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Set up free omnichannel live chat on your business website to get more leads and solve customer problems faster.

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Audience observation
Monitor and engage your traffic
Get to know your visitors better, reach out to them first, and engage with a chat to get more leads and purchases
Profit gain
Expand your business opportunities
Combine social media and instant messengers with live chat, monitor sales, and increase the conversion rate
Lead flow
Get customers, not just visitors
Live chat dialogue on your website helps to turn visitors into regular customers

What is a live chat or online chat?

Live chat or online chat on a website is a small widget window on a web page, through which a visitor can ask a sales rep or support team a question and get a prompt answer.

In e-commerce, online chats are an opportunity to answer customer questions and help with purchases in real time. Chat on the site is also an opportunity to reduce the cost of incoming and outgoing calls. Customers prefer live chat to other channels of communication because it's convenient, instant, and doesn't distract them. Companies choose live chat because it allows them to get insights into customer activity and quickly route inquiries to relevant employees and departments.

Thanks to online chat, you can sell more without increasing traffic.

How does web chat work?
For a website visitor, a live chat usually appears as a little widget in the page's bottom right-hand corner. They can type their question and start a conversation in the chat box by clicking on the widget. Usually, there is also a sound suggesting that a customer care agent has connected to the conversation.
Live chat widget window sample
Live chat is becoming an increasingly important element for any business, as it gives clients simple and real-time communication access to brand representatives that does not require downloading and installing any additional software. This way, customers can comfortably send text messages and share files via their preferred web browser.

Why use chat software on a website?

The implementation of an online chat widget serves as a valuable addition to a business's customer support suite, providing tangible benefits to both companies and their website visitors. It aligns with the modern expectation for real-time, personalized interactions and contributes to a heightened overall customer experience.

Enhanced Customer Support

Live chat facilitates immediate, real-time assistance, enabling businesses to address customer inquiries, provide support, and guide visitors through their interactions on the website. This instant accessibility leads to higher customer satisfaction and reduces the likelihood of visitors abandoning the site due to unanswered questions.

What are the essential features of free live chat software?

The basic features of free live chat software typically include the ability to initiate and monitor conversations with website visitors, the ability to customize the chat window, the ability to transfer conversations to other agents, and the ability to integrate with other tools.

Additionally, free live chat software often offers basic reporting and analytics, the ability to set up canned responses, the ability to customize chat triggers, and the ability to customize chatbot functionality. Some free live chat software also offers additional features such as chatbot integration, customer segmentation, and chatbot analytics.

A plethora of websites around the globe trusts Umnico Live Chat

Why 5,000+ businesses choose
Umnico Live Chat?

Umnico Live chat is much more than just a traditional live chat software — the omnichannel messaging platform provides integrations with email, VoIP, popular social media and instant messaging services. This means processing incoming messages from all channels within a single modern interface and analyzing the audience’s preferences, and shopping patterns.


Chat with customers where it is convenient for them

Umnico Live Chat widget provides the functionality of multiple instant messengers and social media. Combine the online chat on your website with a variety of messengers and social media, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Discord and much more.
Chat with your clients seamlessly and non-stop on the channels of their choice. Generate leads and process requests in a single window of the Umnico app.

Convert your web chats into deals

Engage in conversations with customers, send details on your products and services, and share media to convert leads into loyal customers effectively. Track sales and move lead cards along deal stages in Umnico.
Our sales pipeline (KanBan) represents a visual system for managing work as it moves through a process. Such functionality brings the features of capable CRM so you and your team can convert leads into customers with less effort and confidence.

Capture contacts and other details of your traffic

Umnico Live chat allows you to receive client details (such as name and phone number) before the conversation begins. When clicking on a chat widget, a user is asked to fill out a form, which automatically creates a deal card in Umnico. This feature is also very useful for collecting the contact details of those who chat with your business outside working hours.
Conversational lead forms feature in Umnico Live Chat will let you supply your sales team with more qualified inbound leads.

Know your website visitors

Umnico Live Chat widget shows who is visiting your website. In real-time, you can analyze the audience of your business, see what pages people visit, which sites brought them to your website, as well as their operating system and device type.
In case you have already communicated with a website visitor, Umnico shows their card and the entire history of the conversation. If you have multiple websites with Umnico Live Chat widgets installed, you get access to separate visitor analytics for each of them.

Reach out to customers first

Umnico’s online consultant comes with the ability to reach website visitors first. This unique functionality of Umnico Live Chat allows you to start a dialogue with a website visitor first, focusing on the conversation and engaging them in dialogue. Correspondence can be started directly from the "Visitors", section, with prior knowledge of all client's actions on the website. Operators and consultants do not need to wait for a visitor to open a chat and write a message themself. Now, not a single visitor to your website will be left without attention.
Lead allocation

Leverage auto replies and distribute inquiries among your team

Optimize workflow and streamline support by sending greetings in new chats automatically and using template responses for frequently asked questions. Thanks to the routing feature, every live chat conversation can be quickly assigned to a relevant and competent employee.
Umnico will allow you to distribute chats and leads among sales and customer support staff automatically, according to predetermined rules. This saves time and allows us to manage incoming inquiries in the most effective manner.

