are displayed correctly. You can also send and receive files without issues.

📍 Fixed access permissions for users

Previously, access permissions for dealing with communication channels were distributed incorrectly occasionally. We have fixed this, and now users only see the deals to which the administrator has granted them access.

To check this, log in to your Umnico Personal Account under the administrator account. Go to the “Settings” → “Operators” section. Make sure the operator has correctly set permissions.

📍 Outbox syncing for Email integration

At the request of some of our clients, we have added a new functionality to email integration by setting up synchronization of not only incoming but also sent messages. From now on, email messages sent to clients via Umnico are also gathered in the Sent folder in your email service connected to Umnico Inbox.

📍 Avito and amoCRM integration improved

Previously, Avito and amoCRM integration didn’t show a preview of an ad in a Deal card that a customer wrote regarding. We have fixed this, now Deal cards have a clickable link to the ad that interests a client. The update is available automatically, you do not need to set up the integration again.

📍 Improved VoIP-telephony

We continue to improve our VoIP telephony. Now, users can start a call by simply pressing “Enter” if the phone number has already been entered.

In addition, we have changed the location of the webphone that appears during an incoming call. Previously, when a call came in, the webphone was displayed strictly in the center of the screen, which caused inconvenience to some users. We have fixed this: the webphone remains where a user has put it and does not block the working space.

We’ve also added a link to the “My Team” screen in the webphone. If there are no operators, then you can follow the link and the “Operators” section will open, where you can add new ones.

Feel free to give new features a try in your Umnico account.

New Webphone functionality and access to the “Visitors” section

Among the updates we have been working on lately:

📍 “Visitors” section

Previously, Umnico Inbox users who were not administrators did not have access to the “Visitors” section. Now you can configure employee access rights to this section. Log into Umnico through your administrator account and change the access rights settings in the “Operators” section.

📍 Webphone call list

We recently added integration with Mango, Novofon, Uiscom, Zadarma, and others. Users who connected several integrations at once saw a list of calls in Webphone, a virtual phone integrated with Umnico, but could not find out through which service a specific call came. We have improved the functionality, now when you hover over a number in the call history, you can see through which telephony it was made. Telephony is also displayed during an incoming call.

📍 Read status in email

Previously, operators were unable to change the status of a conversation in email integration to “unread.” We have expanded the functionality and added a “read/unread” icon. Now you can easily mark any dialogue as unread so you can return to it later.

📍 Entering a number in Webphone

In the telephony’s previous version, users could not reach the client if they entered his number with spaces. Now you can enter a number either without spaces or with spaces and the webphone will understand the number and connect you with the client.

All updates are already available in your Umnico account.

VoIP telephony updates

Revised compatibility with Bitrix24 and user settings in Inbox

We are constantly working to improve the functionality of Umnico. Here are all the latest updates:

📍 Updated Bitrix24 integration

Previously, outgoing messages sent from Umnico or through external API were not displayed in Open Lines. We have fixed this, and now all outgoing messages are displayed correctly in Bitrix24, making communication even more transparent and efficient.

📍 Revised ‘Reach out first’ feature in Bitrix24

In the previous version of Bitrix24 integration, if you wanted to message a client from a deal in the CRM, you could only see the number of the first contact. We’ve added the ability to display all available numbers to the ‘Reach out first’ feature. Now it is easier to contact the client.

📍 Improvements to the ‘Reach out first’ feature in amoCRM

Fixed the issue of phone numbers used for reaching out to clients being not saved in the Umnico’s user settings for amoCRM. Now, all numbers are saved correctly. The update is already available to amoCRM users. There is no need to reconnect or reinstall anything.

📍 Updated Telegram Personal integration

Previously, it was not possible to switch to a conversation with a client in the Telegram Personal integration if the client's name was not specified. Now, the transition from the "Tasks" happens instantly, even if the client’s name is not set, facilitating the communication process.

📍 Reconnection of WhatsApp Business API

We have added the ability to quickly reconnect the WhatsApp Business integration using the official mechanism without losing the history of customer conversations through the channel. Now you can quickly update the connection in your personal account, and all data will be saved in Umnico.

📍 ‘Users’ filter

Some admins have encountered a problem when the list of users did not display when configuring “Call distribution” triggers. We have fixed this and now the list of users is displayed correctly for everyone, so you can easily set up the automatic distribution of inquiries among your staff.

All of the updates are already available in Umnico, no extra setting up required.

Total number of chats, tags in history, and new usability features

Let’s start the week with an overview of the new functionality available in Umnico.

📍 Displaying the total number of chats in pipeline stages

Previously, in each sales pipeline stage, you could only see the number of conversations displayed at the moment. With each scroll, the number changed, and you could only manually count the total number of conversations at a particular stage. We have fixed this and now the total number of conversations is displayed in each sales pipeline stage.

📍 Deleted tags retained in history

Before this day, if you deleted a tag, it disappeared from the correspondence history. Now all previously applied tags are saved in conversations, even those that you do not use and have deleted from the list.

📍 Make a call by clicking on a phone number

We recently added VoIP Telephony to Umnico, but call icons and phone numbers were inactive. We have improved it, and now you can repeat your call and call back a client by clicking on their number or icon in call history.

📍 Citation draft

Umnico allows you to quote a specific message when responding to a customer. Early, if you started responding to a message but switched to another conversation, the text binding to the quoted message was lost. We have fixed this and now the citation draft is saved even if you switch between conversations.

Feel free to check all of those updates in your Umnico account.

Total number of chats in the pipeline stages

New chat filters, usability, and stability updates

We are constantly improving Umnico to make your communication experience better. Here are the essential updates from the latest release:

📍 A new chat filter is added, which allows to find chats by the date of the last message and by the date of the inquiry creation. This will make finding specific conversations and applying bulk actions easier.

📍 We’ve also seriously improved the performance of the Telegram bot integration, fixing slow-downs and incorrect displaying of messages. You will no longer experience an error or a delay when loading your message history.

📍 The setup process for Bitrix24 and amoCRM integrations with Umnico has become even easier. Now you can quickly set up a new communication channel in the “Integrations” section by clicking “Connect new accounts” in the Umnico widget right in the CRM system. This will save time and resources.

📍 Changing the status of an inquiry from the “New chats” section automatically moves it to the “My chats” or “Archive” sections, depending on the selected status. This additionally reduces manual routine.

📍 Notification when reaching WhatsApp Business API session limit. If a user tries to start a new conversation through WhatsApp Business and has no paid sessions left, the system will show a warning and automatically offer a link to purchase more WhatsApp Business sessions.

Give a new version a try by login into your Umnico account.

Telegram Bot integration update & more chat filters

Umnico combines text and voice communications

We are pleased to present the beta version of our business phone solution, which will allow you to establish reliable and convenient voice-based customer communication, along with texts — all in a single Umnico window.

