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Free online chat for websites —
Umnico Live Chat

Free multifunctional online chat for your business.

  • Engage clients on your site
  • Respond promptly to visitors' questions
  • Help solve customer problems online
  • Improve sales and customer support

Your customers no longer need to wait for a response in a live chat on your site. They can continue the dialogue in any messenger convenient for them.

Umnico Live Chat — 100% Free
Chat on your website for free
The chat widget installation and use do not require a paid subscription or premium integrations
Expand your business opportunities
Combine social media and instant messengers with the live chat, track sales, increase conversion rate
Get customers, not just visitors
Live chat dialogue on your website will help to turn visitors into regular customers of your business

What is a live chat or online chat?

Live chat or online chat on a website is a small window for texting on a web page through which a visitor can ask a sales rep or support team a question and get a prompt answer.

In e-commerce, online chats are an opportunity to answer customer questions and help them purchase your goods in real-time. Chat on the site is also an opportunity to reduce the cost of incoming and outgoing calls.

Thanks to online chat, you can sell more without increasing traffic.

What are the benefits of Umnico Live Chat widget for a website?

Online chat installed on your website allows you to resolve customer issues promptly, eliminating typical barriers in making a purchase or an order.

  • Circle — Money Visitors are less likely to leave your website without taking a desirable action
  • Circle — Quality Fewer rejections of purchases and orders
  • Circle — Repeat Repeat visit and purchases rates on your site increase
  • Circle — People Your business website generates more leads for your sales team

How to add live chat to a website?

This live chat can be installed on your website within less than 5 minutes, and it takes three simple steps.

  • Omnichannel messaging platform Umnico UI

    Sign-up to Umnico — an omnichannel messaging platform that combines many instant messengers and social media in one app. It takes less than a minute.

  • Umnico Live Chat customization

    Create and customize the live chat widget in Umnico Inbox settings, so it can adhere to your brand guidelines. Then you will get its HTML code.

  • Live Chat code insertion on WordPress

    Insert the code on each page of your website right next to the closing </body> tag or use pre-build plugins for CMS.


Add Umnico Live Chat widget to your website right now. Increase the conversion and engagement rate among your visitors for free!

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Umnico Live Chat is a widget that provides the functionality of multiple instant messengers and social media

Combine the online chat on your website with a variety of messengers and social media, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Discord and much more.
Chat with your clients seamlessly and non-stop on multiple channels they prefer to use. Generate leads and process requests in a single window of Umnico app.

Umnico Live Chat can aggregate messengers
Popular CMS that support Umnico Live Chat

Suitable chat for your website to use with popular CMS

Umnico Live Chat supports the majority of popular Content Management Systems: WordPress, Wix, Tilda, Shopify. To install the widget on your website use our plugin or the open API.

Omnichannel messaging on smartphones

Live chat to text with clients on mobile devices and desktop

Umnico is designed for sales managers and help desk staff to chat with customers on any device. Its browser-based version works on any PC and does not require installation. The mobile application is available for iOS and Android.

Chat for a website, which helps manage the performance

Keep the performance of your employees and operators under control:

  • monitor the quality and the speed of responses
  • track and process complaints or suggestions
  • set up-sales and cross-sales reminders to maximize the revenue
Umnico analytics board

Online chat with open API and pre-built integrations with CRM

Add social media, instant messengers, CRM systems, and other popular services to the chat widget. Leverage pre-built integrations and open API based on Rest and Webhooks architecture. You won’t need web developer or programmer support to set it up. A simple and understandable code allows you to use the functionality of Umnico Live Chat with any business application or CRM.

Online chat advanced features for your website

Utilize a complete set of features and functionality to improve your productivity.
Chat with customers where it is convenient for them

Your client no longer needs to wait in the chat to solve a problem. He can continue the dialogue in a convenient messenger.

Templates and hotkeys

Ready-to-use templates and hotkeys save time for your stuff by facilitating repetitive work. Any photos, audio, and video files can be attached to templates.


Customize widget location, color, background, agent avatars, welcome text, work mode, response time, size, and the location of its button.


Your employees never miss a single message when notifications in Telegram and Email are enabled.

Everything is supported

Share photos, audio, video, documents, GIFs, and emojis.

Sales funnel (KanBan)

Track your sales and find bottlenecks.


Online chat for your website is 100% free

Use Umnico Live Chat for free to communicate with your site visitors and track analytics. Premium subscription is not required to leverage the basic functionality of the online chat.
The advanced features of social media and instant messengers can be added when necessary as part of our premium subscription. Paid rates are associated with that.

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«Umnico provides us with full control over the correspondence between employees and clients at our company»

Vladislav Tikhonov, Mojito Management Company

«Our conversion rates have gone up. The request processing has become more transparent and simple»

Robert Movsesyan, Doors Jaguar

«Thanks to Umnico, my business has become more systematized, conversion to sales rate has improved and leads have stopped being lost»

Sergey Alimov, Maneken Brand

Install the online chat and try all the features of Umnico omnichannel messaging platform for free!

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