Single API to support all messengers and social media

Single API to support all messengers and social media

Add Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, and other social media features to your app or CRM. Manage messages from multiple messengers through a single messaging API with clear code and prompt online support.

Test all features for free.


The most powerful API for Messengers and Social Media

Leverage all popular channels without any delays or restrictions on the number of messages, with key features support.

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Discover ways to use the API and add the necessary instant messenger features to your app right now!

Ready-to-use integrations for interacting with customers from CRM

Umnico has prebuilt and tested integrations of supported messengers and social media with famous CRM systems, including Bitrix24, amoCRM, Vtiger, MoiStock and others. The Umnico expert team is also ready to help you implement integrations with other systems and applications.

Ready-to-use integrations for interacting with customers from CRM
    “message”: {
        “text”: “Hello”,
        “attachment”: {
            “media”: {
                “id”: 457243706
                “url”: “”
            “type”: “photo”
    “source”: “255”,
    “userid”: 15,
    “customId”: “my-identifier”

Messaging APIs that supports any platform and programming language

The REST API and HTTP Webhooks architecture allow you to scale any application easily, handling different types of requests and data formats. The simple and straightforward code makes it possible to use Umnico API in any business or CRM application.

Configuring automation without learning the ins and outs of multiple social media APIs

Reply to customer messages or send active conversations with a single interface and command set. Automate responses to common customer questions with templates, and assign statuses and tags with simple queries.

Reply templates
        “id”: 10,
        “key”: “Goodbye”
        “type”: “email”,
        “templates”:  [
                “id”: 2,
                “template”: “Thank you for contacting us. Have a nice day!”,
                “hotkey”: null,
                “userId”: null,
                     “attachments”: null
Configuring automation without learning the ins and outs of multiple social media APIs

Earn money with Umnico APIs and integrations

The developers of popular business apps that use our social media and messenger APIs can get rewarded for signing up new customers to Umnico with our affiliate program. Get a percentage of each client’s payment without any limitation for the whole time of using the system.

One social media API for all instant messengers with a customizable pricing plan

You can create your own Umnico API cost and pay only for the channels you need. The price depends on the number of connected channels and integrations, subscription period, and the number of connected employees
from $5.2 per month
You can try all the features of the service and API for free right now or choose a suitable pricing plan.
All-in-one messenger with custom rates

«Increased sales efficiency by 25% over the quarter by joining WhatsApp and Telegram to our own CRM»

Peter Austinov, Tereka Group

«The uncomplicated API code of Umnico allowed us to add the necessary channels to our app and set up messaging in 15 minutes»

Denis Kaimashnikov, AgroRos

FAQs about social media API by Umnico

Do you have any questions about the functionality of Umnico API that support all messengers? Our clients are most often interested in the following topics:
What is a social media and messaging API?
Social media and messaging APIs — a set of protocols, tools, and procedures that enable interaction and resource exchange between social media platforms, messengers, and the developer’s application. The Umnico API is unique in that it combines the APIs and functions of all the social media in a single interface.
Does Umnico use official social media integrations?
Umnico API uses only official and certified application programming interfaces Facebook API (including Messenger), Instagram API, WhatsApp API, WhatsApp Business API, Telegram API, and Viber API. Our experts strongly advise against using unofficial integration methods, as they cannot guarantee the smooth and stable operation of social media and messengers’ functionality.
Is it possible to test Umnico messaging API for free?
Of course. All users are given a trial period to evaluate all functions and features of Umnico and the API. You can connect and integrate an unlimited number of messengers and social media. We will also give you advice on how to use the API.
Can I use Umnico messaging API for mass mailings?
The Umnico messenger API allows you to do mass mailings in social media by active conversations, but we advise using this feature with caution, as such actions can lead to blocking your account in a social media platform.
How to sign in with Umnico messaging API?
Umnico API provides two options for login: JSON Web Token or OAuth 2. The first option is available in the API settings and works on behalf of the entire account. Whereas the second authorization method works on behalf of a specific user. Detailed step-by-step authorization instructions can be found in the API Reference Guide.
How do I set up receiving messages in a business application or CRM?
With our messenger and social media API, you get a list of new contacts for your account, active, archived, and data for your sales funnel. All the information about manipulating customer messages from social media can be found in Umnico API instructions.
How to send messages to clients in instant messengers using social media API?
The message is sent using the Post method and lead-id — the address identifier. And to send an email message you need to pass its object to the attachment parameter, which type should be mail. Please read detailed instructions in Umnico API manual.

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