Benefits of Umnico VoIP telephony:

  • Stable connection and full compatibility with any cloud PBX, including Mango, Novofon, Uiscom, Zadarma, and others.
  • Instant incoming and outgoing calls in Umnico Inbox.
  • Flexible distribution of incoming calls among agents.
  • Call records are saved in client cards for communication personalization.
  • Call forwarding to other numbers.

You can start using a VoIP phone in Umnico today, completely free of charge! Connect a SIP line in your Umnico account right now.

Branding removal in Umnico Live Chat and other improvements

We keep improving our platform to make your customer communication more convenient and efficient.

📍 This is something you asked us a lot: we add more customization for Umnico Live Chat. Now you can turn off the branding (hide Umnico logo) in the chat widget on your website. This feature is already available in your account. Go to the Live Chat settings to check how the widget appears with and without the logo.

Such option is chargeable, and you can subscribe to it for 1/3/6/12/24 months to remove the logo from all of your chat widgets at once. The longer the term — the higher the discount. New customers can try out the feature for free during a trial period.

📍 Improved button support in Telegram. In Umnico, you can connect a Telegram bot and send button click signals via API. Previously, it was impossible to see whether your customers clicked on a button or wrote a message themselves. Now, the dialogue interface displays which button the user has clicked on.

📍 Better support for integrations with third-party business apps. Facebook API works even more stable.

📍 Additional user removal interface improvement and some occasional errors fixing. Now when you remove one of your sales rep / agent or an integration, a pop-up message appears with details, and after a few moments, the information on the Settings page is updated.

We’ve also fixed several minor bugs, and improved security and performance.

All new features are already available in your Umnico account, fill free to review them right now.

Branding removal in Umnico Live Chat and more awesome improvements

Message blasting via WhatsApp Business API in amoCRM and Bitrix24

As we kick off the new academic year, we have prepared a series of important updates to help you sell and process customer inquiries efficiently.

📍 Support for business processes and bots in Bitrix24 using WhatsApp Business API

From now on, when deal status changes in Bitrix24, you can use the official integration with WhatsApp Business to send notifications to customers through the messenger. The integration supports message templates with dynamic fields where you can insert the recipient's name, date, transaction number, and other information, as well as add multimedia.

Creating and modifying notifications through WhatsApp Business is done using standard methods through the configuration of Robots and Business processes in Bitrix24.

To make use of this new functionality in Bitrix24, you need to go to the Umnico app settings and update the connectors.

📍 WhatsApp Business API is now available in Salesbot for amoCRM

We've created a dedicated widget for Salesbot in amoCRM, allowing you to customize WhatsApp Business API templates. Now, you can fetch dynamic data from deals/contacts/companies, insert them into message templates, and send automated notifications to customers.

Each message will be personalized. For example, your HR specialist can set up automated reminders for interview times based on candidate data. Date and time information can be automatically inserted from the "Interview Date and Time" field in the contact card.

This way, all Umnico users in Bitrix24 and amoCRM can do personalized message blasts via the world's most popular messenger, without the risk of account suspension. This will optimize and speed up the whole sales process.

📍 Fixed quotes in Telegram in Umnico Inbox

Previously, quoted messages sent from Umnico Inbox in Telegram couldn't be displayed as usual in Telegram app. We have resolved this issue. Now, quoting looks as it should, and communication with clients via Telegram from Umnico is no different from how it looks in the messenger on a mobile or desktop.

You can already explore the capability of WhatsApp Business API integration with CRM, along with other new features, in your Umnico account.

WhatsApp Business API support for amoCRM and Bitrix24

Improved integrations with WhatsApp Business API, amoCRM and Telegram Bot

We are happy to share the updates we’ve been working on lately:

  1. WhatsApp Business API integration now displays photos in chats correctly.
  2. You can now split text into paragraphs and send it as one message in WhatsApp Business chats.
  3. All new users can access message templates in the language set in their profile settings.
  4. User access rights can be changed by simply switching between Administrator and Operator roles.
  5. Fixed the incorrect display of incoming and outgoing messages in amoCRM.
  6. You can now send buttons with attached files, such as image + buttons, in the chats of Telegram Bot integration.

The new features and updates are already available in your Umnico account.

New Intro Guide and Pinnable Conversations in Umnico

We’re kicking off the month with a couple of cool updates.

📍 Some conversations might be more important than others: a VIP client, an urgent issue, etc. To ensure you don’t lose track of them, you can now pin important dialogues to the top of the list in Umnico Inbox.

📍 For our new users, we have prepared an updated intro tour. Convenient welcome screens will explain Umnico’s essential features in detail.

You can already check out the improvements brought by the latest version in your Umnico account!

Pinnable conversations in Umnico Inbox

Official integration of WhatsApp with Bitrix24 and payment processing optimization

Summer is in full swing, and Umnico has something to delight its users as well.

📍 Integration of WhatsApp Business with Bitrix24. With our solution, you will be able to communicate with your clients through WhatsApp directly within the Bitrix24 interface. Umnico's integration also supports the ability to initiate conversations with clients, which is useful for sending personalized marketing offers or collecting feedback post-purchase.

📍 Fixed a payment plugin error. Each account is now associated with a specific currency, eliminating complications during the payment process.

The updates are already available in your personal account. If you are a Bitrix24 user, you can now easily set up efficient customer support and nurture client relationships through the official integration with WhatsApp Business.

Free plan: today and forever

We are pleased to present an update that many have been waiting for: forever-free subscription plan for Umnico!

The free start plan allows you to use selected customer communication channels, including Live Chat, Email, Auto.ru, Discord, Facebook Leads, and Odnoklassniki free of charge for any period.

From now on, an expired paid subscription doesn’t block a Umnico account, instead transferring it to the start free plan with access to selected integrations. While paid integrations are blocked until paid subscription renewal, your clients data and correspondence history are stored securely.

The free start plan is a great opportunity to start using Umnico in your individual business or a startup. Share such great news with friends now, and start communicating with your customers through live chat, as well as other channels, today!

Free (startup) plan is available in Umnico

amoCRM compatibility improvement and more features for the trial version of Umnico

Great news! We are glad to release some updates we’ve been working on lately:

📍 Images from WhatsApp to amoCRM

If you have WhatsApp integration with amoCRM enabled, you can now view multiple images in a chat (in Deal cards in amoCRM). Previously, only the first image was available for viewing.

📍 Expanding Umnico Trial Features

From now on, there’s no limit on the number of Instagram accounts that can be connected during the trial period. New customers can connect any number of both business and personal accounts of the social media platform. Test all the functionality of Umnico for free for 3 days without any restrictions.

📍 Improved Umnico compatibility with Salesbot

Fixed display of messages sent by Salesbot in amoCRM. Previously, messages sent by Salesbot from Deal card didn't end up in the Umnico widget window in amoCRM.

