Instagram Direct Messenger & Comments integration via the official API

Instagram CRM — a professional tool to stay in touch with your followers

Use extensive features of the official Instagram integration by Umnico for responding to Direct messages, comments under posts, and mentions in Stories. Distribute inquiries (leads) from multiple accounts among your team in a single window and store all customer data on a secure platform.

Checked reliability
Official Instagram API to work with multiple accounts
Reply in DMs to comments under posts
Single UI
Single interface for all messages and comments

Why use Instagram CRM?

Instagram CRM is a platform for managing customer communication via Instagram. It allows you to store all customer details and keep track of all conversations in DMs, posts, and stories in one place.

Umnico messaging platform promotes effective interactions with Instagram followers and solutions for daily business tasks. It allows you to work through several Instagram accounts in one window, use different access levels for your team, save all conversation data, automate communication, and connect Instagram to other business apps using the official API.

Umnico’s capabilities allow you to process messages from customers faster, without hiring new staff. Converting social media followers into loyal customers becomes easier and faster. Incoming inquiries are no longer left unnoticed or lost.

Umnico’s Instagram CRM and Direct Messenger integration benefits to increase your profits

Instagram integration by Umnico speeds up conversations with clients via DMs, simplifies work with comments and makes processing inquiries more transparent. A fully official integration mechanism provides all the functionality of an Instagram business account without the risks of account suspension.

Chat with clients from Instagram right in CRM with analytics

Work with Instagram through a single window

Communicate with Instagram followers in Umnico. All correspondence is stored in the CRM system, and each customer’s data is automatically saved in cards added to a database.

The built-in digital pipeline allows users to move Instagram chats through deal stages, assigning responsible agents and tracking statuses, without missing any replies or forgetting about agreements.

Umnico’s analytics allows you to evaluate the performance of both the entire team and each specialist separately, analyzing response speed and the number of processed messages.

Store customer contacts in CRM and chat as you are on Instagram

Chat with clients on multiple Instagram accounts

You can connect as many Instagram accounts as you want or work together from a single account. Each account, chat, inquiry, or client profile can be assigned to a specific sales rep, either automatically or manually.

Communicating with clients in Umnico is as convenient as using Instagram DMs. The platform supports all of the social media’s messaging features without delays and traffic limitations. You can send and receive text messages, and attach photos, audio, and other files. Respond to comments from subscribers under posts without leaving the CRM and filter spam. Use quotes in conversations with clients for better clarity.

Replying on Instagram posts with comments

Reply to comments and stories directly in DMs

Umnico has a unique feature that allows replying to comments under posts directly through Instagram Direct. It is also possible to select an account to reply from. A message received from Instagram can also be forwarded to another messenger, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or Viber.

You are notified when a user tags your account in Stories, and you can reply in the Umnico interface or through your app.


Connect Instagram to Umnico and start processing more inquiries today

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Keep all customer records within your reach

Have all customer details within reach

Umnico stores all customer data in a single profile that is available with just one click and can be used for personalized communications. You will be able to better understand the needs and preferences of your customers and provide a more personalized approach.

Umnico also has a fast search feature that allows you to find certain information in a matter of seconds across conversations.

Tags in profile allow you to quickly categorize customers during conversations, and then segment the database and automate communication using customizable triggers.

Chatbot builder and trigger setup

Use automation to reply faster

Thanks to Instagram chatbot, every employee can do more with less effort. The chatbot not only helps to reduce the routine by answering the most common questions 24/7 but can also take potential clients to the payment stage without the involvement of an agent.

Customize your welcome messages. When a user starts a conversation, they immediately receive a welcome message from you.

Use quick replies and message templates, and create questions with ready-made answer options in the form of buttons. Your client can select the desired option and then immediately receive the appropriate answer.

Manage your access to social media and user permissions

Enjoy higher security of customer data

Umnico provides high security by ensuring that employees do not have direct access to corporate accounts. Furthermore, the sales reps and agents don’t have to work from their personal devices, which decreases the risks of customer base leakage.

