Telegram in amoCRM, Umnico Widget

Telegram and amoCRM integration

Consistent, official Telegram Personal and Telegram Bot integration with amoCRM for business promotion and sales growth.

Communicate with customers via Telegram in the familiar CRM interface.

Reach out to clients first from any deal card
Message link
Exchange with message and file
Employ Telegram group chats

What is amoCRM and Telegram integration?

amoCRM integration with Telegram is a merge of one of the most popular CRM systems with a Telegram messenger — the main communication channel for most clients.

All dialogs, data and deals are saved in amoCRM when your clients contact you via the popular cloud-based messaging app. This allows you to generate sales reports, offer relevant services, make predictions about next purchases and much more.

Core benefits of Telegram and amoCRM integration

The official integration mechanism will let you use the key features of Telegram Personal and Telegram Bot without risk of account suspension or traffic limitations.

Contact your client first with Telegram and amoCRM

Reach out to a client first by its username or phone number

Integrating Telegram with amoCRM allows you to start correspondence with customers first right from a deal card or in Umnico widget.

After the integration, the client’s phone number and nickname will automatically be linked to the deal. You will be able to use the full functionality of the messenger: send service mailings, use attachments and stickers.

Utilize multiple Telegram accounts and Telegram Bot

Connect multiple Telegram accounts to amoCRM at once. Messages from all accounts can be responded in Umnico widget. Each employee can use a separate account for sending and receiving messages.

Create and connect chatbots to automate answers to common user questions without wasting company employees’ time.

Several Telegram accounts in amoCRM
Group chats in Telegram integrated with amoCRM

Engage customers in Telegram group chats

Discuss offers, products or services in group chats using Umnico widget. Don’t miss a single message from interested client thanks to Telegram Personal’s notifications and group chats feature, which requires no additional configuration.

Reach out to any Telegram user from a group chat directly, turning them into a prospect or opening a support ticket.

Get amoCRM and Telegram connected by yourself
Is it possible to integrate Telegram with amoCRM in 5 minutes? Get a taste of it with Umnico and see for yourself
Mailing with Telegram and amoCRM

Send newsletters by Telegram from amoCRM and track statuses

Send promotional, news and technical newsletters without risk of account suspension thanks to messenger and CRM integration. Use predefined segments and texts for newsletters, in order to deliver important information to users on time.

Stay up to date if your message has been delivered / read by your customer directly in amoCRM dialog window thanks to delivery status tracking.

Supervise employees who are communicating with clients from personal accounts

If your employees are communicating with customers via personal Telegram accounts, simply connect them to Umnico. You’ll be able to track all chats, control the quality of consultations, monitor the speed of responses and sales processes.

Telegram chats monitoring in amoCRM
Text, images, audio and files sharing with Telegram and amoCRM

Receive and send text, photos, documents and stickers from amoCRM

Exchange messages with customers without delays in receiving and sending. Your correspondence history is synchronized instantly.

Utilize all available attachment types: documents, images, voice messages, videos, stickers. Set up templates with ready-made answers to popular questions.

Connect Telegram to amoCRM in minutes

Should you have any questions, we’ll help every step of the way.

amoCRM Integration into Umnico
Sign up for Umnico and connect Telegram to the service
Create an integration with amoCRM in Umnico
Set up settings of the Telegram integration with amoCRM in Umnico

The price of Telegram integration with amoCRM

The cost of using Telegram in amoCRM with Umnico depends on the number of accounts and the subscription period.
Starting from $6.5 a month
Get the most out of Umnico for free or find your suitable subscription plan now.
All-in-one messenger with custom rates

FAQ about amoCRM integration with Telegram

Umnico users often ask the following questions about Telegram and amoCRM:
How can I test Telegram connection with amoCRM?
You can take advantage of a free trial period, set up all the necessary integrations, connect any number of operators and test the entire functionality of the service for a few days.
Can I connect multiple Telegram numbers in amoCRM?
Yes, you can connect multiple personal accounts and chatbots at the same time. All messages from different accounts will go into a single workspace of Umnico widget.
Can I do mailing in Telegram through amoCRM?
This integration provides you with a capability of message blasting, but we advise not to abuse this tool, as there is a risk of being blocked due to complaints of mailing recipients. It is not recommended to send more than 100 messages per day.
Is it possible to integrate amoCRM and Telegram Bot?
Of course, you can integrate a Telegram Bot into amoCRM. To do this, create, connect the Telegram Bot in Umnico and then connect it to the CRM on the connection page.
How long is the correspondence from Telegram stored in Umnico?
Message history is stored in Umnico as long as you use the service and have a paid plan. After your data plan expires, your correspondence is stored in Umnico until the previously configured integration is deactivated.
Is it possible to reach out to client first via Telegram through a Deal card in amoCRM?
Yes, sure. With Telegram integrated into amoCRM, you can engage any client directly from the Deal card using the standard “Send message” function and “Telegram” specified as the main channel.
How to check if your message was delivered and read?
A message sent from an amoCRM deal card with the “sent” status is considered delivered. Message delivery statuses in the Umnico widget for amoCRM allow you to see if your message was delivered, and if it was read.