VKontakte in Bitrix24 CRM, Umnico widget

VKontakte and Bitrix24 Integration

A capable integration of VKontakte social media platform with Bitrix24 CRM system for incremental sales growth and customer loyalty.

Connect the most popular social media in Russia to Bitrix24 in a couple of minutes and collect inquiries from groups in VKontakte directly in your CRM.

Distribute inquiries from several VKontakte groups
Store all chat history and customer details in CRM
Automate communication with your followers

The benefits of VKontakte integration with Bitrix24

VKontakte and Bitrix24 integration allows a company to generate inquiries from several community pages on the social media platform and reply to customer comments within Bitrix24. All chats and customer data is stored not only in VKontakte account, but in Bitrix24’s Open Lines, Deals, as well as the Umnico widget. By combining the functionality of VKontakte with CRM, you can automate communication with your group’s visitors, distribute inquiries among employees, suggest relevant services, generate sales reports, and much more.

Features of VKontakte and Bitrix24 integration

The extended and certified functionality of VK and CRM integration allows you to use all the benefits of VK business accounts for processing messages and responding to comments from your group’s visitors. You will no longer miss a single inquiry since they are recorded and sent to Bitrix24, and you can communicate with clients directly from the CRM.

Multiple VKontakte accounts in use inside Bitrix24 CRM

Reply to comments, receive and send messages from CRM

  • Process messages from several VKontakte groups in one window
  • Respond to comments on posts, photos, videos, and products
  • Send files, documents, images, videos, audio, and stickers
  • Enjoy an unlimited number of conversations without any delays
Inquiries distribution among sales reps from several VKontakte pages

Add multiple accounts and distribute leads

Use multiple business accounts and VKontakte groups with Bitrix24. You can reply to messages and comments directly from Open Lines and in the Umnico widget. No message from the client will be lost.

Automatically distribute messages between consultants, assigning responsibility for each client chat. Transfer conversations among your staff, working as a team.

Collect all data in Bitrix24, not leaving it in VKontakte
Work as a team, collect, distribute inquiries, and communicate with clients from CRM
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Communication acceleration with templates in Umnico widget for Bitrix24

Speed up and automate conversations

Create template answers to frequently asked questions from VKontakte users. Use hotkeys to quickly reply to messages.

Customizable automatic responses allow you to respond to customer inquiries even outside business hours. And automation of business processes with the help of chatbots makes it possible to process inquiries and answer typical questions even after hours.

Client details in Bitrix24 and chat supervision with Umnico

Store data in CRM and monitor employees’ performance

Manage all customer conversations from VKontakte in Bitrix24. Employees no longer need to know the password and have access to your company’s VK accounts. All customer details are automatically saved to Deal cards in Bitrix24. With delivery status, you can always see whether your message has been delivered and read.

Built-in Bitrix24 analytics helps you track the effectiveness of each employee across all customer communication records.

How to set up VKontakte and Bitrix24 integration in 5 minutes

It takes just a minute to register with Umnico, two minutes to connect to the VKontakte group, and two more minutes to set up Bitrix24 integration. And if you have any questions, we’ll be glad to help at every stage.

Bitrix24 Integration into Umnico
Register with Umnico and connect VKontakte
Install the Umnico application in Bitrix24.Market
Copy the Umnico API token and add it to the CRM system
Activate the VKontakte connector from Umnico

Pricing of Vkontakte and Bitrix24 integration

The cost of integration with VKontakte from Umnico depends on the number of connected social media accounts and your subscription period.
from $13 per month
Try all Umnico’s functionality for free or design your own rate.
All-in-one messenger with custom rates

Frequently asked questions about VKontakte and Bitrix24 integration

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Is Umnico utilizing the official API for integration?

Can you respond to comments on posts or products through VKontakte integration with Bitrix24?

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