Instagram in Bitrix24, Umnico Widget

Bitrix24 and Instagram Integration

Official Instagram integration for Bitrix24 supports cross-channel response, all types of files and emoji, as well as flexible access and distribution of incoming inquiries from several accounts.

Use the familiar Direct interface inside the Bitrix24 CRM system.

Reply to comments on posts in Direct
Discussion forum
Send messages, photos, and documents with no limits
Monitor employees work and customer conversations

Why integrate Instagram with Bitrix24 CRM?

Instagram and the Bitrix24 CRM system integration allows you to make customer support and sales as efficient as possible. The solution is suitable for businesses of any scale: from a beauty salon to a global retailer.

With the integration of Instagram with Bitrix24 Open Lines from Umnico, staff will be able to process customer inquiries in a familiar CRM interface, taking advantage of opportunities of communication personalization and automation. A manager will be able to control employees’ performance.

How to receive client inquiries from Instagram in Bitrix24?

Install the Umnico widget for CRM, and all incoming and outgoing messages will be displayed in the chat center widget or in the Open Lines of the CRM system. The entire history of correspondence to be stored in Bitrix24 from now on.

You can connect multiple Instagram accounts to CRM, as well as add an unlimited number of the social media accounts to any Open Line or use a separate line for each. You won’t miss any comments, mentions in Instagram Stories or Direct messages.

Benefits of Instagram integration with Bitrix24 CRM

The official integration of Instagram and Bitrix24 will take your communication with customers to a whole new level thanks to advanced functionality. Promote your brand and increase sales of goods / services on the same volume of incoming inquiries.

Connect any number of Instagram accounts to Bitrix24 with Umnico

Connect any number of accounts

Use multiple Instagram accounts in Bitrix24 and reply to messages and comments from all accounts in Open Lines and Umnico widget. You no longer need to use different browsers or phones to work on Instagram.

Attach an unlimited number of documents, photos, videos, and other files to messages without traffic restrictions and risks of blocking. You can also send messages longer than 500 characters. Umnico allows you to optimize client communication and quickly provide personalized responses to requests, making teamwork more efficient.

Umnico - one widget to process all inquiries in Bitrix24

Expand Bitrix24 capabilities with Umnico widget

Bitrix24 has an integrated multifunctional Umnico widget that allows you to communicate with all clients, reply to comments, share files and multimedia without traffic limits — all in a convenient, familiar interface.

Increase the speed and convenience of employees’ work with advanced functionality: message templates, contact and message search, tags, and internal comments for team members.

Response to mentionings in Stories and comments in your posts with Bitrix24

Reply to client’s comments and Stories

Increase subsribers’ loyalty: Reply to all comments and mentions in Stories from Umnico widget. You can reply under the post or in Direct messages. Engage customers in conversations, and send photos and videos of products, increasing conversion and sales.

All correspondence history will be stored in the CRM system. This makes access to customer data and their history of interactions more convenient and reduces the risks of “database leakage” associated with employees working on Instagram from their personal devices.

control-employee icon

Optimize sales and support on Instagram with Umnico

Connect Instagram to Bitrix24 CRM in just a few minutes without coding

An automatic welcome message to greet new clients with Bitrix24

Automate work with incoming inquiries

Greet your subscribers who send you Direct messages with automatic replies. Create a template for the initial message in Bitrix24, tell more about the company and product, offer to go to the website, and provide a code or promotion to new customers.

The integration of Bitrix24 with Instagram by Umnico allows you to fully automate communication with customers through CRM using chatbots that can answer frequently asked questions 24/7 without the involvement of human agents. The integration also supports the full functionality of Bitrix24 Robots and Business Processes.

Supervise your staff and monitor communication performance in Bitrix24

Control access and monitor chats with clients

By connecting Instagram accounts to Bitrix24 with Umnico, managers will be able to control the work of employees and monitor correspondence with clients in real-time. ’Delivered’ and ’Read’ statues make such monitoring even more efficient and comprehensive.

The details of each conversation are securely stored in Bitrix24, and not on agents’ personal devices, which eliminates the risks of data loss or its illegal transfer to competitors. In addition, employees will no longer require direct access to corporate Instagram accounts.

Bitrix24 app and Instagram integration by Umnico to chat with clients on the go

Engage clients from Bitrix24 app

Using Instagram integration with Bitrix24 app allows for seamless communication, enabling users to interact with customers anytime from anywhere. The app supports all Bitrix24 and Instagram functionality, including the features of other connected integrations: WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, and Live Chat.

With Umnico’s integration, agents can quote customers’ messages and send a series of photos in a single message, which enhances the overall customer experience and helps businesses stand out in a competitive market. Using it, companies can optimize their sales and customer support, as well as improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their customer interactions.

How to connect Instagram to Bitrix24 CRM Open Lines?

Umnico allows you to integrate Bitrix24 and Instagram in a few minutes without developers. Should you have any questions, we will gladly assist at every step of the way.

Bitrix24 Integration into Umnico
Register with Umnico and connect Instagram account to the service
Install Umnico application in the Bitrix24 system
Copy Umnico API token and add it to the CRM system
Connect the Instagram connector from Umnico in the Contact Center

The price of Bitrix24 and Instagram integration

The cost of using Instagram in Bitrix24 Open Lines and the built-in Umnico widget depends on the number of connected accounts and the subscription period.
Starting from $16.25 a month
Evaluate all the possibilities of integrating Instagram with Bitrix24 for free or choose a suitable plan.
All-in-one messenger with custom rates

FAQ about the integration of Bitrix24 with Instagram

Our clients are mostly interested in the following questions about the integration of Instagram with Bitrix24:
Are there any delays when sending a message from Bitrix24?
The delay in sending messages is 1-3 seconds, i.e., no more than for all messenger users. Sending instant responses allows a brand to stay in touch with clients and keep their attention.
How secure is Bitrix24 + Instagram integration provided by Umnico?
Connecting Instagram account is completely safe — Umnico is an official partner of Facebook. Unlike unofficial integration solutions, the official Instagram API is provided by the social network itself, which guarantees its security and stability.
Can I connect multiple Instagram accounts to Bitrix24?
Yes, Umnico customers can connect any number of Instagram accounts to Bitrix24. Different employees can be granted access to specific accounts to work only with certain client requests.
Can I send bulk messages through Instagram?
Bitrix24 enables you to do bulk messaging on active deals on Instagram. However, we advise you to send no more than 100 messages per day to minimize the risk of blocking your account.
Is there a free integration of Instagram and Bitrix24?
Bitrix24 has a free boxed integration with Instagram. However, its functionality is limited and doesn’t provide some of the users with the instruments necessary for their tasks. To achieve the most productive and reliable communication with subscribers, our clients use Umnico widget. Such integration is not free, but compared to the cost of attracting customers, the amount is small.
Can I connect an Instagram account with two-factor authentication enabled?
Two-factor authentication does not affect the connection of Instagram to Umnico and its use in Bitrix24. Account connecting is still performed once.
Is there a blacklist of posts?
Umnico provides ‘spam’ or blacklist functionality, which allows you to configure the system so that comments from specific posts are not sent to CRM.
How long will it take to connect Instagram and Bitrix24?
Setting up Bitrix24 and Instagram integration does not require any special skills and takes only a few minutes. You will find detailed step-by-step instructions for connecting Instagram to Bitrix24 via Umnico on the integration page and in our Knowledge Base.

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