Know what they are about to ask before the question is sent

Typing previews is a powerful feature that gives you the ability to see what clients are typing even before they send the message, so you can always be ready with the reply. Typing insights allows you to understand your audience better and delight your customers with the speed of your responses. You are free to reduce your sales reps’ response time and improve support, because your staff will be ready with the appropriate reply way ahead. Many companies use such a message sneak-peek feature to provide stellar customer service.

Leverage smart triggers to make things done

Task setup trigger feature automatically adds a task to a chat for a responsible operator or a person assigned to a Deal. An incoming message, stage transition, or assignee change can trigger this. The time required to complete a task and other parameters, including assignee, are fully customizable. The feature allows for the streamlined management of numerous inquiries and ensures that no customer is left unattended, which is a sure way to improve conversion and brand loyalty among clients.

Collaborate and assign chats to colleagues

With a chat for a website, you can also keep the performance of your employees and operators under control:
• Monitor the quality and speed of responses
• Track and process complaints or suggestions
• Set up-sales and cross-sales reminders to maximize revenue
• Collaborate and assign the conversation to the most competent employee
• As a manager, view the conversations of other employees to check performance

Onboard live chat software with no coding experience

WIth Umnico you have a chat for your website that easily integrates with popular CMS. It takes just a few minutes to install the chat box on practically any website. Umnico Live Chat supports the majority of popular Content Management Systems: WordPress, Wix, Tilda, Shopify.
To install the widget on your website, use our plugins or place the chat code on your website using Google Tag Manager, which may be the most versatile live chat installation method.

Share documents and photos

Exchange photos, audio, video, documents, GIFs, and emojis with your prospects right on the web. Everything is supported. By allowing users to exchange media assets, live chat makes help easier and more customizable. A client can send a screenshot with the click of a button to report an issue, while an agent may record and send a video instruction. The file attaching feature works within the chat window in any browser and doesn't require any plugins. It helps solve customer issues faster and makes any conversation more convenient and effective.

Utilize ready-made integrations with CRM systems

Umnico Live Chat can be integrated with the majority of business programs and CRM systems to give a noticeable boost in the performance of support and sales departments. See the whole picture right away by opening a customer’s profile next to a chat window with an ongoing conversation.
Overall, the integration of your CRM software with Umnico Live Chat will improve the data management of the customers you've been chatting with on your website.
Open API

Leverage the benefits of open chat API

Enjoy the functionality of the omnichannel live chat software within your desktop and mobile application with pre-built connectors and an open API built with Rest and Webhooks architecture. A simple and understandable code allows you to use the functionality of Umnico Live Chat with any business application or CRM. Online support is provided as well. Umnico API supports all popular business messengers and social media. You no longer need to employ multiple social media API to manipulate messages from several accounts.

Assess performance with in-depth analytics

Umnico’s live chat provides valuable and detailed insights on every customer interaction, merging them all into an intuitive analytics dashboard. The parameters include average response time, conversion rate, inquiry source, and total amount generated by customers. You can view the general statistics of the whole team or compare the results of particular employees. Moreover, you can analyze where the inquiries come from and which chat channel is the most effective.

Add artificial intelligence to your website

Master intelligent conversations and save time.
Umnico leverages direct integration with OpenAI's ChatGPT language model, so your live chat plugin can use a chatbot that engages your audience in the most native way. It follows your scenario and can convert the majority of your website visitors into clients without a live agent involved. You can also automate certain common inquiries processing, such as status tracking.

Set up the live chat widget the way you need

This chat software comes with responsive design and layout, which looks great on any website on both desktop and mobile. You can customize the live chat widget to your brand’s colors and adjust its position and behavior to increase your audience engagement. Umnico Live Chat is SEO-friendly. It loads asynchronously, so it doesn’t impact your website’s loading speed or performance.
Start increasing the conversion and engagement rate among your visitors right now

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Live chat widget on a smartphone

How to add live chat to your website?

This live chat can be installed on your website within less than 5 minutes, and it takes three simple steps.

Umnico Live Chat installation
one Sign-up to Umnico — an omnichannel messaging platform that combines many instant messengers and social media in one app. It takes less than a minute.
two Create and customize the live chat widget in Umnico Inbox settings, so it can adhere to your brand guidelines. Then you will get its HTML code.
three Insert the code on each page of your website right next to the closing <body> tag or use pre-build plugins for CMS.

