Official WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API (WABA)

WhatsApp Business Platform official integration with CRM and business applications to engage the audience of the most popular messenger in the world. Add your WhatsApp Business account to Umnico and conduct broadcasting with a velocity of 100 messages per second. 950 sessions a month are free.

Reach out to clients first and track message delivery status
Mass mailing
Broadcast promotional messages with a 90% open-rate
Automate customer communication with chatbots and triggers

What is WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API (WABA) is a professional customer communication software suitable for medium and large companies. WhatsApp messenger is considered the most effective channel for sales, along with customer support, and businesses with a high volume of customer inquiries can set up an official WhatsApp Business integration with the Umnico omnichannel inbox , live chat widget, various CRM systems, and other business software applications.

WhatsApp Business API integration by Umnico is a great fit for...

Customer communication

Communicate with clients not only by phone but also through a verified WhatsApp account or other popular messengers, including email and social media

Features of WhatsApp Business API by Umnico

Umnico’s solution will increase sales and improve the quality of customer support through the new features of WhatsApp, the most effective channel for warming up potential customers. You will be able to reduce the target cost transaction cycle length by several times.

Shared inbox for WhatsApp and performance analytics

Shared WhatsApp account for the whole team

Organize work through a single WhatsApp Business Account for an unlimited number of employees. Your consultants, salespeople, and support specialists will no longer need to create group chats to communicate with each client together. Collaboration and centralized work is guaranteed to increase the efficiency of communications in your company.

You will also be able to track the performance of each employee and control correspondence with clients through the convenient interface of Umnico Inbox or CRM. Umnico provides many different reports and performance metrics at the level of a particular employee and the team as a whole. Analytics will help you achieve your KPIs and improve the quality of communications with customers.

WhatsApp chat records in Umnico Inbox

Chat history in a messaging platform, not on a personal device

WhatsApp Business API allows you to use the world's most popular messenger without a phone. By connecting your WhatsApp account to the Umnico omnichannel platform, you will be able to distribute inquiries among employees, store all chat history in a secure system, quickly find specific information in conversations, filter chats by tags, as well as assign sales reps responsible for deals and move conversations through the digital pipeline.

With Umnico, you minimize the risk of data leakage and can better control your employees by making the work of sales and support departments transparent. And with the notification system, your specialists will never miss a single message from important clients.

Trigger-based message notifications set up in Bitrix24 and Umnico Inbox

Message broadcasting and automatic notifications

Use Umnico to send template service messages to all customers from your contact database: notifications on order status, delivery tracking, return processing, etc. Each account is provided with 950 free sessions per month. With WhatsApp, you can send bulk marketing messages to more than 100 users at the same time without the risk of account suspension.

Unlike expensive SMS, the cost of WhatsApp communication is low, and you can also send any type of files: documents, images, audio, and video.


Set up WhatsApp — the most effective channel for warming up potential clients, and reducing target action costs with Umnico

Reach out first window and WhatsApp message delivery status

Reach out first and track delivery status

With the WhatsApp Business API integration, brands can be the first to start a conversation with customers. Umnico will show if the client's phone number is connected to WhatsApp, so you can be sure that the message will reach the recipient. All new conversations will have two blue check marks if the message has been read and two gray check marks if the message has not been read.

The ability to reach the client first will help to minimize the number of missed calls and increase the conversion from visitors to payments. For example, abandoned carts or unfilled forms can be recovered in a couple of minutes using automatic notifications via WhatsApp.

Chatbot builder in Umnico Inbox and the instant messengers widget for a website

Chatbots and widgets for effective communication

Optimize customer interactions and reduce ticket processing time with smart chatbots from Umnico. An AI bot based on GPT-4 will be able to take over the first line of user support, solving typical customer requests 24/7, and guiding them to payment without the involvement of live agents.

By publishing free customizable Umnico Live Chat with WhatsApp widgets on your website, you can increase the efficiency of lead generation. When customers write to you via WhatsApp, their phone number is immediately available to you. And thanks to Umnico's customizable triggers, you can create a WhatsApp sales funnel and save your agents a significant amount of time.

WhatsApp Business Account in Bitrix24 CRM

WhatsApp Business integration with CRM systems and other services

Connect your corporate system to WhatsApp Business and other messengers using a single API from Umnico. Umnico's ready-made integrations with leading CRMs allow you to use all the benefits of the WhatsApp Business API for communicating with customers, securely storing data, and sending mailings to customers from within your business software.

Umnico uses official integration mechanisms that guarantee secure, fast data exchange between instant messengers and other services. Incoming calls and customer responses via WhatsApp and other channels will immediately appear in your CRM system. You can quote messages when replying, send any type of file and emoji — just like when chatting through the standard WhatsApp app.

WhatsApp Business API vs WhatsApp Web app

Umnico employs the official WhatsApp Business API, which is risk free of blocking and losing messages. The service guarantees uninterrupted operation and helps with account verification.

WhatsApp Business APIWhatsApp (Web)
The official solution+-
Maximum stability+-
No smartphone required+-
Message broadcasting+-
Over 500 messages per day+-
Risk-free automation+-
Any number of users+-
No verification required-+
Reach out first with no restrictions-+
Unlimited dialogue lifetime-+

4 easy steps to connect WhatsApp Business API

If you have any questions, Umnico experts will be happy to help you set up and configure WhatsApp Business API.

Verify your Facebook business page
Activate your number and create message templates
Connect WhatsApp Business API to Umnico
Start communicating with your customers
Verified account

Get your Facebook company profile verified

A verified corporate account (Green Check Profile with full company details) supplied to WABA users increases the trust and confidence of your customers.

If your company does not have a verified WhatsApp Business account yet, contact our experts, we’ll be glad to help.

WhatsApp Business API pricing

Umnico’s WhatsApp Business API integration price depends on the subscription period, as well as the number of users. WhatsApp also charges companies for a 24-hour session, which includes all messages between the company and the customer. Prices vary depending on the conversation category. Estimate your monthly expenses with the Umnico calculator.

Country or region:

North America

Umnico subscription term:

3 months
6 months
12 months
24 months

Service conversation:


Utility conversation:


Authentication conversation:


Marketing conversation:


Total: 0.00 $ / month

The demonstrated price of sessions and dialogues is indicative and could be changed by WhatsApp at any time. Complete follow-up prior to connection and template approval is included in the rates.

“We use Umnico to interact with clients through WhatsApp in Bitrix24. Now we can quickly and effectively give feedback to customers through all specialists.”

Kristina Turchina, StavropolPneumatic

“Thanks to Umnico, my business has become more systematized, conversion to sales rate has improved and leads have stopped being lost”

Sergey Alimov, Maneken Brand

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