Umnico also allows managers to tweak the access setting of every specialist and decide what particular chats can be viewed by them. Easy monitoring of employees' work helps not only to keep customer data secure but also to ensure high-quality customer support.

Integrate Instagram into your CRM system in clicks

Process customer inquiries through amoCRM or Bitrix24 thanks to pre-build integrations. Umnico API is suitable for Instagram integration with any CRM or application, in addition, it will allow you to aggregate dialogs from all devices and instant messengers (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp) in one window, which will provide control over customer relations and increase sales efficiency.

Connect Instagram with popular CRMs

Switch from chats to deals

Instagram without UmnicoInstagram with Umnico
Supervising conversations and tracking user actions-+
No direct access to Instagram account-+
Chatbots, triggers and auto-assignment of inquiries-+
Teamwork via a single account-+
Communication through other messengers-+

How to Connect to Instagram Messenger

Instagram's functionality can be added in a few clicks. First, you are required to create an Instagram business account and a Facebook Business page. Second, you might need to sign up for Umnico. There is no restriction on the number of connected Instagram accounts.

Instagram Messenger Integration to Umnico

Instagram rates from Umnico

Complementary support in setting up the functionality is provided.

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“We use Umnico to streamline the process of communication through Instagram with the sales department. We significantly save time on client relations”

Ekaterina Moiseeva, UTLab

“We've taken full control over all customer inquiries, and they are no longer lost when switching between messengers. It's become clear who exactly answered whom”

Natalia Kartavitskaya, Turmania

Questions and answers about Umnico’s Instagram CRM

Do you still have questions about the advantages of Instagram integration? Our users are curious about the following:
In what way is the official API better than cheap unofficial solutions?
Unofficial integration methods cannot guarantee stability. When using them, there is always a risk of your account suspension. The security and stability of the official Instagram API are validated by the social media itself. Our team recommends that everyone switch to an official integration method that gives the opportunity to grow your business, increase sales and enhance a helpdesk.
Can I send a message to prospects via Direct first?
No. This is regulated and restricted by Instagram itself as an anti-spam measure. However, we should not forget that if necessary, you can reach out to a prospect first via Direct from the Instagram application on your phone. If the client responds, you will be able to continue the chat with him in Umnico or your CRM. In addition, our API allows you to send messages in bulk across active conversations.
Is it possible to reply via the Instagram API to comment on a post?
Of course, user comments are also transferred to Umnico or by the API, and they can be replied to. If you have an integration with amoCRM or Bitrix24 enabled, then new deals will be created within the system based on new comments.
Is it possible to test Umnico functionality for free?
Umnico provides a trial period for all new users, during which you can connect and integrate an unlimited number of instant messengers and social media accounts, as well as get advice on using the full functionality of the API.
Are there any delays in sending messages through Umnico?
The delay in sending messages is kept to a minimum and is usually non-existent. What's more, Instagram Direct messages sent and received through the API are processed faster than through a standard phone app.
What is the Instagram Messenger API and how is it used?
Instagram Messenger API is a set of tools that allows you to use the core capabilities of Instagram in your own CRM and business apps. Using the Umnico API, companies can communicate with customers in one window not only through Instagram but also through other messengers. This will allow you to process customer inquiries faster and without hiring more agents.
Is it possible to hide chats from certain users?
This feature is under development, but hiding inquiries and chats from certain messenger and social media accounts connected to Umnico is already available. You can assign the necessary rights to different user groups. The administrator will be able to see chats from all accounts, while other users only from their own.
How to automate replies to comments under posts?
To automate responses to Instagram comments, set up the auto-reply function in Umnico or use a chatbot, providing it with the necessary logic for the automatic distribution of inquiries. As soon as a comment enters the system, an auto message will be sent or a chatbot will be connected. For a detailed description of this feature and chatbot’s capabilities, contact our support team.