As soon as Umnico Live Chat code snippet is deployed on your website, you are ready to go. From now on, you can start collecting data about your website audience, engaging your visitors with a proactive conversation, linking instant messengers, generating leads with custom forms and much more.

How to customize your new live chat widget?

Umnico allows you to start communicating with customers via chat in a matter of minutes, connect other communication channels and enjoy a fully customizable interface and impressive automation capabilities.

Chat window customization
stone icon

Customizing your chat window

Make the chat widget fit your website’s visual style by customizing its color and position on a web page. With Umnico, you can add a multifunctional chat with a customizable appearance on a website.

Instant messengers integration into live chat
link icon

Linking messengers and social media

Connect social media and instant messengers in a couple of clicks and chat with all categories of clients within a single interface.

Welcome messages setup
ballot box icon

Creating greetings and offline notices

Set up quick responses to streamline support and auto-replies for when all operators are offline.

Lead forms in live chat
identification card icon

Setting up lead forms

Create forms for customers to gather their details before starting a chat tso they can reach them later.

Chat localization setup
globe icon

Making your chat multilingual

Generate live chat interfaces in several languages to make interactions with your brand easier for the global audience.

Task triggers setup
smiling face icon

Activating live chat triggers

Set up customizable triggers to automatically assign chats to operators and send template responses.

Quick answers setup
stone icon

Leveraging quick answers & prompt replies

Create a set of quick answer templates to reply to your visitor’s inquiries in a timely manner. Such can save a lot of valuable time.

Proactive live chat experience on iOS devices
Umnico Live Chat logo
Engage your visitors with a friendly and innovative live chat experience Sign up free

What differentiates Umnico Live Chat from other chat software?

Umnico Live Chat is a real conversion booster that helps businesses facilitate their online customer communications and discover incremental lead sources.

Website with a regular web chatWebsite with Umnico Live Chat
Omnichannel Real-Time
Customer Support
Unlimited websites, chats and visitors-+
Cross-platform message forwarding-+
Proactive customer engagement with custom greetings and reach out first-+
GPT-4-based Conversation AI
to enhance First-line support
Broadcasting Messaging
& Message Blasting

Сan Umnico's live chat software be integrated with my customer relationship management (CRM) system?

Many users often want to understand how live chat software integrates with their CRM platform, enabling seamless customer data synchronization, lead management, and customer interaction tracking.
Umnico provides a seamless integration with the most popular CRM-systems, such as Bitrix24 and amoCRM.

Integrating Umnico Live Chat with your CRM will give more power to employees' supervision who are communicating with clients. Moreover, your staff will be able to chat with website visitors right from the CRM-system, and all correspondence history, including photos, videos, audio files, and documents, will be synchronized instantly with CRM and stored inside a deal card.

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Text website visitors from mobile devices and desktop

With Umnico, sales managers and help desk staff can connect with customers using smartphones and desktops. Its browser-based version works on any PC and does not require installation, while mobile apps are available for iOS and Android. Communicate with customers on the go and never leave any inquiry unanswered.

Umnico Inbox appearance on desktop and mobile devices

Advanced Live Chat features to boost sales and improve support

aeternity icon
Unlimited Websites
Add the widget to any number of pages
users icon
Unlimited Users
Invite any number of operators to process inquiries
geo icon
Geo IP Tracking
See the IP address and the location of your visitor
mobile icon
Enjoy the online chat widget on any device and OS
widget icon
Widget Customization
Set the outlook you need for the chat
avatar icon
Agent Avatars
Show agent names, titles and photos in online chats
search icon
Chat Reporting
Know how many chats with how many visitors you had
ssl icon
Take advantages of SSL-encryption to chat with traffic
callback icon
Callback Request
Customizable callback button to capture contacts
hours icon
Operating Hours
Set time when you’re available for the chat
file icon
File Transfer
Share photos, audio, video, documents, and GIFs
quick icon
Quick Replies
Saved replies to commonly asked questions
languages icon
5 Languages
English, Russian, German, Spanish and Portuguese
speech icon
Typing Indicators
See and share when messages are being typed
tag icon
Automatically and manually tag important chats
email icon
Email Notifications
Receive chat notifications via email
welcome icon
Welcome Messages
Engage your visitors with stunning greetings
trigger icon
Automate your inquiries processing based on actions
analytics icon
Team Analytics
Track the performance of your sales and support team
hotkey icon
Templates & Hotkeys
Save time by facilitating repetitive work
chats icon
Group Chats
Let several operators talk to one client and vice versa
history icon
Complete Chat History
Access all past conversations with a visitor
filter icon
Message Filtering
Blocklists visitors, unsolicited messages and comments
automation icon
Conversation Automation
Allow ChatGPT to assist in routine conversations
notifications icon
Advanced Notifications
Pop-ups with sound and push notifications on mobile
emoji icon
Use a collection of emojis to make chats less formal
privacy icon
Data Privacy
Protect and safety process personal information
calendar icon
Task Calendar
Personal & shared calendar to monitor deadlines

... and many more awesome features are coming soon.

