VKontakte in amoCRM, Umnico widget

VKontakte and amoCRM integration

Certified integration of VKontakte with amoCRM to increase sales and improve customer support.

Combine the functionality of the most popular Russian social media with amoCRM in a few minutes. No coding required. Process customer inquiries from VKontakte within your CRM.

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Receive and distribute inquiries from multiple VK groups
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Automate communication on VKontakte with Salesbot
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Keep all correspondence history and customer details inside CRM

Why do I need amoCRM integration with VKontakte?

By connecting VKontakte to amoCRM, you will be able to collect and distribute inquiries from the social media’s several groups, as well as process comments from users directly in your CRM. The history of correspondence and customer data will be stored in Deal cards and in the Umnico widget within amoCRM, rather than solely in chats on VKontakte. With VKontakte and amoCRM integration, you can automate communication with visitors of your group, process inquiries even outside of working hours, monitor the performance of your staff , generate reports, and much more.

VKontakte and amoCRM integration benefits

A robust official VKontakte integration mechanism allows you to use all the advantages of VKontakte’s business accounts and connect with visitors to your groups and respond to comments under posts. You will not lose incoming inquiries anymore, since all messages from VK will appear in amoCRM, and it will be possible to interact with clients from the CRM system.

Inquirers from multiple VK accounts are collected and distributed in amoCRM

Collect and distribute requests from multiple accounts

Use multiple VKontakte groups or accounts in amoCRM. You can reply to messages and comments directly from Deal cards or the Umnico widget. No message from the client will be missed or ignored again.

Messages from new clients can be distributed among employees automatically, assigning a responsible person for each deal. You can set up an automatic change of responsible specialist. The trigger may be a change in the deal status, a new incoming message, or no response to the client within a certain period.

Chats with customers through VKontakte inside amoCRM

Reply to comments and chat from amoCRM

  • All messages from several VK groups are combined in one widget
  • Comments on posts, photos, and videos from VKontakte available in amoCRM
  • Quoting customer messages in the CRM interface
  • Message delivery statuses: delivered and read
  • Share documents, images, videos, audio and stickers
  • Sending any number of messages and files without delays
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Work with clients from VKontakte in amoCRM
Collect, distribute and process inquiries directly in CRM
Message templates to speed up communication on VK

Automate and speed up your communication

Create a set of template answers to frequently asked questions from customers on VKontakte and process messages in seconds. Hotkeys will significantly minimize your response time, which means that the client will not go to competitors after receiving no answer.

Automatic replies will help you to answer common customer questions even after hours. Also, the automation of business processes with the help of Salesbot will allow you to process the majority of inquiries and convert leads to paying clients without human involvement.

Client details in amoCRM and chat supervision with Umnico

Control employee performance and store customer data in CRM

Keep track of all correspondence with clients from VKontakte in amoCRM. Employees no longer need to have access to your company’s social media accounts. With the integration of VKontakte with amoCRM from Umnico, customer data will no longer be lost, and all contact information from a new inquiry is automatically stored into a Deal card.

The built-in amoCRM analytics together with analytics tools by Umnico will help you track the effectiveness of each employee and all communications with customers on VKontakte.

Set up VKontakte integration with amoCRM in a few minutes

To connect VK to amoCRM, you will need a minute to register with Umnico, a couple of minutes to connect your VK group, and another two minutes to set up integration with amoCRM. If necessary, we will gladly provide guidance on every step.

amoCRM Integration into Umnico
Register with Umnico and connect VKontakte
Create an integration with amoCRM in the Umnico service
Adjust Umnico integration options with amoCRM

VKontakte and amoCRM integration price

The cost of using VKontakte in amoCRM depends on the number of connected accounts and the subscription period.
from $13 per month
Evaluate the full functionality of amoCRM and VKontakte for free оr design your rate.
All-in-one messenger with custom rates

FAQ about the integration of amoCRM with VKontakte

Our clients are mostly interested in the following questions regarding the integration of VKontakte with amoCRM:
Does Umnico use the official VKontakte API?
The omnichannel messaging platform Umnico uses the official solution for the integration of VKontakte groups. Therefore, you can be sure that your VK account and group will not be blocked, and your customer data will be completely safe.
Is it possible to test the integration of VKontakte with amoCRM for free?
Certainly! Umnico provides a free trial period during which new users can evaluate the functionality of various instant messengers and social media. Additionally, Umnico experts will be happy to advise on the use of various communication channels.
Is there support for comments on products from VKontakte?
Umnico does not support the functionality of replying to comments on products on VKontakte at the moment. You can receive and reply to comments on regular posts. Our team is constantly improving the mechanism of integration with the platform. We plan to add support for new functionality soon. Subscribe to our news to be among the first to know about new features.
Is there a full synchronization of correspondence on VKontakte with amoCRM?
Yes, by connecting VKontakte to amoCRM, all messages sent from a Deal card will be displayed in the Umnico widget and VKontakte, and vice versa — messages sent from the widget are displayed in the Deal cards.
Is it possible to send bulk messages in VKontakte from amoCRM?
amoCRM allows you to send bulk messages in social media for active Deals. We advise you to use this functionality with caution. Minimize the risk of blocking and user complaints by sending no more than 100 messages per day.

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