VKontakte integration and VKontakte CRM by Umnico

VKontakte integration with CRM for customer communication

Take full advantage of the official VKontakte integration with CRM to reach out to customers and increase sales. Reply to messages and all kinds of comments in VKontakte directly from your CRM or Umnico chat center.

  • All messages and comments in a single window
  • Support of multiple VKontakte groups
  • Easy integrations with amoCRM and Bitrix24

What is VKontakte API?

VKontakte API or application programming interface for VK is a tool that simplifies the programming of apps that exchange data with vk.com databases using http requests to the platform’s server.

Why is VKontakte integration needed?

VKontakte integration is required to generate requests and process comments from clients coming from the social network within a familiar business environment, such as amoCRM, Bitrix24, or your own system.

Features of Umnico API for VKontakte

Umnico API for VKontakte integration allows companies to communicate with customers simultaneously on several social media platforms and process all messages in a single interface, improving inquiry processing performance and customer satisfaction.

VKontakte integration: benefits for your business

Umnico’s stable integration with VKontakte allows you to use the functionality of a VKontakte business account without limits and risks of suspension. Customer inquiries from VKontakte go straight to the CRM or your business application. Workflow becomes more convenient, which improves the quality of customer service.

All messages & comments from VK in Umnico CRM

Process messages and all type of comments in your CRM

  • Reply to messages from multiple VKontakte groups
  • Respond to comments on posts, photos, videos, and products by leaving replies in threads
  • Attach files, documents, images, videos, audio, and stickers
  • Send and receive any number of messages and files without traffic limits and delays
Inquiries from VKontakte distribution among your staff

Distribute and manage messages

Work as a team by assigning a message to other operators. Use the built-in dialogue analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of each employee and company’s communication performance.

Quick replies to speed-up inquiries processing

Reduce response time with templates

Create templated answers to frequently asked questions from VKontakte users. Use hotkeys to speed up the processing of client inquiries.

Messages from several VKontakte pages are gathered and safely stored in Umnico

Enhance your data security

Store and manage all correspondence with clients in Umnico or the CRM of your choice. Employees no longer need to know a password to the company’s account on the social media, and new operators can be added or removed directly from Umnico in a couple of clicks.


Set up VKontakte integration with Umnico or your CRM in a couple of minutes

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Pre-built VKontakte integration with amoCRM and Bitrix24

Respond to customer inquiries and manage group chats directly in amoCRM and Bitrix24 with VKontakte API provided by Umnico. You can also add VKontakte functionality to any other CRM system or application.

Combine all dialogues from social media and instant messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and Instagram) in a single interface. This will allow you to control correspondence with customers, improve sales efficiency and customer support quality.

Connect VKontakte with popular CRMs

How to set up integration with VKontakte group

The functionality of VKontakte can be connected in a few clicks. For this, you need to register with Umnico and choose your group in VKontakte for integration.

VKontakte Integration to Umnico

Pricing of VKontakte integration

Full support on setting up VKontakte integration is included in the cost of subscription.

1 month
6 months
per month

«We successfully use Umnico to aggregate patient requests from instant messengers and social media»

Dmitry Slipets, Paracelsus Medical Center

«We’ve taken full control over all customer inquiries, and they are no longer lost when switching between messengers. It’s become clear who exactly answered whom»

Natalia Kartavitskaya, Turmania

Questions and answers about VKontakte integration with Umnico

Do you have questions about VKontakte integration with Umnico? Our clients usually ask about the following topics:
Is it possible to test VKontakte API by Umnico for free?
Umnico offers a trial period for all new users, during which you can connect and integrate any number of instant messengers and social media channels, as well as get advice on using the API from the company’s leading experts.
Does Umnico use an official VKontakte API?
The Umnico communication platform provides only the official integration solution with VKontakte groups. You can be sure that the risks of blocking your account are minimal, and the security and stability of data sharing is ensured by Vkontakte itself. All this helps to grow your business by attracting new customers, increasing sales, and improving user support.
Is it possible to reply via VKontakte integration to comment on a post or product?
Yes, user comments are also transmitted via API or integration and can be replied to directly from CRM or Umnico service. Deals will be created in amoCRM or Bitrix24 based on new comments.
Where are messages sent from VKontakte stored when operators are offline?
All messages sent by users in a VKontakte group while operators are not online can be found in the correspondence history. Not a single inquiry or comment from a client will be left without attention or lost.
Do I need a specialist to set up VK integration?
Not necessary. Any person with admin rights can set up VKontakte integration with leading CRMs in a few easy steps. To integrate the functionality of a social media with your own business application through the open API, a developer is required. If necessary, our experts are always here to help using Umnico API.

Do you still have questions? Request a free consultation on VKontakte integration

Send a call back request, and our specialists will contact you to explain the functionality and features of using VKontakte with Umnico to communicate with clients in groups.
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