Log in to your Umnico account to try new features and updates.

Photo sets sent through WhatsApp now in amoCRM

Improved integration setup and bugfix

Umnico omnichannel platform is improved continuously, making your communication with customers more convenient. The latest update comes with several subtle but important improvements.

📍 More convenience for setting up integrations. We've also updated and added how-to instruction for some integrations.

📍 Fixed email notifications bug. Now you will always be aware when your trial period ends or the next payment is due.

📍 Improved stability of basic WhatsApp integration. Communication with customers via Umnico has become even more streamlined.

Check the improvements brought by the latest version today in your Umnico account!

Important Update to WhatsApp Business API Pricing

Starting June 1st, Meta makes changes to WhatsApp Business API pricing. As before the rates are based on a 24-hour session, but depend on the conversation categories.

All dialogues are now splitted into three categories:

  1. Utility Conversations: For specific transaction updates and post-purchase notifications.
  2. Authentication Conversations: For one-time passcodes during the login/registration process.
  3. Marketing Conversations: For promotions, offers, and informational updates.

User-initiated conversations will now be called Service Conversations. It also includes all free-form messages sent by a company to a client within a 24-hour session, when no other conversation window with a different category of a dialogue is open.

While business-initiated conversations will no longer be included in the free tier, each WhatsApp Business account will receive 1,000 free user-initiated conversations per month.

A sent message starts a new conversation of a relevant category and incurs the corresponding charge unless it’s delivered within an open conversation of the same category. However, sending multiple messages of the same category within an open conversation does not result in additional charges.

Charges for conversations vary based on the user’s country or region.

Find out more about the new WhatsApp Business API pricing on Facebook.com.

For insights on how to use WhatsApp effectively for sales and customer support, check our guide.

Cross-channel message forwarding and bug fixes

We are glad to share some recents updates of the omnichannel messaging platform.

📍 Cross-channel message forwarding

We’ve added a unique functionality of forwarding messages among different communication channels. Now users can forward any message to any chat from any integration, for example, from WhatsApp to Telegram.

How it works: Select a message in a chat by hovering a mouse over it. Click on the red arrow next to the message, select which chat(s) to forward to, and click on the ‘Send’ icon. Green checkmarks next to the selected message indicate that the message is forwarded successfully, while red exclamation mark indicates that this message cannot be forwarded to the selected communication channel.

Please note that all integrations have limitations on the size and type of supported files. This does not apply to text messages, which can be forwarded between any communication channels.

📍 Fixed a bug with comment replies in Bitrix24

Some users have noticed that the recent Bitrix24 update has turned off the ability to respond to comments under posts. This issue has been fixed.

📍 Resolved broken links issue in amoCRM

In rare cases, a link sent from amoCRM became broken. This bug has also been fixed by our team.

Try new functionality, along with the improved stability in CRMs, today in your Umnico account!

Umnico API functionality extension and the improvement for Facebook Groups

The latest update comes with several bug fixes and extended Umnico API features.

📍 API for Discord

Umnico API now fully supports the integration with Discord, including messaging and file sharing. Discord integration is absolutely free with Umnico.

📍 API for Auto.ru

We have successfully completed the development of a new integration with Auto.ru and also improved our API functionality. Now, Umnico API can help you to integrate Auto.ru into your business app or CRM.

📍 Bug fix: Source in amoCRM

A number of our clients were having issues with adding our application as a lead generation source in amoCRM digital pipeline. It’s fixed now. Our widget can be added to a list of sources with no problems. Please, contact our support team in case of any difficulties.

📍 Bug fix: Facebook Groups connectivity issue

We have also coped with a problem with Facebook Group connecting. Some users complained about the complexity of the setup process. To tackle the issue, we have developed a manual with a video guide for our users. If you’d like to manage your Facebook group in Umnico, contact our support, and we will provide you with the instructions.

All new features and updates are already available for any Umnico user. Do not hesitate to check them in your account.

New functionality for VKontakte

Our team has released an important update for all users who leverage VKontakte as a customer communication channel.

VKontakte integration now supports message citations

A great number of Umnico clients who use VK integration have been waiting for this update. Now you can quote your clients’ text messages, along with emojis and attachments, directly in Umnico Inbox. You are also able to see everything that your customers have quoted.

Do not hesitate to test the aforementioned functionality right now in your Umnico account.

Message citations in VKontakte

WhatsApp integration status tracking and notification

From now on, Umnico tracks the status of WhatsApp integration and notifies users about connectivity issues, so you can reconnect right away to solve the problem.

How status notification works and how to set it up:

  1. In the „Settings“ menu, open the „Notifications“ tab.
  2. In the „Integration Status Notifications“ section, select WhatsApp accounts you’d like to receive notifications about. Wait for the green „Saved“ message to appear.
  3. Next, choose the way you’d like to receive notifications:
  • in Umnico Inbox
  • via email

Both notification options could be used at the same time.

It’s done! Now, in case of any WhatsApp connectivity issues, Umnico will immediately notify you about the problem and suggest what to do about it. Notifications are delivered several times until the problem is solved.

2 important things to keep in mind:

  1. We’ve moved Sound notification settings and Notification by messages to the „Notifications“ tab of the „Settings“ menu.
  2. Status tracking is enabled for all new WhatsApp integrations by default. To activate the notification alert for your existing integrations, visit the „Settings“ — „Integration“ section and reconnect them.

Soon, similar notifications will be available for all other customer communication channels.

Stay tuned for further updates! Feel free to set up WhatsApp status notification alerts in your Umnico account.

WhatsApp status notification alert

Main menu customization

In this update, we introduce new settings for the main menu.

Before, the main menu on the dashboard’s left side was not customizable. But everything changes now.

With the recent menu update, you can:

  1. Hide unnecessary sections of the menu. While hidden from the menu, all information remains and continues to be stored in those sections
  2. Change tabs’ position by moving them up or down — you have complete freedom of action
  3. Work on a tablet comfortably. All menu icons are displayed correctly now

How it works: click on the three horizontal dots located above the settings, and click or drag the section you want. No need to save the changes every time, since they take effect immediately.

Please note that to work with messages, you need the “New Chats” and “My Chats” tabs to be shown, so you cannot remove these tabs from the menu. Nevertheless, you can move them like any other tabs or sections.

Feel free to check the new functionality right now in your Umnico account.

Main menu settings update in Umnico

auto.ru integration

After extensive testing we’re pleased to release Umnico integration with auto.ru — a popular classifieds on automobile-related subjects. All Umnico users who have a Dealer account on auto.ru can set up this integration for free.

Features and benefits of auto.ru integration:

  1. 100% official solution
  2. Chats with potential customers across all vehicle listings
  3. Support for the unlimited number of auto.ru accounts
  4. Listing photos are displayed in every chat
  5. Photos sharing with clients
  6. Free-of-charge integration

You can set up this new integration without extra investments in your Umnico account to improve your dealership business performance.

