Official WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business Platform official integration with CRM and business applications to engage the audience of the most popular messenger in the world.

  • Integration with CRM that includes the entire history of correspondence
  • Speed of sending and receiving up to 100 messages per second
  • Your verified business account

What is WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API (WABA) is a customer communication software solution created for medium and large-scale businesses. WhatsApp messenger is the most effective channel for sales and customer support. Companies can set up WhatsApp Business integrations with Umnico omnichannel messaging platform, live chat widget, various CRM systems and other business services.

WhatsApp Business
account features

WhatsApp Business account features
  • Be where your customers are

    The most popular messaging app in Russia. 75 million people use it every month, checking it 30 times a day.

  • Maximum speed

    Send and receive up to 100 messages per second using the WhatsApp API. It’s faster than any other messaging platform.

  • Highest read and response rate

    WhatsApp has an open rate of up to 90%, and the response rate is 55%.

Send message to your client first

Thanks to the WhatsApp Business API, businesses can be the first to engage with their customers. It provides an option to attach documents, images, audio, or video files.

Send message to your client first
Message delivery status

Message delivery status

New conversations will display two blue ticks next to messages if the message has been read or two gray ticks if hasn’t.

Stability and security

Umnico works with the official WhatsApp Business API, ensuring no blocking and no risk of losing messages. In addition, the service guarantees uninterrupted performance and helps with account verification.

Stability and security
Mass posting to clients

Mass posting to clients

You can send template service messages to all customers in your contact database, no matter the quantity, including an order status notification, ticket purchase, delivery time, etc.

Quick Start
Quick setup without programmers and developers

WhatsApp Business API Benefits

WhatsApp Business APIWhatsApp (Web)
The official solution+-
Maximum stability+-
No smartphone needed+-
Mass posting+-
Over 500 messages per day+-
Risk-free automation+-
Any number of users+-
No verification required-+
Reach out first with no restrictions-+
Unlimited dialogue lifetime-+

4 easy steps to connect
WhatsApp Business API

Should you have any questions, we will be glad to assist at any stage.

Verify your Facebook business page

Do it in a few clicks.

Activate your number and create message templates

Link the phone number you need to WhatsApp Business.

Connect WhatsApp Business API to Umnico

Easy WhatsApp integration makes your communication user-friendly.

Start communicating with your customers

All your messages will appear in one interface.

WhatsApp API pricing

Respond to incoming requests for free and send template messages at the cost set by the official WhatsApp rates

Complete follow-up before connection and template approval is included in the rates

3 months
for 1 month
Great deal
6 months
for 1 month

FAQ about
WhatsApp Business API and Umnico

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