Discord Integration with Umnico

Discord Integration with CRM to Develop Your Business

Communicate with players and clients through multiple Discord accounts in one messenger with no delays or limitations. Process inquiries from Discord users directly in your CRM system or Umnico chat center. You won’t miss a single message any more!

  • Official Discord API
  • Full sticker pack support
  • Templates and hot keys

What is Discord integration, and why does your business need it?

Discord account integration allows users to add the key functionality of instant messaging social platform Discord, which is popular among gamers and students, to a CRM or Umnico omnichannel platform.

With Discord connection, you’ll never miss a message from your client. All chat history is stored within a system, but not only in the messenger app. Every client inquiry can be assigned to a particular sales rep and tracked. Thanks to notifications, not a single inquiry will be left unattended.

Use Discord to improve helpdesk and increase sales

Stand closer to the young audience, improve response time, monitor the quality of support, along with inquiries from Discord processing, in the Umnico omnichannel platform.

Multiple Discord accounts connected to Umnico

Connect any number of accounts and distribute inquiries

Receive and send messages from multiple Discord accounts in one window of your CRM or Umnico chat center.

Integration with Discord allows you to distribute inquiries between employees and track the status of each of them.

Handling Discord user requests will become much faster and easier.

Texting and files exchanging via Discord in Umnico

Send messages and files without delays

The official Discord API integration allows your team to send and receive messages instantly and without traffic restrictions.

Send files via CRM or Umnico chat center. Discord integration supports all types of files, documents, audio, and video.

Templates and hot keys in Umnico to use with Discord

Decrease response time with templates and use stickers

Message templates, as well as hot keys for inserting them, will help you answer customer questions faster than competitors. Full support of Discord stickers will make communication livelier and full of emotions, so customers will appreciate the quality of your support more.


Set up Discord connection to CRM or Umnico in a couple of minutes and take your customer communication to a new level

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Discord chats on mobile in Umnico app

Stay in touch with clients 24/7

Umnico mobile app allows you to message Discord users and share photos and videos anywhere, anytime. The app also allows the distribution of new inquiries among operators, checking deals status, and viewing the history of correspondence. Umnico app is available in multiple languages for iOS and Android platforms.

All Discord chats with statuses and analytics in one window

Keep your Discord client base safe

Manage and store all correspondence with customers in CRM or Umnico omnichannel messaging platform instead of personal smartphones of employees. If your employees quit, they will not take the entire customer base with them. What’s more, you won’t have to share your Discord account password with your staff anymore. New users can be connected or disconnected directly in Umnico.

Discord Integration to Umnico

How to set up Discord integration

To connect Discord to Umnico or CRM system, you will need to create a Discord Bot, through which messages are exchanged, in advance.

Then you have to:

  1. Sign up with Umnico communication platform.
  2. Go to settings and select Discord.
  3. Enter your account details and click «Connect».

Ready! All messages from Discord users are now displayed in Umnico Inbox as chats.

Engage Discord users in Umnico for free

Discord integration with Umnico is completely free, as well as messaging on the platform. There are no limits on traffic, number of messages and shared files.

With a premium subscription, you can connect other popular instant messengers and social media to the platform.

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Questions and answers about Discord integration

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What are the restrictions on Discord side?

Can a Discord account be suspended?

Is it possible to connect multiple Discord accounts to Umnico?

Does Umnico provide an official integration with Discord?

What do businesses need to integrate with Discord?

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