All-in-one messenger Umnico

All-in-one messenger with a sales funnel to combine multiple social media apps in one place

The wide range of features to increase the efficiency of your sales and customer support. Optimize your business processes, reduce costs and monitor employee performance.

Official integration
Do not jeopardize your business accounts that can be banned on social media.
Maximum functionality of social media
Umnico offers the complete range of modern instant messengers and social media functions.
Intuitive user interface
Native and easy to use web application that is easy to master and does not require extensive training

Improve communication and customer support with a variety of channels

Use the complete range of popular communication channels to sell and support your clients. Umnico Inbox message aggregator operates with no delays and limitations on the number of messages. Moreover, it provides extensive support for the functionality of every messaging channel.

Text message
Start dialog
Delivery status
Live Chat icon
Live Chat
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WhatsApp Business API
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WhatsApp Web
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Engage your client first

Reach out to your client first

Stop waiting for your clients to write to you. Initiate the dialog and engage them first via WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business API, Telegram, and eMail. Add files of any type to your messages: documents, images, audio, and even video.

Track the actions of your operators

Keep the work of your employees under control. Umnico tracks and records every action that operators take. So, you can easily find out who sent a message, to whom, when, and on what channel.

Action history in Umnico Inbox
Access settings in Umnico

Work with a high security level

Double encryption ensures the safety of your company data. Customer information is stored in Umnico, not on your employees' phones. Your operators communicate with customers in one window under their credentials; thus, they no longer need to know your company's social media passwords and switch between tabs with different accounts.

Track delivery status and quote messages in chats

Every message on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook has a delivery status in Umnico that indicates whether your client has read the message.

With the quote feature, the user can understand which question is answered indicating, that your company is customer-centric.

Delivery status tracing in Umnico

Use API to integrate Umnico with any applications

Add all-in-one messenger functionality to any business application with the open API or use ready-made integrations with popular CRM systems. Connection stability is guaranteed.

Leverage all features of small business CRM

Umnico provides a sales funnel, which is a convenient tool for analyzing leads and evaluating the effectiveness of client communication. Such a multifunctional funnel can also show you what actions are taken by users before they make a purchase. Thanks to this data, you can develop the most compelling scripts to enhance your sales and customer support. Umnico message aggregator allows you to create unique funnels to meet your business needs, distribute leads and track sales processes.

Sales funnel and pipeline in Umnico Inbox

Make use of additional features

Employ all of Umnico's settings and features to achieve your business goals and improve productivity.
Unique features for Instagram

Connect multiple accounts, preview your posts, respond to comments as well as search in Instagram Direct.

Without limitations

Connect any number of integrations to your Umnico service without restrictions on the number of messages, files, audio, or video.

Live chat and business card

Chat with customers, help them make choices and increase sales conversion.

Message templates

Templates and hotkeys will save you many hours of tedious work.


Protect yourself from spam, unsolicited messages, and unwanted comments.

Upload your customer database

Upload your entire database with phone numbers, email, and other customer data with one click.


Combine all social media and instant messengers in one application on your smartphone

All chats and leads in one place
Umnico all-in-one messenger unites all messengers in one app, making it possible to stay in touch with customers anywhere and anytime.
A wide range of features
Use your phone to get full access to the sales funnel, templates, client information, and other special Umnico features.
Take photos and send them
Use the mobile app to take photos of your goods and immediately share images in a chat with your client.

Process customer requests on a single omnichannel platform

Grant any number of employees with different access levels in Umnico messaging aggregator, distribute requests, set tasks, and track the performance of each employee.
No accounts limitation

Connect any number of managers to Umnico social media aggregator. You will not face any limitations when your team is growing.

Access set-up

Take advantage of the flexible access settings. Each employee gets the features that is needed to do the job.

Built-in analytics

Track the number of sales, and monitor conversion, hits, quality rate, and speed of request processing by your managers.


Create tasks directly in Umnico omnichannel platform, set goals, assign performers and deadlines.

Sound notifications

Set up notifications about new client requests in Telegram and email. Your managers will no longer miss a single message

Comments and tags

Use notes and comments, add tags, set tasks to share important information, and collaborate with colleagues.


“Umnico provides us with full control over the correspondence between employees and clients at our company”

Vladislav Tikhonov, Mojito Management Company

“Our conversion rates have gone up. The request processing has become more transparent and simple”

Robert Movsesyan, Doors Jaguar

“We successfully use Umnico to aggregate patient requests from instant messengers and social media”

Dmitry Slipets, Paracelsus Medical Center

Develop your own pricing plan

Umnico subscription price depends on the number of connected channels, the period, and the number of operators who access the platform.
from $5.2 per month
Build the pricing plan that fits your needs or test all Umnico's features for free right away.
All-in-one messenger with custom rates

Frequently asked questions about Umnico multichannel messaging platform

If you have a question, you may find a prompt answer here!
What if the media or messenger I need is not listed?
We are ready to assist you in setting up the integration of Umnico with any external service or system. You can leave a request to set up such integration on Umnico website or contact our technical support.
What do I need to start using Umnico Inbox?
To start working with Umnico all-in-one messenger, you need to go through a simple registration to the service. You will be given a free period to test the features of the messaging aggregator. Feel free to connect all necessary messengers, social media, CRM systems, and other external services using our built-in integrations or an open API. Invite your employees to Umnico and set their access level so that each-team member works only with the needed features. You can work with leads and requests from different channels in a single Umnico window.
What is Umnico Inbox suitable for?
Umnico — an all-in-one messenger to process requests from instant messengers and social media is ideal for solving the communication challenges of private entrepreneurs and large businesses with a large flow of incoming messages from customers. With the official support of all popular communication channels and services, Umnico optimizes communication with customers and maximizes profit without increasing staff and additional costs for SMS mailings. Work is done in a single service window in Umnico, so your operators are no longer torn between different applications, and managers can analyze the results for each application.
Do I need to install additional software?
No additional software is required to work with Umnico. All work is done in any browser, in a CRM system's widget, or Umnico mobile application for iOS and Android.
Is it possible to test the service for free?
We provide a free trial period to all new users with the full functionality of the service so that you can evaluate all Umnico's features before subscribing to the service.
What CRM systems does Umnico work with?
You can combine Umnico with all popular CRM systems (such as amoCRM, Bitrix24) using pre-built integrations in a few minutes. Umnico widget will appear in your CRM system, which supports the main features of the service: dialogues with clients, templates, drafts, hotkeys, search by messages, statuses, tags. Learn more about working with CRM systems on the Integrations page.
What analytical information does Umnico collect?
The analytics section will give you information on the sources of leads and requests, the sales volume, conversion, average response time, and the effectiveness of each employee.

Do you still have any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service professionals. Our team will be glad to help you handle customer requests on social media and business messengers with the required accuracy and speed.
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