Task setup triggers in Umnico

As we constantly keep improving the functionality of our service to enhance the effectiveness of your customer communication, we’ve prepared something special for the end of this year.

Many of our users have been requesting the Task setup trigger feature, and we are happy to announce it! There is no need to set tasks manually anymore since all users have access to a trigger, which automatically adds a task to a chat for a specific operator or a person assigned to a Deal.

How it works:

  • Go to Pipeline and switch to the trigger mode;
  • Select the stage and click "Add a trigger" - "Add a task";
  • Describe the task, select an assignee, and set the time;
  • Click "Create a trigger".

Done! Now Umnico will set tasks automatically, without any manual operations.

You can set tasks automatically:

  • Upon a stage transition;
  • When the assignee is changed;
  • For an incoming message.

There is a customizable timer for completing tasks, so you can specify any period up to 2 years.

As with all other triggers, you can apply the new one immediately to all chats on a particular pipeline stage.

The cool thing about the new trigger is that the system identifies who is currently responsible for the chat, and sets the task for this particular user. It is also possible to create a task for a predefined user.

Your feedback is very important to us, so our team would be glad to hear any suggestions, comments, and recommendations about the new functionality. Please contact support to share your thoughts.

Task setup triggers

New automation features and auto.ru integration

As we constantly improve Umnico’s functionality to help you achieve better communication with customers, there are new features we’d like to share with you.

📍 "Add/removal of tags" trigger

This is a simple but at the same time useful trigger. It allows you to automatically add one or several tags to all incoming messages, which comes in handy, for example, during a promotion.

How it works:

  • create a tag
  • go to the pipeline and choose trigger settings
  • choose the pipeline’s stage and select “Changing tags” option
  • select tags you want to add or remove automatically

From now on, the platform will perform this task without manual involvement.

Add/removal of tags automation can be triggered by:

  • switching pipelines' stage
  • changing an agent responsible
  • receiving an incoming message

As with all other triggers, you can add it immediately to all conversations on a stage, without waiting for any changes to activate the trigger.

📍 The other important news — the long-awaited auto.ru integration is finally live.

We have completed the development of auto.ru integration. Available in beta, this is a brand-new integration with a customer communication channel that is virtually non-existent on other messaging platforms.

Do you want to be a pioneer and start testing auto.ru integration right now? Contact our support chat, and we’ll provide access to auto.ru beta integration for free.

Try new functionality today in your Umnico account!

Tagging trigger & auto.ru integration

Typing indicator and typing preview in Umnico Live Chat

We keep making our live chat more convenient and efficient. Two very important functions have been released.

1. Typing indicator in chats

How it works:

  • If your client types you a message, you will always know about it and see it inside the chat frame. To inform you about a client's activity, we have introduced a special message which informs you that a message is being typed for you.

Such a functionality works both ways. If a client types a message to you, you notice it. When you type a message to clients, they also see the same indicator in a form of a special message.

2. Typing preview or typing insights is a powerful feature that you can rarely find in other live chat software.

Now, if someone typed the text of a message, you can see what clients are typing even before they send the message to be ready with the reply. This is an important and powerful feature that will allow you to understand your interlocutors better and delight your customers with the speed of your responses.

How it works:

  • When your client types a message in the live chat on your website (but does not send it), a gray message with the status “The message has not been sent yet...” appears in your chat frame.
  • As soon as the message is sent, it displays as a regular chat message.

The aforementioned important and useful functionality is already waiting for you in your account. Start testing it and raise your sales with Umnico. In case of questions and issues, you can always contact our support team.

Typing indicator and typing preview. A new visitor intelligence in Umnico Live Chat

Set a dedicated messenger account for each operator to reach out to clients through amoCRM

We’ve done what you’ve been asking us to do! It is no longer necessary for your employees to start a chat using the same instant messenger account. From now on, you can configure an account for each operator to reach out to new clients in the amoCRM integration settings. This applies to WhatsApp and Telegram integrations.

Here is how to set it up:

  • In amoCRM, use “Synchronize” button in the Access settings to add all users to Umnico
  • In Umnico, go to Users section, and click on “Settings” next to an operator with the role “Received from amoCRM”
  • In the user settings, go to the “Account to reach out first” section, and select channel and source. Click “Save”

Now, operators can start a conversation with clients from Deal cards using specified account numbers.

No need to pay anything extra — the feature is completely free for all amoCRM users.

Test the new awesome functionality right away in your Umnico account!

Dedicated messenger account for users in amoCRM

More triggers: automatic message sending and assignee change

We continue to refine our new collection of triggers. We have recently added two more triggers. As a reminder, triggers can be configured in ’Pipeline’ by clicking on the light bulb in the upper right corner.

Let’s start with the most important trigger — the automatic message sending. This functionality allows you to send a message to the chat if the action you need occurs.

How to set up automatic message sending:

  1. Set when to execute the trigger: when a chat is moving to the funnel stage / when the assignee changes / when another message is received.
  2. Specify the text of the message, attach files, and use emoticons when necessary.
  3. Choose when to send the message: delayed sending or immediately.
  4. Select when the trigger works: day of the week and time.
  5. Don’t forget to click “Create a trigger”.

The second trigger is the assignee change, which set the one who is responsible for the dialogue.

The trigger allows you to change the user accountable for the chat when it moves to the next stage of a pipeline or when an incoming message arrives.

How the assignee change works:

  1. Choose when to fire a trigger: when you enter the next stage of a pipeline or an incoming message is received.
  2. Select who to be accountable for the chat when the trigger is fired.
  3. Don’t forget to click “Create a trigger”.

When necessary, you can apply triggers to all existing chats inside the particular stage of a pipeline. The configured trigger turns on automatically and waits for a suitable condition to be activated.

Set up new triggers right in your Umnico account.

Message auto send and assignee change

Send and receive photos in Avito

This week we have implemented another cool update — photo sharing!

Soon after adding Avito integration, we received requests to provide users with the ability to send photos of goods and services. Today we’re glad to announce that the functionality for sending and receiving images in Avito is live!

From now on, all users of Avito integration can exchange photos of their goods and services (examples of work) with their customers with no restrictions. A unique feature that is unavailable in other services.

The functionality is included in the price of Avito integration, so you do not need to pay extra. And of course, it is supported by our API.

You can start using the photo-sending functionality in Avito right now by logging in to your Umnico account.

Photo sharing on Avito

Website visitor real-time analytics & reach out visitor first function

A new incredibly useful chat feature for your website has been released.

It is called “Visitors”, it lets you observe all the users on your website and start reaching them first through the live chat widget.

