Facebook integration with CRM for sales and customer support

Collect and distribute inquiries, respond to messages and comments of a billion Facebook audience in a single Umnico interface or a popular CRM system of your choice.

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Core benefits of Facebook integration

The official Facebook integration set allows you to use the key functionality of Facebook for business without the risk of account suspension or traffic restrictions. Customer inquiries from Facebook go straight to your CRM or business application. This makes interacting with a huge social media audience easier, which significantly improves the quality of customer communication.

Receive inquiries from Facebook and distribute them among employees

Receive inquiries and customer messages from multiple Facebook business pages in Umnico, then distribute chats and leads among sales and customer support staff. Track the status of each inquiry, watch the response time of operators. You will be able to track the quality of responses for every employee.

Chat through Facebook Messenger in CRM

  • Reply to messages from Facebook users without delay
  • Share files, documents, images, videos, audio, and stickers
  • Distribute chats and customer inquiries among operators.
  • Assign responsible persons and monitor statuses.
  • Conduct mass mailings on active dialogues directly in CRM, informing users about new products and promotions.

Reply automatically to client messages

Set up automatic replies to imminently answer incoming messages on Facebook Messenger, along with other communication channels. Auto-replies can be triggered when the first message from a client is received (as a greeting) and when the client’s status is changed, for example, when the inquiry is moving between stages of the sales pipeline. Your business will always be in touch with your clients, even when you are resting or sleeping.

Reply to comments on Facebook posts

View and respond to all comments left by customers under posts, including ads. You can respond to a client directly via Facebook Messenger. Create answer templates to frequently asked questions and use hotkeys to decrease response time. Not a single customer inquiry or question on Facebook is left unanswered.

Collect leads with Facebook Leads in your CRM

Process leads from social media by receiving inquiries from Facebook Leads directly to Umnico Inbox — an omnichannel messaging platform. Distribute leads among employees, move them through the sales funnel, and track their statuses. Built-in chat analytics helps to evaluate the effectiveness of each employee and the entire team. Converting inquiries into sales will become faster and easier.

How to set up Facebook integration

You can start working with messages from Facebook, processing comments under posts, and collecting information from forms in a few clicks. Just register with Umnico and specify your Facebook page during the setup of the integration.

Facebook Messenger Integration with Umnico

Engage Facebook users in Umnico for free

Facebook Messenger, Facebook Comments and Facebook Leads integrations with Umnico are completely free, as well as messaging on the platform. There are no limits on traffic, number of messages and shared files.

With a premium subscription, you can connect other popular instant messengers and social media to the platform.

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“Umnico’s easy-to-use and comprehensible interface makes it nearly impossible to lose clients”

Ivan Bubmov, TrafficVikings

“After setting up Facebook integration through Umnico, the speed of leads’ processing improved threefold”

Sergey Ozolinsh, “Slon” store

Frequently asked questions about Facebook integration provided by Umnico

Do you have questions about how Umnico’s Facebook integration works? Our clients usually ask about the following:
Is it possible to reply via Umnico to a comment on a Facebook post?
Yes, user comments are also transmitted via API or CRM integration, so they can be answered in comments directly from Umnico or CRM. This requires custom integration with Facebook Comments. This way, deals can also be created in amoCRM or Bitrix24 based on new comments.
Can I test Umnico’s Facebook integration for free?
Umnico offers a trial period for all new users. Within this period, you can connect any number of instant messengers and social media, as well as get advice on using the API from leading Umnico experts.
Is it possible to miss a Facebook message if the operator is not online?
Not a single inquiry or comment from a customer will be ignored. The history of correspondence in Umnico saves all messages sent by your Facebook page visitors while operators are not online.
Does Umnico provide official integration with Facebook?
Umnico omnichannel messaging platform offers an official integration mechanism both with Facebook messenger and Facebook comments, as well as leads. You don’t have to worry, because the risk of Facebook account suspension is minimal. The safe and stable Facebook integration will help you grow the business by attracting new customers, increasing the number of transactions, and improving customer support.
Do I need a developer to set up Facebook integration?
The help of an IT specialist is not required. Facebook integration with popular CRMs can be set up in a few minutes if you have the necessary access rights. You may need a developer to integrate the functionality of social media through an open API with your own business application. If necessary, Umnico’s team can help with using the API and integrating Facebook functionality into your business environment.

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