Social Customer Relationship Management

Engage your customers and prospects wherever is convenient for them: on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or other social media with a single CRM for small businesses. It will allow your team to segment, track and analyze all interactions with your clients in one place. Check out all the features for free.

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Save money and time
Umnico’s intuitive interface combines the functions of a messaging aggregator with small business CRM capabilities
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Drive sales with the pipeline
Convert customer inquiries into sales by sorting leads and analyzing your employees’ performance

What is Social CRM?

Social CRM or CRM for messengers and social media is a customer relationship management system combined with an instant messenger management and social media activity monitoring service.

This customer service tool, specially adapted for various instant messengers and social media integration, allows businesses to effectively manage communication with customers through popular messengers such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, as well as social media like VKontakte, Instagram, Odnoklassniki and others.

CRM by Umnico helps companies to improve customer service, automate engagement, track interactions and communication history across various communication channels, increasing the efficiency of doing business in the digital environment.

Umnico Social CRM key features

Umnico’s CRM was created taking into account the main needs of small and medium-sized businesses. It is tailored for effective client relationships through popular instant messengers and on social media. By introducing automation and a systematic approach to customer communication, companies of any size will be able to improve the quality of customer support and increase sales.

Customer data in Umnico CRM

Capture leads and manage lasting customer relationships with CRM

Connect your social media profiles and store the whole customer conversation history and other records in CRM, so it’s always at your team’s fingertips. Add notes to client profiles, such as the best time to reach them or details from offline conversations, as well as personal and corporate information.

Chat on 25+ social media and messaging platforms within one Social CRM

Receive messages from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, VKontakte, and other social media instantly. Manage support tickets in a single window, close more deals, and make your customer support process more client-oriented. Umnico’s Social CRM has an intuitive interface that allows you to structure and manage conversations with an unlimited number of clients without expanding your sales team.

Chat in 20 social media and messengers at once
Umnico's digital pipeline

Leverage digital pipeline to convert inquiries into deals

Take advantage of the virtual Kanban-style board with cards built-in to Umnico to improve your sales and customer support. Determine all stages of the customer journey, from a first inquiry to another purchase, develop an effective lead nurturing process by creating tasks and setting assignees. Such a sales funnel can be easily customized for any business requirements.

Communication management on smartphone
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Automatic inquiries distribution and chat bot in Umnico

Automate customer communication and engage clients with automated messaging

Process inquiries more effectively and increase sales conversion by automating the distribution of incoming leads from several instant messengers and social media accounts among your team, using auto-replies and status updates. Leverage chatbot capabilities to answer common customer questions and solve typical issues.

Message blasting with Umnico Social CRM

Improve your conversion rate with mass messaging

Engage your existing prospect database with targeted marketing campaigns through social media. Reach out to customers first and conduct bulk messaging with significantly high open rate via instant messages channels, without wasting money on inefficient email and expensive SMS text blasting.

Team analytics in Umnico’s Social CRM

Leverage analytics dashboard and get actionable insights

Keep track of every team members' conversation history for evaluation and training purposes, check their average response time and export data for further analysis. Improve your social commerce strategy by making data-driven decisions.

Chat with your customers via smartphone

Umnico — CRM for messengers is also available on phones, allowing you to process customer requests anywhere and anytime using a mobile application for iOS and Android.

Umnico mobile application for iOS

Small Business CRM and Task Calendar

Umnico’s CRM was created taking into account the main needs of small and medium-sized businesses. It is tailored for effective client relationships through popular instant messengers and on social media. By introducing automation and a systematic approach to customer communication, companies of any size will be able to improve the quality of customer support and increase sales.

Small Business CRM is a customer relationship management system specifically designed for small business ventures to help them effectively maintain client records, automate sales and marketing, improve customer service, and analyze data to make informed business decisions. Umnico Social CRM has the functionality necessary to manage customer communication and also to warm up the clients further, automate lead nurturing and key business processes in the customer support and sales departments.

The task calendar built into Umnico will allow you to track the deadlines for completing tasks both for each employee individually and for the entire team.

Voice and text-based communication supervision
Engage your customers on social media and messengers in a systematic way by setting up work through Umnico in minutes Start for free

Social CRM by Umnico
can help you to...

Engage with more customers by reducing the chat time
+ Add trigger
Trigger settings in Umnico Inbox
Trigger settings in Umnico Inbox
Never miss messages and forget about arrangements
Notifications in Umnico Social CRM
Sell on social media in a better structured and more efficient way
Deal cards in Umnico Social CRMDeal cards in Umnico Social CRM
and classify
client base
in just a few clicks
Client database
Client database
Analyze and monitor your sales reps’ activity
Communication performance analyticsCommunication performance analytics
Save call and chat records within CRM for quality assurance
Chat records in Umnico
Flexible rates to assemble the service you need

Set your own rate and pay only for the options you need

Umnico’s Social CRM pricing is based on the number of channels and integrations, the subscription period, and the number of users.

from $7 per month

Try all the functions for free or set your own rate.

“Umnico provides us with full control over the correspondence between employees and clients at our company”

Vladislav Tikhonov, Mojito Management Company

“Our conversion rates have gone up. The request processing has become more transparent and simple”

Robert Movsesyan, Doors Jaguar

“We successfully use Umnico to aggregate patient requests from instant messengers and social media”

Dmitry Slipets, Paracelsus Medical Center

FAQ about our CRM for small businesses and service

Do you have any questions about Social CRM functionality?
Our clients are most often interested in the following topics:
How to set up the service and connect the necessary communication channels?
Sign up by providing your contact details and the organization name, connect the social media and instant messengers you need, and then invite your employees. All this takes no more than 5 minutes.
How long does it take to learn the CRM system and Umnico message aggregator?
Using Umnico is as easy as using your phone. Our service interface is intuitive and easy to understand. Its functions can be mastered in just a few minutes. If you encounter any challenges, our specialists are there to assist you.
Can the service increase sales and improve customer support?
Definitely yes. By simplifying and systematizing many routine processes, the flow of customers bringing a transaction to completion will certainly increase. In the same way, the support process for existing customers can be improved.
Can Umnico be integrated with other CRMs and applications?
Yes. Umnico offers over 20 ready-to-use integrations with messengers, social media, CRM systems, and other services. The number of services to connect is constantly increasing. It is possible to implement individual integration with any system, solving most of the communication tasks of small and medium-sized businesses.
Does Umnico have official integration with messengers and social media?
Our CRM uses an official solution to integrate with popular messengers and other communication channels without exposing your accounts to the risk of being blocked.

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