Here is how it works:

  • In the left menu you will find a new Visitors tab.
  • That tab displays all the clients who are currently on the site.
  • Information is available next to each client record: what page a client is viewing, how much time a client spent on the page, geolocation, device type, and how a client reached your page.

Cool! Isn't it? But that's not all.

Another important new feature is the ability to reach out to a client first through the live chat widget. You no longer need to wait for a message from your website visitors.

To do this, click on the “Write first” icon (notebook with a pencil) on the Visitors tab. You will get into a new type of chat with a client, which has full information about the visit.

After you send a message to your client, a chat will be created. You will be able to continue chatting with him/her either in the current chat or in the Inbox chat, where a serial number will be assigned to that client.

You are free to test new cool features right now in your Umnico account. If you have any questions, contact our support team, who will be happy to help you figure everything out.

Your website visitors analytics

Duplicate control support in amoCRM

We have great news for all Umnico users who utilize amoCRM.

Our team has finished testing and implementing the support of duplicate control feature in amoCRM. It is configured separately for each pipeline and prevents the creation of incoming lead duplicates based on BIG DATA, pixels, email addresses or phone numbers in deal cards.

You are free to go over that feature and set up the new functionality right now in your amoCRM account.  In case you encounter any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact Umnico support.

Multilingual app and account settings new interface

We have prepared for you a digest of the latest major updates:

📍 The Umnico mobile application has been translated into 5 major languages: Russian, English, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. A new version of our app is available for download in the App Store and Google Play. Install it right now, if you haven't already.

📍 There has been a redesign in the Umnico account settings. We continue to improve the interface of our service and have made several changes to the pages of the "Settings" section. Everything is better and clearer now.

Check out the updated Umnico interface right now in your account.

Umnico’s multilingual app

Auto-distribution of Chats among operators

We have started implementing trigger actions in chats.

We've started implementing automatic actions in Umnico Inbox. Now, all our users have access to the long-awaited automatic distribution of chats and inquiries between the selected operators by channel.

Here is how it works:

  • A new button now appears in the Pipeline (the light bulb button).
  • When you click on it, all Pipeline statuses are displayed, so you can add a new trigger and see all active triggers.

To set up automatic distribution of chats, click on the button, select the channel and the operators to distribute chats. If you receive another inquiry from a particular client, you can track whether the operator had a chat before or not.

Ready! Now, customer inquiries will be received by operators in turn.

Any trigger can always be changed, reconfigured, or removed. Before deletion, all actions performed by the trigger are preserved.

Check out the new feature of Umnico right away by login into your account.

Chat automatic distribution among operators in Umnico Inbox

WhatsApp integration update and redesign of the set-up page

📍 New WhatsApp integration engine

Recently Umnico's team has completed a technical overhaul of the internal WhatsApp Web integration infrastructure. Thanks to the update, interruptions in sessions with the user's device are minimized now. Moreover, we have introduced new systems for automatic downloading and synchronization of messages. All that allows us to significantly improve the stability of WhatsApp in Umnico and CRM, along with the speed of sending and receiving messages and files.

📍 Updated view of the integration settings page

For the convenience of users, we have updated the interface of the integration section in your personal account, as a result of which the setup process has become more understandable.

Improved WhatsApp Business API set up and the Umnico iOS app

We have released several updates for you.

📍 Facebook registration and authorization

For new users, we have added a new type of registration and authorization in Umnico using your Facebook account. Facebook users no longer need to fill out the registration form manually. All you need to do is click the “Facebook” button, agree to provide information about your account, and you're all set.

Further logins can be done through your Facebook account as well.

Important notice:

  • To log in through Facebook, you must be initially registered with it.
  • You can change the password in Umnico, and then you can log in with both your Facebook account and your password.

📍 Improved WhatsApp Business API setup interface

We have improved the WhatsApp Business API connection windows inside your account. The whole process is described simply and clearly now. You can also go to the full manual, which describes the connection features on 40 pages with images.

📍 Umnico app in AppStore

Our application has been successfully published in the AppStore and is now available to all users. If you use the TestFlight version, you should download the Umnico app from the AppStore. Our users no longer need to reinstall the app every two months on their iPhones. The new application can be easily found on AppStore by searching Umnico.

Improved WhatsApp Business API connection

UI update for Authorization, Registration and Profiles

We keep improving the interface of our system.

📍 Owner Profile and Operator Profile sections are updated:

  • A lot of visual changes have been made, and a few new fields that you asked for are added;
  • The password change algorithm has been redeveloped to increase security;
  • The notification block is moved to the profile, keeping all the settings;
  • Integration displaying is added for operators, so they can see all channels to which they have been granted access.

📍 New look of Registration and Authorization

The registration and authorization UI has become much more attractive and pleasant. For user convenience, we have also added the ability to select a language at the beginning of the registration and login process.

📍 Minor bug fix

  • Some service interface bugs are fixed;
  • Improved mechanism of funds withdrawal in Partner accounts and simplified windows displaying.

Check out the updated Umnico UI right now in your account.

UI update for Authorization and Profiles

Telegram Supergroups support and new ways of authorization

Umnico has a new set of updates for you.

We have implemented some unparalleled and most desired functions for our users this hot month.

📍 Telegram Groups/Supergroups support

The integration with Telegram in Umnico has started to support all the content of groups, which means that now all groups where you can reply to customers are visible in Umnico and our widget as well. Quoting messages, adding pictures and audio, file sharing and all other functionality also work great in those groups.

📍 Quick registration/authorization via VKontakte

Our new users can enjoy a new type of registration and login to Umnico using a VKontakte account. The fans of this social network no longer need to fill out the registration form manually. Just click the “Sign up via VKontakte” button, agree to share the information about your account and you're all set. All further logins can be performed through your account on VKontakte.

📍 Immense bug fixing

Our developers have found and fixed a large number of bugs in the filters interface. Now all filters will work correctly.

📍 Improved task assignment modal window

We have improved the mechanism of assigning tasks through a modal window in Umnico. Now any task can only be assigned to an operator who can access a deal or a dialog.

Feel free to test all new features right now by logging into your account.

Partnership program update

We really appreciate Umnico's partners Umnico, so we have prepared some nice changes and updates for them.

The table of affiliate deductions is revised.

Now it is divided into two categories: Promoters and Integrators. Integrators have a whole range of percentage grades now.

📍 Who is who?

Promoters are companies or individuals that attract traffic but do not want to advise, set up, and lead the client in the future. Promoters receive 15 percent of all payments of clients they refer.

Integrator is a verified account of a company or individual actively involved in its client management, it provides consulting services, support, and advice on purchasing additional options.

We have designed 3 grades for Integrators:

1. 0­-9 clients - 30%

2. 10­-19 clients - 45%

3. 20 or more clients - 60%

We have raised the maximum commission to 60%.

📍 Furthermore, we have updated the partner account by adding a table with a commission and modernized all the information and latest rules.