Enjoy professional live chat software for free

Umnico’s online chat for your website is 100% free. Use it to communicate with your website visitors and track their interactions. Premium subscription is not required to leverage the online chat’s basic functionality. The advanced features of social media and instant messengers can be added when necessary as part of our premium subscription. The rates depend on the number of connected channels.

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"Umnico provides us with full control over the correspondence between employees and clients at our company"

Vladislav Tikhonov, Mojito Management Company

"Our conversion rates have gone up. The request processing has become more transparent and simple"

Robert Movsesyan, Doors Jaguar

"Thanks to Umnico, my business has become more systematized, conversion to sales rate has improved and leads have stopped being lost"

Sergey Alimov, Maneken Brand

Frequently asked questions

Do you still have questions about Umnica Live Chat functionality? Our clients are most often interested in the following nuances:
How do I add and install the online chat for my website?
Umnico provides a ready-to-use online chat widget. You need to insert its code snippet before the closing </body> tag on every page of your website, which ensures that the content loads in a timely manner.

You can also customize the location of live chat on the site and its appearance: color, background, operator avatars, greeting text, working hours and response time, size, the location of the button to call the online consultant.

How to connect social media and instant messengers to your live chat?
You can add links to your social networks and instant messengers in the online chat interface. So the website visitors will be able to write to the online chat or in one of the specified additional communication channels.

You can also connect your social media accounts and instant messengers to Umnico. The service will collect all messages from different channels in a single window. Check more details on the Umnico Inbox page.

What is the difference between a chatbot and an online chat?
The chatbot gives users answers to frequently asked questions using ready-made templates, but it cannot process questions that are not in its database. On the other hand, online chat enables live communication between your client and the business, such makes communication more personalized. Your client can ask all their questions and get detailed answers. Modern customers especially appreciate brands and companies that practice interpersonal communication (between real people), which indicates a high customer focus of the business.
How does chat on a site affect sales and support?
Online chat replaces a consultant in a brick-and-mortar store. If users have questions, it is easier for them to write to a live chat or have a conversation with an online consultant, rather than wait for an answer by email or phone. The faster your users receive a response, the faster they will make a purchase decision.

Here are some other benefits of online chats:

• Contactual information collection and lead generation
• Objections tackling. An operator can answer the question and also dispel all the user’s doubts about a product or service.

Fast and high-quality real-time support, personalized review of all inquiries and collection of contact information — all of these can increase the company’s sales and customer loyalty.

How to test live chat software?
By signing up on Umnico, you receive permanent free access to the online chat service for a website, in addition, you will get a free trial period with full access to Umnico functionality so that you can evaluate all the capabilities of the omnichannel communications platform.
What data can be tracked with Umnico Live Chat?
Umnico provides rich and insightful data on all customer interactions. It includes the number, content, and time of inquiries, as well as employees’ performance: response rate, completeness of responses, conversion rate, and the number of sales.
Does the live chat widget work on mobile devices?
Yes! Our widget works and looks great on any device — from a computer to a smartphone running on iOS or Android. Umnico mobile app provides a convenient way to stay in touch with customers on the go and provide timely support in any situation.
Can I use templates in the live chat?
Yes. You can set up a welcome message and use templates to answer frequently asked questions of your customers. Moreover, you can utilize hotkeys to reduce the response time of your service staff.
How can I use the online chat widget on my website for lead generation?
Umnico Live Chat provides tools to create forms for customers to fill out before initiating a chat. This way, an agent can collect contact information and continue the conversation later via email or phone if a customer’s inquiry solution requires some time.
How to choose the right live chat software?
When choosing a live chat provider, it is important to look at what features they supply and pick the most suitable one in terms of functionality and price. Umnico Live Chat is a free service that covers all company’s needs related to live chat communication with customers.
Is it possible to remove the Umnico logo from the widget?
Yes, it is possible to hide our logo in the widget for a small fee. Moreover, our team is ready to come up with a well-tailored custom solution that meets your business needs.
What are some best practices for using free live chat software?
Since customers like live chat for its real-time character of communication, it is important to maintain a short response time and quickly route inquiries to competent operators. Personalization is another key aspect of live chat interactions. It aims to provide a tailored response to every customer but doesn’t neglect automation capabilities, such as templates and hotkeys, to streamline the workflow.
How can free live chat increase the conversion rate for business?
While writing an email or making a phone call diverts the customer's attention from a website, decreasing the chances of them returning to it later, a live chat widget embedded right on the webpage is a great way to provide support and gain the trust of new clients, directing them from brand discovery to registration or checkout. Live chat’s convenience and fast responses lead to greater customer loyalty and the development of long-term relationships between them and the brand.
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