Bots for Telegram: Simplifying Tasks and Amplifying Communication

Exploring the wide variety of Telegram bots and their practical application.

Bots for Telegram, the ultimate guide by Umnico

Welcome to the ever-evolving realm of messaging apps that currently play a key role in our daily communication. In recent years, messaging apps have become not only essential tools for personal communication with family and friends but also instruments for companies to keep in touch with their clients, provide assistance, help with making a purchase and attract new customers. With an audience of more than 550 million users, Telegram stands out as one of the most prominent messengers among these platforms.

While the app itself offers extensive features for text, voice, and video communication, Telegram bots are probably one of the most significant unique features of the platform. These AI-powered tools have redefined the Telegram experience, elevating it from a messaging platform to an entire ecosystem of tools for productivity and entertainment. In this article, we will delve into the world of Telegram bots, exploring their innovative and practical applications in the year 2023.

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What is Telegram bot

Telegram bots are programs specifically designed to interact with users on Telegram — the widely used messaging platform. From helping with various tasks to simulating human conversations, these bots help people be more productive, have fun and connect with their favorite brands via the messenger they use every day.

To find and communicate with a bot, users can search within Telegram or open it via a direct link. On Telegram, bots can be identified by the suffix "bot" in their names. While normal bots are public, they can also be limited to certain users through private Telegram channels. Users interact with Telegram bots through text commands, typically starting with "/", however, its interface can be made more visual with a set of buttons for the most popular commands.

Are Telegram bots safe?

While Telegram bots are generally safe, using them requires necessary precautions to ensure a positive experience. While Telegram provides a bot API for developers, it's important to remember that not all bots offer the same level of security. One of the crucial aspects here is data privacy. View how a bot collects, handles, and stores personal data. Reading the privacy policy can provide insights into the bot's data practices and help users make informed decisions about sharing their data.

In addition, users need to exercise caution when interacting with bots, especially when it comes to links and files. To mitigate risks, be mindful of the links you click on and only download files from trusted sources. Lastly, it is essential to be aware of fraudulent bots that aim to deceive users by promising free rewards or exclusive offers in return for payment or personal details. Consider the bot’s feedback and reviews from other users before sharing any valuable information with it.

Telegram bots: noteworthy examples

Created by both companies and an enthusiastic community, bots for Telegram come in many shapes and forms but always with a sole task: to expand Telegram messenger capabilities and offer some unique functionality. Let’s explore some of the most prominent examples of publicly available Telegram bots.

Bot for Zoom calls: @zoombot

Zoom Bot allows users to conveniently start video conferences and Zoom meetings from any Telegram conversation. The bot is a valuable tool for those who are already familiar with Telegram and want to streamline their video conferencing activities.

Bot for creating polls: @ultimate_pollbot

While there is a @Pollbot created by the Telegram team for simple polls, this opens-source bot comes with richer capabilities for customization as it allows users to make various polls, with single or multiple votes, anonymous or public votes, as well as manage multiple polls and conveniently view their results.

Ultimate poll bot

Feed-reading bot: @TheFeedReaderBot

This bot helps users to stay up-to-date with the latest news on topics relevant to them. The bot can send notifications about posts and articles from various sources like blogs, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, as soon as they appear chatbot ensures that users stay informed and up-to-date with the latest developments. With personalized feeds, aggregated content, and offline reading capabilities, the Feed Reader Bot provides a convenient way for users to access curated news and information directly within their Telegram chat interface.

Transcriber bot: @transcriber_bot

This bot is capable of transcribing both audio recordings and pictures into text and supports over 20 popular languages. A threat to Telegram Premium subscription, should we say, as it can successfully perform one of the most sought-after features of the subscription — give a text form to notoriously long voice messages.

YouTube search bot: @vid

The bot allows users to search and share YouTube links directly within the Telegram messaging app. To use the bot, open any chat and type "@vid" followed by keywords related to a desired YouTube video (without hitting the Send button). The bot will then present a panel with YouTube video suggestions, and users can tap on any search result to send it as a link to their conversation partner.

Bot for notifications: @skeddybot

Skeddy is a conversational reminder tool that simplifies the process of setting and receiving notifications directly within the Telegram chat. Users can add notes for the desired reminders and specify the date and time. The bot also supports complex schedule reminders (for example, it can remind about English lessons every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 PM). Skeddy eliminates the need for external calendar tools and helps to stay organized relying on the Telegram messaging platform.

Bot for automating actions in multiple apps: @ifttt

IFTTT (If This Then That) bot integration with Telegram allows users to connect their Telegram group or channel to a wide range of external services, such as Instagram, Twitter, and more. By setting up automated actions triggered by specific conditions, users can enhance their productivity and complete more in less time. For example, it's possible to automatically post Twitter updates in a Telegram group or receive Telegram push notifications whenever a user is mentioned on Twitter.


Email address generator: @DropmailBot is a Telegram bot service that offers disposable email addresses to safeguard privacy and prevent spam. It generates temporary email addresses that are automatically deleted after ten minutes. This makes it an ideal solution for individuals who wish to keep their personal emails private and avoid unwanted emails.

Paid-membership bot: @InviteMemberBot

This membership bot platform allows the owners of paid Telegram channels to easily accept card and crypto payments for subscriptions and send invite links to new members of their groups and channels. The bot guides new users step-by-step, helping to set up a subscription-based business.