New Partnership Program

New design of Task Calendar and duplicates elimination in amoCRM

📍 We keep redesigning our Task Calendar

The view of tasks for the day and month is updated, a new display mode - "Week" is added as well. Now it is much easier and convenient to switch between them. You can see, move, close, and edit tasks using the new mode.

Moreover, we have added a new counter of completed / overdue / in progress tasks in the upper right corner.

We will announce some filters for our Calendar very soon. Stay tuned!

📍 The mechanism of internal search and merging of duplicates by Umnico in amoCRM

We have introduced a new mechanism that searches and merges duplicates. The problem is solved:

  • No more duplicates when reaching first from the widget by phone number;
  • No duplicates if the numbers are incorrectly written. For instance: 7/+7/8.

📍 The connection of VKontakte groups is fixed

Our specialists improved the connection of new groups in VKontakte, now everything works without failures. If you have any difficulties, Umnico support will be happy to assist.

📍 Errors in Bitrix24 are solved

A number of users had some difficulties when setting connectors in the Contact Center. Now everything is fixed, the connection is working without failures.

Feel free to evaluate the new functionality right now in your Umnico account.

New features in Umnico Live Chat

We continue to work on the functionality of Umnico Live Chat. Here are the latest updates:

1. Quick responses and their localization

You can set up quick responses in the chat widget on the site and add up to 5 languages at once.

Here is how it works:

  • add a question that will be displayed to the user in the chat;
  • when it is clicked, a user immediately sees the answer to its question.

How to set it up:

Go to Settings ➡️ Live Chat ➡️ Quick Responses ➡️ Enter a question first, then answer ➡️ Don't forget to save everything.

2. Auto opening of the widget

Now you can set up an automatic opening of the live chat with a timer. Site visitors no longer need to hover over the chat icon on the site, the chat will open itself after a specified time.

How to set it up:

Go to Settings ➡️ Live Chat ➡️ Online chat ➡️ Turn on "Automatically open chat" ➡️ Set the required time to open in the timer ➡️ Don't forget to save everything.

3. Forms localization

We've received a lot of requests about adding forms in multiple languages. All is ready! Now you can add forms in 5 languages at once.

How to set it up:

Go to Settings ➡️ Live Chat ➡️ Forms ➡️ Add a form to the desired localization

4. New functionality for displaying messengers without hover

We have also added new functionality that allows you to display messenger icons immediately in the expanded form without additional hovering over the chat icon on a site.

How to set it up:

Settings ➡️ Live Chat ➡️ Chat settings on the site ➡️ View ➡️ Check the box “Display messengers expanded”.

Feel free to try all these new functions right away. Log in to your account.

Auto opening of Umnico Live Chat widget

The new way to sign in to Umnico and the application localization in Bitrix24

📍 Sign up / log in with Google

We have added a new way of registration and the subsequent login to Umnico with a Google account. New Umnico customers do not have to register and fill out the form themselves from now on.

To register, click the "Sign up with Google" button, agree to the terms of providing your account information to Umnico, and you're done. Your further logins can be performed immediately through a Google account as well.

📍 Umnico application localization in Bitrix24

Our team has completed the translation of all Umnico system notifications in Bitrix24. Both error warnings and "Write first" function always be in the language of your Bitrix24 system.

Log in to your account to check these new features right away.

Use Google Account to Sign In to Umnico

Multilingual support and a new live chat mode

We continue actively working on Umnico Live Chat. This week, we introduce two features at once.

1. Live chat localization

Our chat widget supports multiple languages now. You can set the widget language: Russian, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Here is how it works:

Your site has been adapted for Russian and Portuguese. Previously, your site visitors saw chat in only one of the languages by default, for example, in Russian. 👉 Now, the live chat widget tracks which language is set in the visitor's browser and automatically switches the chat language to the suitable one. Thus, the visitor immediately sees the chat in his language, it turns out as natively as possible.

2. Chat mode — "Messengers button"

You can disable the chat icon in the list of communication methods now. The drop-down list will have only the messengers that you previously added. The function is turned on/off easily: there is an item "Show chat on the site" in the settings. As soon as you turn it off and save the changes, the chat icon immediately ceases to be displayed.

❗ But we were not working on a chat alone. Here are the updates that are waiting for you in your account.

We have completed the implementation of messages loading in real-time in amoCRM.

Now, no matter how you send a message: from the phone, with the Internet turned off or from Umnico account, it will always be pulled into a deal/create a deal. You won't lose any messages.

We have started redesigning the calendar and tasks.

There is already a new add/edit interface, as well as a completed task interface. 👉 The task has a field with the result now. Such a functionality allows you to create new tasks upon completion of the current ones. It also provides an ability to resume the completed task.

Feel free to review all these new features right now by login into your account.

Multilingual support for Umnico Live Chat

Employee avatars in the online chat widget & the update for amoCRM

📍 We have avatars of employees in the online chat now

We have added avatars to Umnico Live Chat. As soon as your operator replies to a client in the chat, its avatar appears next to the message.

What needs to be done to display avatars in a dialog:

  • set an avatar in the user profile;
  • install a chat widget on your site;
  • grant your operator access to that chat.


  • All automatic messages come with a default avatar.
  • If a user did not set an avatar set, it is replaced by the default one.

📍 New index page on the site

We have updated the main page of the website. Now it looks more modern and provides more information about the service.

📍 Special update for amoCRM

We have fixed the bug in amoCRM that interfered with the work of bots. Now "Message" does not appear before the text of a message, so the bots can work without failures.

You can review all that new functionality right now by login into your account.

Employee avatars in Umnico Live Chat

Umnico Android app has moved

The link for Umnico app on Google Play has changed. If you have an Android smartphone and haven't reinstalled the app yet, please, do it right now.

Umnico Live Chat has a lead form now

We keep improving the functionality of the live chat for a website. Now forms are available for you.

This functionality allows you to receive client details (such as name and phone number) before the dialogue starts.

The form is mandatory for a user. Such data will help you to contact the client later or validate it. This functionality can also be conveniently used to collect contractual information of users who contact you after working hours.

How to set up Forms:

  • Click on Settings ➡️ Website Chat ➡️ Forms
  • Add the fields you need

After a client fills in the form in the chat, a deal with that data is automatically created in Umnico.

Feel free to test the new functionality of Umnico Live Chat right now by logging in to your account. We are glad to remind you that our online chat widget is free and suitable for almost any site.

Lead Form in Umnico Live Chat

Employee mapping in amoCRM updated

We have finished working on mapping in amoCRM. From now on, employees see only their dialogs in the amoCRM widget by default. A user who has access to all dialogues is an exception.

The functionality works immediately after the connection for new clients. Current customers need to receive one message in each dialog, and new settings will be assigned correctly.

You can check that new functionality right now. Just log in to your account.

