Telegram integration with Umnico via the official API

Telegram client — Integration of Telegram Personal and Telegram Bot with Umnico

Use all the features of the official Telegram integration to engage your clients through multiple accounts and sales automation. Keep all your chat records, along with contacts, in Umnico, distributing inquiries among your team and tracking deal statuses. Add Telegram functionality to your CRM or business app.

Entire customer communication management
Reach out to your clients first
Group chats
Engage your customers in Telegram group chats

What is a Telegram client, and what are its business benefits?

Telegram client is an application to send and receive messages through the Telegram messenger. The official client, which is developed by Telegram, comes with standard functionality, whereas unofficial clients expand the capabilities of the messenger.

Unlike the official app for Telegram, the Umnico communication platform is designed to achieve business goals. It allows you to chat through several Telegram accounts in one window, store all chat records in a secure system, automate your communication, integrate Telegram with CRM, and use other messengers.

Thanks to the integration of Telegram with Umnico, your business will process messages from customers with high velocity, and without additional resources, it will become easier to follow arrangements with customers, and leads will no longer be abandoned.

Features of the Telegram client by Umnico and the benefits of Telegram integration for business development

Umnico — a communication platform with CRM functionality, will help you process applications faster and supervise your customer communication on Telegram. The official integration mechanism makes it possible to use the functions of Telegram Personal and Telegram Bot without the threat of account suspension and traffic limitations.

Telegram chat in Umnico Inbox and performance analytics

Store and manage your chats from multiple accounts in one app

Collect and process all chats with your customers in the Umnico communication platform. Its sales pipeline helps move conversations through the stages of a deal, assign responsible sales reps and track statuses. You no longer need to switch between messenger tabs and keep records on your employee phones. You can connect any number of accounts to Umnico. Each sales rep can communicate with customers through a personal Telegram, as well as Telegram Bot.

Invite all employees to Umnico and manage their workflow in a single window. The built-in analytics system makes it possible to evaluate the performance of each employee by analyzing the response speed and the number of processed inquiries on Telegram.

Telegram chat, customer info, and quick replies templates in Umnico

Communicate through the familiar Telegram interface with no limitations

Use all possible functionality of your Telegram Personal account to effectively engage clients in their comfortable environment, with no delays in messaging and traffic limitations. All formats of attachments are supported in a chat with a client on Telegram, such as files, documents, photos, videos, audio, and GIF animations. The functionality of stickers and all stickerpacks is also fully available. Umnico has the function of citation and video playback right in chats.

In addition, in the Telegram client by Umnico you can create message templates and use hotkeys for quick replies. Even the most unhurried specialist will be able to answer customer questions faster, processing more inquiries a day.

Reach out to client firsts via Telegram and message delivery statuses

Reach out to clients first with your personal account and track delivery status

You can start a new chat with a client, in addition to replying to incoming messages from Telegram. Sending the message to prospects is available by their phone numbers and nicknames on Telegram. This feature allows you to contact customers who do not pick up their phones. The capability to track the delivery status of messages gives you an idea of whether your message was received and when it was read.

You no longer need to set up a bot to engage your clients in Telegram. Any personal account can be integrated into the Umnico communication platform.


Connect your Telegram and Telegram Bot to Umnico right now to process more inquiries with the same volume of traffic

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Telegram group chats and Telegram chat widget

Reply to customer questions in group chats on Telegram

Create communities or thematic group chats and invite Telegram users to develop a client base. Exchange messages with clients in group chats in a single Umnico window. Don't miss a single client who is interested in your offering. Answer their questions in the general chat or directly on time. Keep abreast of all messages with custom notifications.

The Telegram chat widget for a website will give an additional flow of leads from your web property. When a previously unknown client contacts you through Telegram, its contacts will be immediately added to your CRM, and you can always follow up via the messenger.

Chatbot builder and trigger setup

Automate your customer communication with Telegram Bots

Use bots to automate communication with customers in the messenger. Set up commands and answers to the most frequently asked questions. The entire history of client inquiries in Telegram bots will be displayed in Umnico.

