Connect business messengers for your clients and earn up to 60% of their payments

Sell Umnico service, set up integrations, and earn a commission with no time limits.

Earn real cash with Umnico Partnership Program

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Monetize your network with the leading omnichannel messaging platform

Umnico is an omnichannel communication platform that unites the advanced functionality of a messenger and social media aggregator with small and medium business CRM capabilities. Umnico is the leading service in Europe based on the number of supported communication channels.

Earn more than other communication platforms offer
Enjoy robust service and high-quality support
Join thousands of happy customers and a community of partners
Benefit from an individualized approach and a dedicated consultant

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How much do partners receive from client payments?

Our partnership program is a great way to earn cash. Become a partner right now and recruit your client to the Umnico system, earning a percentage of corresponding payments. Our referral program is unique. You will receive a commission for each payment your recruited client pays throughout the entire period they use the system, with no restrictions.

  • Opportunities

    The referral link will automatically add all clients.

    Control of all payments, as well as detailed referral and interest information, is available.

    Please note there are special terms and conditions for a large volume of referrals.

  • Terms

    Payments are made weekly and will arrive within 1 to 7 days.

    The minimum withdrawal amount is $30.

    To help attract new customers, official integrators can request special access to technical support.

Grab Umnico partner certificate

Umnico certifies its integrators so your customers can feel confident in the high quality of your communication services, along with your qualification. To receive a partner certificate, contact your dedicated Umnico consultant or apply on the website now.

Umnico Certificate of Integrator

Join our partner and enjoy up to a 60% commission on each client payment

  • 1

    Sign up for Umnico. Our specialist will contact you and share all details of this partnership.
  • 2

    Become acquainted with service features with help from a dedicated manager as you study the specifics of each integration Umnico provides.
  • 3

    Use your account referral link to refer clients and earn a commission on their payments.
  • 4

    Pass the verification and enjoy "integrator" status to start earning 30% to 60% from each payment.
Become a partner and earn cash

Meet our partners

“Your platform is really affordable. There is no limit on dialogue. Partners have a much higher commission, which is a significant plus”

Oscar Aguilar, SERVIVOX

“Your solution turned out to be the most profitable one considering the development of our project. It works seamlessly”

Andrey Albert, HELPER-IT

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is required to make a withdrawal?

How do I attach a client to my account?

Will I encounter any problems while withdrawing funds from abroad?

Is it possible to use my partner's account for personal purposes other than a demonstration?

How will I receive payments and know you have paid in full?

Do you offer any bonuses for partners?

Do you educate partners on how to work with a client?

Do you have any questions?
Address your questions to our specialists. They will tell you how to effectively market Umnico - the omnichannel messaging platform and win more deals.
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