Telegram group chats are available now

We have added functionality that many customers have been waiting for! Umnico now supports Telegram group chats. You won't miss a single message from your customers and will be able to join discussions quickly.

Group chat functionality works within the framework of regular integration with Telegram Personal, and it is available right after the connection. Everyone who uses that integration already can leverage group chat functionality with no additional action taken. To reveal group chats, you need to receive at least one message from any group member.

Telegram group chats support all types of attachments, stickers, voice messages, and citations.

Feel free to check the new functionality of Telegram group chats right now by logging in to your account.

Telegram group chats in Umnico

Pipeline update and new features for partners

📍 Pipeline update: New functionality

By popular demand, we have finalized the pipeline (sales funnel). It now shows and indicates all unaccepted and unassigned dialogues. Bulk actions are also available for them, including accepting a dialogue.

📍 New iOS app

We have updated Umnico app for iOS devices in Apple Store. The current version of Umnico application will no longer be supported soon. We strongly encourage all users to reinstall the application as soon as possible to continue working with Umnico platform on mobile devices.

Download new version of Umnico App here.

📍 Umnico is on Bitrix24.com marketplace

We have added Umnico application to international Bitrix24 store (on the .com domain). From now on, all customers who use that store and Bitrix24 in English can easily find us on the marketplace and install the application right from the store.

📍 New functionality for our partners

Now integrators and partners can invite clients directly from Umnico's interface. This is how it works:
- Go to Partners section - Add a new client.
- Enter the email address you want to send the invitation to.
- The letter with the invite ships to the specified email. That registration will immediately take place taking into account the referal link and will be added to partner account.

Unaccepted dialogues in the sales funnel

The iOS app is changed

We have updated the iOS mobile app in Apple Store. The current version of Umnico application will no longer be supported soon. We strongly encourage all users to reinstall the application as soon as possible to continue working with Umnico platform on mobile devices.

Download new version of Umnico App here.

New payment options and tutorial

📍 New payment options: pay in USD

From now on, our customers can pay for the subscription in U.S. Dollars from anywhere in the world. All customers who previously paid in rubles can switch to paying in USD. Please, contact our technical support if you want to change the currency of your payment.

📍 Welcome tutorial

All new customers are be able to learn about the main functionality of the service through a tutorial. Thanks to capacious texts and videos, you can learn how to work with Umnico. Current customers can go through atutorial by clicking "Help" - "Training" in their account.

📍 Changelog page

A new page has been published on our site, which contains the information about all the updates and announcements. Now you can follow our news not on social media and instant messengers only, but also in Umnico itself.

Log in to your personal account to get acquainted with the new functionality, or sign up for a free trial if you are not familiar with the service yet.

Update: Pay in USD

New functionality - notes in dialogs

📍 Let's start with the main thing - we've added notes!

Notes are a new kind of comment that stays in the dialog history forever. It's much more convenient than regular comments that can be deleted by a colleague. Besides, notes allow you to leave a lengthy message.

It's easy to use: click on the icon and add a note.

Only adding notes is currently set up; editing and deleting will be coming soon.

📍 Added a fixed link to start a WhatsApp conversation from a chat on the site.

How it works:
- If a customer starts a chat on the site from their phone and wants to continue the conversation on WhatsApp, tapping the icon will open the app on their phone.
- If the client comes in from a computer or laptop, the dialog will open in the app (if there is one) or in the web version (if there is no app).

📍 We’ve added Avito connector to Bitrix24 - now it's even easier to set up the integration.

📍 Remember that Discord and Facebook Leads can be connected for free.

Update: Notes in dialogs

An updated online chat interface

1. We continue to actively update Umnico Live Chat. The interface of the chat room has been completely updated, and the features are being worked on continually. We will tell you about the updates soon.

2. We've added the functionality that many have asked for. Now filters are not flipped when the page is refreshed. You can always reset filters by clicking on the cross.

3. Fixed some annoying little bugs so that nothing will distract you from your work.

Online chat interface is updated

WhatsApp Checker now in amoCRM

Umnico update digest:

1. The WhatsApp Checker is now available in amoCRM.
The checker works fully automatically. How it works:
- Open the transaction and pay attention to the field with the working phone
- If there is a green handset next to the phone, the number is registered on WhatsApp
- If you see a pale green handset, the number is not registered on WhatsApp
- If you see a gray handset, then it has failed to establish whether the number is registered to WhatsApp or not.

2. We've added support for real-time WhatsApp messages.
Now, whenever you send a message from the WhatsApp app or the web interface, they will always get to the Umnico dialogue without synchronizing the dialogue. Low or no internet speed is no longer an obstacle. As soon as the connection stabilizes, all messages will go straight to Umnico.

Hurry up and try it out.

Update: WhatsApp Checker in amoCRM

Unlimited online chats and WhatsApp group chats

We've added two important features you've been asking for.

1. Support for WhatsApp group chats.
Now you can reply to customers not only in private conversations but also in group chats. The functionality is already available and is included in the cost of the WhatsApp integration fee.

2. Added the ability to create multiple chats simultaneously on the site.
Now you can create as many individual chats as you need for your tasks. Create an unlimited number of chats for free.

Changelog Update

New integration - Discord

Another functional integration has been added to the Umnico piggy bank, this time it's Discord.

Support for private messages is fully implemented at this moment. In the nearest future we plan to add support for group chats.

The integration is already available to connect. Contact technical support to start testing.

Hurry up to evaluate the new functionality.

Update: Discord Integration

New integration - Facebook Leads

A list of important updates:

1. Just a reminder that Umnico has changed the terms of the trial period. New users can connect 20 integrations of each type simultaneously for the trial period, for example, 20 Instagram accounts, and 5 operators to test the full functionality of the service.

2. There is a new Facebook Leads integration. A brand new integration format allows you to pull a completed form into the Umnico interface, where it can be fully processed. Facebook leads integration is available free of charge for testing, contact technical support for more details.

3. We added a new beautiful page about our company .

4. We closed the bug in amoCRM with an indeterminate indication if a user was the first to send a message by nickname from the Umnico widget. Now everything works correctly.

You can evaluate the new functionality right now!

Update: Facebook Leads

New payment method and number of notifications display

A list of important updates:

📍 As a reminder, Umnico accepts payments from all cards without any restrictions. At the moment, payment is only possible via a link. Please contact technical support or the sales department for an invoice link.

We also added a new payment method - PayPal invoice. Please contact technical support or the sales department to generate and send an invoice.

📍 Number of notifications
Umnico now displays the number of messages from support and the number of notifications for tasks that are approaching their due date.

📍 New section in settings
In the new section you can manage mail templates: create, edit, delete. In the near future, we will add a tab with text templates to work with all integrations as well.

