WhatsApp Integration and WhatsApp CRM by Umnico

WhatsApp integration with CRM for productive customer communication

Employ WhatsApp CRM to communicate with your customers via multiple WhatsApp accounts within a single intuitive interface of the CRM system. Distribute inquiries and support tickets among your team and store all correspondence securely in your CRM, not on sales rep phones. Set up in 5 minutes. Business account verification is not required.

No extra costs for conversations
Reach out to clients first
Group chats
WhatsApp group chat support

WhatsApp CRM integration: why you need it

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging service in the world, it has the largest consumer base for any business.

Umnico’s WhatsApp CRM is a set of developer tools that integrate WhatsApp’s functionality into your CRM system or other software, ensuring a seamless and efficient customer communication.

By using WhatsApp CRM, you gain the ability to initiate proactive customer outreach and respond promptly to their inquiries, all within a single web application or directly on your CRM system. By eliminating the risk of missed messages, you can engage with your audience more effectively, fostering stronger relationships and bolstering customer satisfaction.

WhatsApp CRM by Umnico for effective customer support and sales growth

Omnichannel messaging platform Umnico helps companies and entrepreneurs to sell more on the same amount of traffic and provide better user support.

All incoming messages in Kanban-style digital pipeline of Umnico Inbox

Collect all messages from customers in the omnichannel platform with a digital pipeline

Connect WhatsApp to Umnico messaging platform and process inquiries of potential clients from multiple WhatsApp accounts in a single app. No more switching between tabs or multiple devices. Customer contacts and all conversation history is stored securely inside Umnico. Your team will be able to process more applications in less time, and communication with clients will become transparent.

The built-in sales pipeline will help not only to chat with customers, but also to move conversations through stages and assign responsible agents. With such a sales funnel, you can follow the path of a customer from brand discovery to purchase, as well as properly communicate with them on WhatsApp or another messenger.

Reach out to client firsts via WhatsApp

Reach out to a client first through WhatsApp and check message delivery status

Be the first to start a dialogue with clients directly from a CRM or Umnico app. You do not need to add the customer number to your contact list on your phone. Umnico’s built-in checker shows whether a WhatsApp account is connected to the client’s phone number or not. Message delivery status tracking feature will notice you if your message was delivered and if it was read. You will have a new way to attract customers from WhatsApp, and when a sales rep does not reach a customer by phone, they will be able to text them on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp chat in Umnico Inbox and performance analytics

Chat like on WhatsApp, but through CRM

Umnico supports all the main features of the WhatsApp messenger and even more. Send and receive messages from clients without time delays and without traffic limits. Share any type of files including photos, audio and documents directly from a CRM deal via WhatsApp. Watch videos from chats in the Umnico interface. Your sellers and consultants will not feel the difference between working in a familiar messenger and Umnico.

To make the process of working with clients more efficient, quote messages to better understand what is being said, as well as customizable templates for answers to frequently asked questions, useful for saving agents’ time.


Use all WhatsApp features in Umnico to grow your business in a professional manner

WhatsApp group chats and customer info in Umnico

Chat in WhatsApp groups and extend your customer base

Discuss offers, products or services in WhatsApp group chats directly from Umnico CRM. Never miss a message from potential customers with notifications and user-friendly group chat functionality that doesn’t require any additional settings.

Invite WhatsApp users to thematic group chats to establish a base of prospects. Any user can be contacted directly from Umnico. A free Umnico widget with WhatsApp chat installed on the site can assist you to expand your customer base as well. When a new client contacts you via WhatsApp, their phone number will be immediately added to the CRM, and you can always continue to communicate with them via instant messengers.

Chatbot builder and trigger setup

Automate support and sales via WhatsApp

Let AI-powered chatbots by Umnico answer frequent questions on WhatsApp on their own, so your consultants can focus on solving really important tasks. Our chatbot based on GPT-4 technology is able to effectively perform the features of the first line of support, process customer inquiries around the clock and even bring them to the payment stage without the need to involve live agents.

Scripts and customizable triggers in Umnico help to automatically send reminders or notifications to clients when status changes or the specialists responsible for the transaction change. WIth WhatsApp notifications you will be able to effectively warm up customers and reduce the cost of expensive SMS mailings.

Cross-channel message forwarding in Umnico

Send messages from WhatsApp to other communication channel

Umnico offers a unique functionality for sending messages between different instant messengers and social media. Any message from WhatsApp can be sent to a colleague or client via another messenger, such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram or Viber. Messages can also be sent between multiple WhatsApp accounts.

Umnico can notify employees of incoming WhatsApp messages via push notifications, email, and other messengers. Flexible notification settings allow you to take into account the specifics of the work of every agent and exclude the possibility that a message from a client will be ignored.

CRM for WhatsApp and social media

Umnico’s user-friendly CRM functionality with WhatsApp integration has already helped more than 5,000 businesses build long-lasting relations with customers.

All correspondence history with clients is stored in a single system that provides instruments to track sales and status of deals, plus set reminders about your arrangements.

By setting up communication through Umnico, you can chat with customers via WhatsApp, as well as Telegram, VK, Avito and other platforms.

Process WhatsApp messages directly in amoCRM and Bitrix24 with ready-made integrations that can be set up in 5 minutes.

WhatsApp hosting service

Chat with your clients without a smartphone

WhatsApp Web requires a smartphone with a stable internet connection and an active WhatsApp application.

Thanks to Umnico’s WhatsApp device hosting, you can entrust the uninterrupted operation of your number to professionals, so you may stay focused on sales and customer support.

WhatsApp hosting sets up remotely and takes no more than 5 minutes.

How to start using WhatsApp with Umnico

After the connection is set up, all messages sent via WhatsApp will be displayed in Umnico. You can also set up integration with the CRM system or connect WhatsApp to your own business app through our open API.

WhatsApp Integration to Umnico
Sign up for Umnico free trial period
Go to settings and select WhatsApp integration
Scan QR code to connect WhatsApp with Umnico

WhatsApp CRM pricing

Umnico team is ready to help set up WhatsApp integration and provide support for every new user.

3 months
a month
6 months
a month

«We use Umnico to interact with clients through WhatsApp in Bitrix24. Now we can quickly and effectively give feedback to customers through all specialists»

Kristina Turchina, StavropolPneumatic

«Thanks to Umnico, my business has become more systematized, conversion to sales rate has improved and leads have stopped being lost»

Sergey Alimov, Maneken Brand

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