Send reminders and notifications to your customers with customizable triggers in Umnico, which can be activated when a message is received, order status changes, or assignee changes.

The Umnico intelligent chatbot for Telegram effectively performs all the functions of a first-line consultant, processes customer inquiries around the clock, and can bring them to a deal without a live specialist involvement.

Cross-channel message forwarding in Umnico

Leverage Telegram in conjunction with other messengers

Unite all messengers in one web client, streamlining processes, reducing costs, and analyzing employee performance. Umnico - a native and easy-to-use application, offers the maximum set of features of modern messenger and social media.

Forward messages from Telegram to WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, or other instant messengers and social media accounts. Messages can also be sent among multiple Telegram accounts and Telegram Bot.

Integrate your CRM system with Telegram Personal and Telegram Bot

Work with customer inquiries through the Umnico widget in amoCRM or Bitrix24. Umnico API is suitable for integration with any CRM system or business application. Manage dialogues from all devices and instant messengers (Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Viber, and WhatsApp) in one platform, which gives you full control over your employees' performance and increases the efficiency of your sales team.

Connect Telegram with popular CRMs

Switch from routine chatting to selling on Telegram

Telegram without UmnicoTelegram with Umnico
Chat records security and action logs+-
Communication automation and distribution of inquiries+-
Communication through other messengers+-
Response templates and hotkeys+-
Lead processing analytics+-

How to link Telegram…

  1. Enter the phone number of your Telegram account
  2. Enter the one-time code received from Telegram or SMS
  3. Enter the 2-Step Verification password if prompted by the system
  4. Click the “Connect Telegram” button
Telegram Integration to Umnico

Telegram integration pricing by Umnico

We provide any new user with complementary support to set up the messenger and the bot functionality.

1 month
from $30
6 months
from $162 total price
from $27
for 1 month

“We’ve taken full control over all customer inquiries, and they are no longer lost when switching between messengers. It’s become clear who exactly answered whom”

Natalia Kartavitskaya, Turmania

“After the introduction of Umnico, it has become much easier for administrators to process inquiries, including from Telegram, and for managers to control this process”

Anton Sheenson, Coworking Psychologists

Telegram client by Umnico in questions and answers

Do you have questions about the capabilities of Telegram integration? Our clients are interested in the following topics:
Is there a risk of Telegram account suspension?
Telegram Personal account can be suspended, if it receives complaints from instant messenger users. Processing inquiries in Telegram using Umnico does not bear the risk of blocking your account.
Is it possible to do mass messaging via Telegram?
Mass messaging through Telegram is possible, however, the abuse of this functionality carries the risk of banning your account as a result of user complaints and when exceeding the limits on messaging. It is not recommended to send more than 100 messages per day.
How long does it take to integrate Telegram with Umnico and a CRM system?
Setting up the integration takes a few minutes. If you have any difficulties, Umnico specialists can quickly come to your aid and advise you.
How long does Umnico store messages from Telegram?
The message history is stored in the omnichannel messaging platform Umnico forever until you stop using the service and no longer pay your subscription. After your subscription expires, the correspondence is stored in Umnico until the integration which you've configured is disabled.
How can I test Telegram integration in Umnico?
You can sign up for a trial period, set up all the necessary integrations, add any number of users and test all Umnico functionality within a few days.
Are there any delays when sending messages via Umnico?
The delay in sending messages is set to a minimum or does not exist at all. What's more, Telegram messages sent and received through the API are processed faster than through the standard Telegram phone app.
What is Telegram API, and how to integrate Telegram Personal & Telegram Bot?
Telegram API is a set of tools that allows you to use the key functionality of Telegram in your CRM and business environment. Telegram Bot API is a tool set for working with bots in Telegram. With its help, you can unload your employees from the daily routine, such as answering frequently asked questions, and informing clients about order status, events, and news. Umnico API entitles companies to communicate with customers in one window through Telegram and other instant messengers. Thanks to this, your business will process more messages from clients at a high velocity and without hiring new staff.