📍 We’ve added a new page, which will be displayed in case of connection problems: 404

📍 New trial conditions
New users can now connect 20 integrations of each type at a time for a trial period, such as 20 Instagram accounts, and 5 carriers to test the full functionality of the service.

📍 We are actively working on speeding up our system. Over the past 3 weeks, the download speed has become more than twice as fast.

You can evaluate the new functionality right now!

Changelog Update

What to do with Facebook and Instagram integration?

Friends, we are all experiencing a very difficult situation around Instagram and Facebook right now.

There are a great number of companies interested in VKontakte, Telegram personal/bot, and Odnoklassniki integrations and our service support all official variations of these integrations.

Connect the necessary integrations now.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

1. Will the integration with Instagram work?
In our service, the integration with Instagram will work as usual without any glitches or VPNs. You can reply to Direct posts, comments, and Stories in the Umnico interface without restrictions.

2. How do I integrate Instagram?
The integration is done the same way as before, but now you need to use a VPN service to connect. A VPN is only required to connect, you don't need a VPN to continue to work.

3. How can I pay for Umnico with cards of non-Russian banks?
To pay for the service using cards of non-Russian banks, please contact technical support to issue a payment link.

4. Can I test the integrations for free before buying?
Yes, we can provide any integration for testing completely free of charge; get details via chat.

Please call us or write to our live chat if you have any questions or need to test the integrations. We will gladly help you.

Payment acceptance for all cards and countries is now open

Umnico can once again accept payments from all cards without any restrictions. At the moment, the payment is possible only via a link. Please contact technical support or the sales department for an invoice link.

We also added a new payment method - PayPal invoice. For invoice preparation and sending, please contact the technical support or sales department.

Paying for Umnico from abroad

Due to restrictions, users can no longer pay for Umnico with Visa, Mastercard, and JCB cards from foreign banks.

At the moment, only MIR, Qiwi Wallet, and UMoney cards are available for payment on a preset invoice. For invoicing, you should contact technical support or the sales department.

In the coming days, Umnico will implement payment by all cards, and we will inform you about any possible future changes.

In case of any questions about payment, please contact technical support.

WhatsApp Number Checker in WhatsApp Business API Integration

New functionality added and bugs fixed

📍 WhatsApp Number Checker when using WhatsApp Business API integration
Now WABA users can also find out whether a given number is associated with WhatsApp or not. The working principle is exactly the same:
— Enter the phone number;
—Click on the check button.
The system will show whether the number is associated with a WhatsApp account.

📍 We’ve added a full selection in the external Umnico widget. Now you can highlight and copy any information without restriction.

📍 Fixed a bug with a jumping date in dialogs; if there is more than one on the page. Now the dates are always displayed correctly.

📍 Fixed a bug with highlighting message text in dialogs. Now, when you double click, a word is highlighted, and when you click again, the whole message is highlighted.

Umnico's external widget locking changes

Umnico has some important new updates

📍 Improved security
Our team always pays special attention to system and data security. With the new update, the authorization algorithms of accounts have become much more complex. The overall security has improved many times over.

📍 Changes to the blocking conditions of the Umnico external widget
If you forget to pay the rate, your access to the service will be blocked, but we've added the ability to write to support, request an invoice, or clarify any issues.

📍 System notifications in the Umnico external widget
Notifications from Umnico can now be seen, not only in the service itself but also in external widgets that are installed in CRM systems. In the upper left corner, there is a bell that will be lit up in red for 24 hours from the moment when the last notification was received.

Drafts in Dialogs

We updated the drafts.

We've incorporated a new functionality: now, everything you wrote in your dialogs but didn't send will be saved in a draft, which you can send later. How it works:
— An unsent message in a dialog saves to draft,
— Next to the dialog where there is "Draft", click on the icon of a pencil and the message will appear.

You can evaluate the new feature right now!

Drafts in Dialogs

Be the first to write via WhatsApp Business API

We continue to incorporate new features to make your communication with customers even more effective.

Latest updates:

📍 The ability to start conversations in the WhatsApp Business API using templates
The long-awaited feature is finally available. WhatsApp Business API users can now be the first to start a conversation using service templates.

📍 Message delivery status in Facebook Messenger
Message status is now available in Facebook integration as well. Everything works in the same way as in the Instagram and WhatsApp integrations. The new conversations will display two blue check marks next to messages if the message is read. No checkmarks? That means the user hasn't read it yet.

📍 WhatsApp Checker now available in Bitrix24
The new feature we talked about last week is now available in Bitrix24. How it works:
— Enter a phone number in the transaction;
— Bring up the Umnico app;
— Click on the verification button.
The system will show whether the number is associated with a WhatsApp account.

You can evaluate the new functionality right now!

Avatars, user response logs, and WhatsApp Checker

Monday is the day of great news!

Umnico now has avatars and user response logs. So it's now possible to find out which user has sent a message to a customer. This feature is very helpful if several users have access to the same integration.

But that's not all! We've added a new feature - WhatsApp Checker.

You can now know if a phone number is associated to WhatsApp before you send a message first. How it works:
— Enter your phone number;
— Click the check button.
The system will show whether the number is associated to a WhatsApp account.

You can evaluate the new functionality right now!

Task Access and Dialog Availability Time Display

Let's start the last month of winter with some updates. Here's what we've been working on lately:

📍 Task Access.
Users can now see all dialogs and tasks. You can configure this option under Settings - Operators. 🙌 We do not plan to stop here and are actively working on the development of profile settings.

📍 Displaying dialog availability time
We added a countdown timer to the dialog that shows how much time a user has left before the dialog closes. The update is relevant for integrations of: Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp Business API.

📍 Channel selector to write first in amoCRM
Now you can select which channel the message will go to if you write to the customer first. Channels to choose from: Telegram/WhatsApp.

📍 New WhatsApp Business API page with template purchase*
On the updated page, you can see the number of sessions purchased and also purchase additional sessions.

* The WhatsApp Business API tab is only available to those who have purchased the WhatsApp Business API integration.

You can connect the new features in your account now!

Free email integration and employee mapping in amoCRM

It's been a while since we told you about the updates. However, we have a lot of them piled up!

📍 Free email integration
You probably already know about it, but in case you haven't connected it yet. Here's a reminder

📍 Employee mapping in amoCRM
Employees can now see only the required channels in the amoCRM widget. We know you've been waiting for this!

📍 CRM systems widget updated, now available:

  • Ability to sync dialog;
  • Ability to select a language;
  • Ability to enable/disable audible message notifications;
  • Display of tariff expiration date;
  • Display of incoming phone number or login in the widget table.

📍 Multicurrency support in your account

📍 New audible notification for reminders about tasks

📍 Ability to turn on/off audible notifications for messages and tasks in your account

📍 Select WABA templates in the interface

📍 Certificate replacement on nginx (solves the problem with old OS without updates)

Connect the new features in your account now!

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