The ultimate customer relationship solution for e-commerce business by Umnico

Communication platform for e-commerce and online stores

Umnico helps online shops increase sales by allowing receiving and processing of orders via live chat, instant messengers, and social media. Earn more without hiring new staff and increasing ad spending.

More orders with the same traffic
Increase website conversion rate and get more customers at no extra cost
Less customer acquisition costs
Capture orders not only on your website but also in messengers and social media
Sales automation and optimization
Convert inquiries into deals by sorting leads and analyzing your employees' performance
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E-commerce communication package by Umnico

The effective set of tools for e-commerce customer communication

Sell everywhere! On your website, Instagram, WhatsApp, VKontakte, and other communication channels through a single interface. Build effective relations with buyers through instant messengers and social media that are convenient for them. A diversity of customer communication options reduces the workload of your contact center and speeds up order processing.

Set up Umnico to start communicating with your customers on Instagram, VKontakte, and WhatsApp. We grant* you a free integration with Avito and a live chat widget, so you can improve your sales even more.

* An Instagram, VKontakte, and WhatsApp subscription is required for 3 months or more. The integration with Avito is provided for free at the time of your first payment only. This offer is valid only for new customers & subscribers.

Incoming inquiries

Incoming orders management

Order status

Order statuses tracking

Sales analytics

Employee quality control

Outgoing calls

Maximized customer reach

User-friendly CRM for e-commerce

Accept and process customer orders from multiple websites or stores in a single window. Umnico communication platform comes with basic CRM functions appreciated by e-commerce companies, which allow you not to lose a single inquiry from clients and always be aware of the status of each order.

Omnichannel order management system for online stores

Umnico helps online stores attract new buyers from social media and instant messengers, as well as convert more traffic into sales.

Automatic inquiries distribution in Umnico

Automate order processing

Set up automatic inquiries and order distribution among your sales team from multiple accounts. Add tags or tasks automatically when an order status or an assignee is changed, or a new incoming message from a customer is received. Your staff will never confuse orders again, and you won't need to distribute inquiries manually.

Also, thanks to the automatic message-sending function, you no longer need to inform your customers about their order status change.

A customizable chatbot will help you to answer common customer questions instantly with no sales team involvement, even after business hours.

Social commerce sales analysis

Manage sales and measure results

Allocate orders among employees with the Umnico mobile app and monitor your team performance through a single web service.

Interact with customers from anywhere and anytime. Use pre-built integrations with popular CRMs to process inquiries from 25+ communication channels within a familiar system. In addition, you can send bulk messages across all connected social media and instant messengers.

Test all the functionality of Umnico for free
Employ modern sales and support channels for your online store.
User settings in Umnico Inbox

Secure your e-commerce business communications

Take control of your employees' customer communication in instant messengers. With Umnico, you no longer have to share social media passwords with your staff. Employees will be able to communicate with customers without accessing important business resources directly, and you can check the quality of communication by analyzing saved chat records. Your clients' personal data will be stored in Umnico, not on the personal smartphones of your employees, preventing any risks of your customer base ending in the hands of competitors.

Chats from several social media and messengers in one window

Increase the speed and the quality of order processing

Unite and organize customer inquiries from your web stores, all social media, and instant messengers in one application. Your employees will stop wasting time switching between tabs and forgetting about arrangements. Each client record will always be at hand. Furthermore, custom templates will allow you to answer frequently asked questions immediately and process more orders in the same timeframe.

Online store visitor real-time analytics

Analyze and consult your website visitors

Add Umnico Live Chat to your website and identify active customers in real time. Analyze the audience of your online store by analyzing what pages users are viewing, what sites they came from, as well as their location, browser, operating system, and device. The live chat allows you to reach out to any visitor first, involving them in a conversation and leading to a purchase. Not a single visitor on your website will be left unattended, and traffic to order conversion rate will increase significantly.

Try Umnico for e-commerce for free

Umnico subscription price is adjustable and depends on the number of connected communication channels, the subscription term, and the number of users.

from $5.2 / month

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Questions and answers about Umnico e-commerce solution

How to start working with online store clients with the Umnico service?
Sign up by providing your contact details and the name of the business. Connect all social media and instant messengers you need, invite your team and start receiving orders. The whole process takes no more than 5 minutes.
How long will it take to onboard the order management system by Umnico?
Using Umnico is as easy as a smartphone. The interface of our service is so intuitively simple and easy to understand that its functionality can be mastered in just a few minutes. In case of difficulties, our specialists will be glad to help.
How does Umnico help increase conversion on an e-commerce website?
When Umnico Live Chat is set up on your website, your store visitors can quickly ask questions and place orders. The built-in messenger function will help customers reach you directly on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, VK, or other social media. With the built-in callback widget, it will be much easier for customers to place an order as well. If your sales staff couldn't get through to a client, they will be able to engage them via instant messengers or social media directly from Umnico.
How to reduce cart abandonment rate and increase average order value?
When placing an order, any shopper may have doubts and questions. With the help of Umnico online chat widget (with instant messengers linked), your store employees will be able to address those questions directly, cope with all possible issues, and assist with order placement. Thanks to an entire client chat history at hand, your staff will be able to offer personalized recommendations and related products.
Can I connect the Umnico communication platform to my application?
Umnico allows you to add the functionality of Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, and other social media to any application or CRM thanks to an open API. In addition, Umnico has pre-built and tested integrations with popular messengers and social media as well as CRM systems, including Bitrix24, amoCRM, Vtiger, MoySklad, and others.

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