Telegram integration via the official API

Integrate Telegram Personal and Telegram Bot to be more productive in client communication

Use all the features of the official Telegram integration to engage your clients and raise sales volume. Add Telegram functionality to your CRM or business app.

  • Benefit from the intuitive UI to work with all messages
  • Reach out to your clients first
  • Engage your customers in Telegram group chats

What is Telegram API, and how to integrate Telegram Personal & Telegram Bot?

Telegram API is a set of tools that allows you to use the key functionality of Telegram in your CRM and business environment.

Telegram Bot API is a tool set for working with bots in Telegram. With its help, you can unload your employees from the daily routine, such as answering frequently asked questions, and informing clients about order status, events, and news.

Umnico API entitles companies to communicate with customers in one window through Telegram and other instant messengers. Thanks to this, your business will process more messages from clients at a high velocity and without hiring new staff.

Employ all the features of the official Telegram integration

An official integration mechanism allows you to use popular functions of Telegram Personal and Telegram Bot with no threat of account suspension and traffic limitations.

Reach out to clients first with your personal account

You can start a new chat with a client and also reply to incoming messages from Telegram in CRM or a business application. Sending the message to prospects is available by their phone numbers and nicknames on Telegram.

Use all possible functionality of your Telegram personal account to effectively engage clients in their comfortable environment.

Chat with clients from messenger right in your app
Engage your prospects in group chats

Reply to customer questions in group chats on Telegram

Exchange messages with clients in group chats in a single Umnico window.

Don’t miss a single client who is interested in your offering. Answer their questions in the general chat or directly on time. Keep abreast of all messages with custom notifications.

Connect any number of accounts

Every operator can communicate with clients from a dedicated Telegram account. Add any number of users to Umnico and supervise them with a single service.

Create and connect chatbots to the system to automate answers to common and typical user questions, which will allow you to save operators’ time and reduce the workload.

Connect any number of Telegram accounts to Umnico
Stickers and attachments in chats with clients

Send attachments and use stickers

All formats of attachments are supported in a chat with a client on Telegram, such as files, documents, photos, videos, audio, and GIF animations.

The functionality of stickers and all sticker packs is also fully available.

Link Telegram bots

Use bots to automate communication with customers in the messenger. Set up commands and answers to most frequently asked questions. The entire history of client inquiries in Telegram bots will be displayed in Umnico.

Telegram Bot

Add Telegram and Telegram Bot functionality to your app or CRM right now

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Integrate your CRM system with Telegram Personal and Telegram Bot

Work with customer inquiries through the Umnico widget in amoCRM or Bitrix24. Umnico API is suitable for integration with any CRM system or business application. Manage dialogues from all devices and instant messengers (Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Viber, and WhatsApp) in one platform, which gives you full control over your employees’ performance and increases the efficiency of your sales team.

Connect Telegram with popular CRMs

How to link Telegram Personal

  1. Enter the phone number of your Telegram account
  2. Enter the one-time code received from Telegram or SMS
  3. Enter the 2-Step Verification password if prompted by the system
  4. Click the “Connect Telegram” button
Telegram Integration to Umnico

How to connect Telegram Bot

  1. Create a Telegram bot using the BotFather service
  2. When connecting, specify the bot's API token
  3. Click the “Connect” button
Telegram Bot Integration to Umnico

Telegram integration pricing from Umnico

We provide any new user with complementary support to set up the messenger and the bot functionality.

3 months
from $57 total price
from $33.25
for 1 month
6 months
from $108 total price
from $18
for 1 month

«We’ve taken full control over all customer inquiries, and they are no longer lost when switching between messengers. It’s become clear who exactly answered whom»

Natalia Kartavitskaya, Turmania

“After the introduction of Umnico, it has become much easier for administrators to process inquiries, including from Telegram, and for managers to control this process”

Anton Sheenson, Coworking Psychologists

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