Virus scanner bot: @DrWebBot

When downloading files and media from the Internet, it's essential to prioritize safety. Dr. Web Bot addresses this concern by scanning all files and links transferred through your Telegram account. It can also be added to any group to automatically scan files shared in the chat. Additionally, if you want to individually check files for viruses, you can send them directly to the bot, and it will provide you with the scan results.

DrWeb bot

Instant website screenshot bot: @URL2IMGBot

URL-to-image bot is a simple way to get a website’s screenshot within Telegram messenger. By sending any URL to the bot, you can get an instant screenshot of that website. Users can get a screenshot both as an image and as a full-sized PNG file.

Telegram bots and their benefits for business

As we mentioned in the beginning, using Telegram bots has become widespread among enterprises as well, as they can help companies in improving numerous aspects of their operations. Below are just some of the examples of how exactly.

Benefits of bots for Telegram
  • Personalized customer experience. Leveraging Telegram bots enables businesses to deliver customized messages to customers, based on their interactions with the bot. This personalized approach fosters customer loyalty, enhances overall satisfaction, and strengthens customer relationships, leading to increased retention.
  • Operational efficiency. By automating tasks and providing self-service options, Telegram bots streamline operations and reduce the workload for human agents. This translates into optimized resource allocation, cost savings, and improved productivity for businesses.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Telegram bots don’t require extensive coding. Meanwhile, with their 24/7 availability, businesses can provide customer support without incurring additional staffing expenses for extended operating hours. Telegram bots can serve as an affordable alternative to traditional customer support channels, efficiently handling a high volume of inquiries simultaneously, without additional costs per interaction.

How companies can use them

So what are possible practical applications of chatbots for companies? While such a list can go on and on, we’d highlight some of the most useful ideas.

Customer support

Using chatbots, businesses can automate customer inquiries and provide support and consultations regarding their products and services, effectively reducing the workload on customer support teams and enhancing customer experience. By optimizing resource allocation and handling frequently asked questions without the involvement of human agents, Telegram bots have the potential to improve key business metrics and drive overall growth.

Umnico provides custom chatbot development services for Telegram. Whether you want to provide personalized support or use the messenger to generate leads, our team of experts can bring your idea to life and power up your communication in messengers. Contact us now.

Updates and promotions

Telegram bots can be utilized to keep customers informed about new products, services, and company updates. Since Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps, it can serve as an effective channel to share promotional messages that include not only text but media as well, consequently boosting sales and revenue by engaging customers with enticing offers.

Bookings and reservations

Telegram bots integrated into websites or dedicated platforms facilitate a smooth booking experience. Bots can interact with customers and provide real-time updates on the availability of tickets for cinema or tables for a restaurant. After all, a bot that guides you through the booking process in a familiar messenger seems an appealing alternative to downloading additional apps dedicated to reserving particular tickets or seats.

Search and recommend products

Ecommerce platforms can leverage Telegram bots to assist customers in finding products, checking inventory availability, and receiving personalized recommendations. Bots understand user queries, offer relevant search results, and deliver tailored product recommendations based on customer preferences.

Returns and exchanges

Another use case for Telegram bots that is super-relevant to online stores is the optimization of receiving and processing customer requests for returns and exchanges initiated by customers. Bots can guide customers through the necessary steps to return an item and receive a refund, automating the whole process, so that human support agents can focus on handling exceptional cases and ensure customer satisfaction.

Feedback collection

Using Telegram bots, companies can simplify the process of gathering customer feedback by promoting them to participate in interactive surveys. Thanks to natural language processing, bots can engage customers in natural conversations, ask targeted questions, and gather valuable insights to drive data-driven improvements and enhance customer satisfaction. Businesses can gain insights into areas for improvement, enabling them to refine their products and services accordingly. This ensures customer satisfaction and demonstrates a commitment to meeting customer needs.

These use cases demonstrate the versatility and value of Telegram bots in various aspects of customer service and business operations. By leveraging these capabilities, companies can automate routine tasks, enhance customer experiences, increase operational efficiency, and ultimately drive business growth.

How to get Telegram bot API

Creating a Telegram bot is a straightforward process that requires no specific technical knowledge. However, some coding might be necessary further on, as you devise its functionality. For initial setup, follow these steps to create your own bot in just a few minutes:

  1. Open Telegram and search for "bot father"
  2. Select the official Bot Father account with a blue tick.
  3. Type the command "/newbot" to create a new bot.
  4. Follow the prompts to name your bot and provide a link for it.
  5. Once your bot is created, copy the API link from Bot Father to integrate your bot with Telegram using an online integration tool (remember not to share this API key with anyone).

If you want to add your newly created bot to a channel:

  1. Select "manage channel" by clicking the three-dot icon on the top right.
  2. Choose "Administrator" and click "Add Administrator."
  3. Search for your chatbot and select it, then save the changes.

That's it! You have successfully created a Telegram AI chatbot following these simple steps.

Summing things up

In the dynamic landscape of messaging apps, Telegram stands out by offering speed, security, and extensive capabilities for building customizable bots. The applications for these bots are manifold: they can enhance customer service by promptly providing assistance; serve as efficient channels for sending notifications like order confirmations and product updates; provide users with information, including comprehensive product descriptions and pricing details.

With Umnico omnichannel messaging platform, you can manage all communications via Telegram efficiently, along with other popular social media and messengers, in one single interface. All the platform’s features can be tested for free during a trial period. If you look for a custom Telegram bot development for your business, Umnico can also Contact us to discuss the details.

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