Instagram in amoCRM, Umnico Widget

Instagram and amoCRM Integration

Connect and work via several Instagram accounts from amoCRM. Customize access permissions and distribute inquiries automatically. Full support of all file types and emojis.

Reply to comments on posts and mentions in Stories via Direct.

Receive Direct messages and comments
Discussion forum
Keep all chat history in CRM, not on smartphones
Automate communication with Salesbot

Why do you need amoCRM and Instagram integration?

Integrating Instagram with a familiar CRM system allows you to make text-based client engagement more effective and structured. A centralized communication via Umnico widget makes it possible to save chat history in the CRM rather than on sales reps’ personal devices, which minimizes risks of customer base leakage or loss.

The integration allows you to use extensive automation and templates features. Additionally, you can monitor the speed and quality of employees’ responses. This helps managers to determine the best performers and analyze trends in customer preferences.

How does amoCRM and Instagram integration work?

To start using the integration, connect Instagram and amoCRM to Umnico and install Umnico widget in on the CRM system. The process takes only a couple of minutes. Setting up the integration will allow you to use Instagram’s functions within amoCRM.

From now on, new Instagram messages will automatically create Deal cards in amoCRM. You will also be able to send and receive inquiries directly from Deal cards in the CRM . As soon as a customer sends a Direct message to an Instagram account or leaves a comment, a Deal card is created. Now you won’t miss a single inquiry, whether it is sent via comments or Direct.

Features and benefits of amoCRM integration with Instagram

Umnico’s safe and reliable official integration allows you to leverage all Instagram capabilities to promote your brand and connect with clients. Provide customer support and increase sales on Instagram with the same amount of traffic.

Connect any number of Instagram accounts to amoCRM with Umnico

Connect multiple Instagram accounts with amoCRM

Use multiple Instagram accounts in amoCRM simultaneously. Automatically distribute inquiries among agents who may use one or different accounts. Reply to messages and comments both in deals and in the Umnico widget.

Send unlimited messages and photos, use emoji, attach audio and video files. Thanks to the official integration via the Instagram API, the risk of account suspension is minimal.

Response to mentionings in Stories and comments in your posts

React to Stories and comments

Not a single comment of your subscribers on Instagram posts or Stories will be left unattended as they all are saved in amoCRM. You will also be able to respond to customers not only in the comments but via Direct as well. Engage with customers in lively conversations by sending photos and videos of products to increase sales conversion.

All correspondence between consultants and clients is always at hand, available in the CRM system, and the contact details of every new client are automatically added to a Deal card.

An automatic welcome message to greet new clients and a chatbot in action

Automate the work with inquiries and responses

Automate customer communications on Instagram with chatbots. Use them as the first line of support to answer frequently asked questions. Instagram and amoCRM integration also supports the full functionality of Salesbot for business process automation.

Set up automatic messages to greet new subscribers who contact you via Direct. In amoCRM, create a template for the first message, tell more about the company and product, offer to go to the website, and offer a promo code or other discount type for new customers. Such an approach will attract clients’ attention and increase their brand loyalty.


Connect with your customers on Instagram via amoCRM

Set up amoCRM integration with Instagram in minutes

Supervise your staff communication right in amoCRM

Control access and monitor correspondence

With amoCRM and Instagram integration, managers will have access to correspondence with clients for easy control of the employees’ work. It is no longer needed to download chat history with a client from Instagram or agent’s personal device.

Also, your employees won’t need direct access to corporate Instagram accounts to work with inquiries, which will increase personal data security, as well as eliminate the risks of customer database loss or leakage.

Umnico - one widget to process all inquiries in amoCRM

Expand your amoCRM capabilities with Umnico

Umnico widget allows you to communicate with customers using a convenient interface within amoCRM. The widget has a built-in search for messages and clients, as well multiple filter options. Thanks to the delivery statuses, you can find out which message has been received and which has been read.

Reply to comments on posts or Story mentions in Direct messages. Use message templates to quickly answer typical customer questions, add tags and internal comments on each inquiry.

amoCRM app and Instagram integration by Umnico to chat with customers on the go

Communicate with clients via amoCRM mobile app

Reply to messages in amoCRM mobile app. Chat from your smartphone using all social media connected to amoCRM: Instagram, WhatsApp, VK, Facebook, and Telegram.

Stay connected anywhere and anytime without a laptop or desktop. Manage customer support and sales on the go.

How to connect Instagram to amoCRM?

Umnico allows you to integrate amoCRM and Instagram in just a few minutes. If you have any questions, we will gladly assist at every step.

amoCRM Integration into Umnico
Register in Umnico and connect Instagram to the service
Connect amoCRM to Umnico
Set up amoCRM integration in Umnico

The price of Instagram and amoCRM integration

The cost of using Instagram in amoCRM depends on the number of connected accounts and the subscription period.
Starting from $16.25 a month
Evaluate the full functionality of amoCRM and Instagram for free оr design your rate.
All-in-one messenger with custom rates

FAQ about the integration of amoCRM with Instagram

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Do I need expert help to set up integration with Instagram?

Why purchase Umnico integration when you can use Instagram in amoCRM for free?

Can I connect Instagram to AmoCRM with two-factor authentication enabled?

Does Umnico have a blacklist for posts?

How long does it take to connect Instagram and amoCRM?

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