WhatsApp Integration and WhatsApp CRM by Umnico

WhatsApp integration with CRM for productive customer communication

Communicate with your customers via multiple WhatsApp accounts within the CRM system. Distribute inquiries and support tickets among your team and store all correspondence securely in your CRM, not on sales rep phones.

Enjoy unified interface of the CRM for all chats
User with a tablet
Reach out to clients first
Quick response
Use message templates for quick responses

WhatsApp API and how to integrate WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging service in the world, it has the largest consumer base for any business.

Umnico provides several ways to communicate with WhatsApp audience, as well as WhatsApp integration with CRM systems and WhatsApp API for any business applications.

With Umnico Inbox you can use several WhatsApp accounts to chat with multiple clients in a single window, process inquiries, track deal statuses, and save all correspondence history.

Whats is WhatsApp API by Umnico?

Umnico’s WhatsApp API is a set of developer tools that allows you to integrate the functionality of the WhatsApp messenger into a CRM system or other software.

With WhatsApp integration, you will be able to contact customers first and reply to their WhatsApp messages via a single web application or directly from CRM. Selling via the messenger becomes easier and faster, since customers’ requests are no longer missed or left unattended.

WhatsApp for efficient support and sales rise

Omnichannel messaging platform Umnico helps companies and entrepreneurs to sell more on the same amount of traffic and provide better user support. The proven integration technology provides extensive functionality of WhatsApp with no delays or traffic restrictions and supports the ability to contact customers from different devices.

How to connect WhatsApp Web to Umnico

Stop missing messages from customers

Connect your WhatsApp account to Umnico chat-center and process messages from prospects via multiple WhatsApp accounts in a single application. No more switching between tabs or working with multiple phones. All dialogue history is securely stored in Umnico. Your team will be able to process more inquiries in less time.

Reach out to client firsts via WhatsApp

Reach out to a client first through WhatsApp

Be the first to start a chat with a client directly from CRM or Umnico. No need to add client numbers to your contact list on a phone. The status of message delivery will allow you to know whether your message was delivered and read. With WhatsApp integration with CRM, you will have a new way to attract customers and reach them if they don’t answer their phones.

Chat with customers via WhatsApp in Umnico

Sell via the messenger with no limits

Send and receive messages from clients without delays and traffic limits. Share any type of files, including photos, audio, and documents. Watch videos from chats in the Umnico interface. Send presentations of your product, invoices, and contracts directly from a Deal card in CRM through WhatsApp.

Use template and hotkeys to chat with customers through WhatsApp

Improve customer relations efficiency

Take your customer communication to the next level:

  • Quote messages from customers on WhatsApp so they can better understand your reply;
  • Customize template responses to frequently asked questions to decrease the response time;
  • Gather and analyze customer communication statistics in Umnico and CRM systems by tracking sales, conversion rate, as well as the response time of your employees.

You will be able to identify shortcomings and improve the work of your entire department.


Use all WhatsApp features to grow your business

CRM for WhatsApp and social media

Umnico’s user-friendly CRM functionality with WhatsApp integration has already helped more than 5,000 businesses build long-lasting relations with customers.

All correspondence history with clients is stored in a single system that provides instruments to track sales and status of deals, plus set reminders about your arrangements.

By setting up communication through Umnico, you can chat with customers via WhatsApp, as well as Telegram, VK, Avito and other platforms.

Process WhatsApp messages directly in amoCRM and Bitrix24 with ready-made integrations that can be set up in 5 minutes.

WhatsApp hosting service

Chat with your clients without a smartphone

WhatsApp Web requires a smartphone with a stable internet connection and an active WhatsApp application.

Thanks to Umnico’s WhatsApp device hosting, you can entrust the uninterrupted operation of your number to professionals, so you may stay focused on sales and customer support.

WhatsApp hosting sets up remotely and takes no more than 5 minutes.

How to set up WhatsApp integration

After the connection is set up, all messages sent via WhatsApp will be displayed in Umnico. You can also set up integration with the CRM system or connect WhatsApp to your own business app through API.

WhatsApp Integration to Umnico
Sign up for Umnico free trial period
Go to settings and select WhatsApp integration
Scan QR code to integrate WhatsApp with Umnico

WhatsApp integration pricing

Umnico team is ready to help set up WhatsApp integration and provide support for every new user.

3 months
a month
6 months
a month

«We use Umnico to interact with clients through WhatsApp in Bitrix24. Now we can quickly and effectively give feedback to customers through all specialists.»

Kristina Turchina, StavropolPneumatic

«Thanks to Umnico, my business has become more systematized, conversion to sales rate has improved and leads have stopped being lost»

Sergey Alimov, Maneken Brand

Questions and answers about WhatsApp and CRM integration

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