Omnichannel messaging platform and CRM for health and wellness businesses by Umnico

Omnichannel communication service for health & wellness

Introduce convenient communication and gain more than your competitors.

Umnico helps medical, wellness and beauty brands to attract more customers through the web, instant messengers, and social media without traffic and advertising spends increase

Efficiency with no extra costs
Communicate via messengers with 98% open rate and 45% click through rate without spending money on SMS
Minimum no-shows
Automate appointment confirmations and reminders via instant messengers and social media
Always in touch with clients
Reach out first to visitors and patients who do not answer calls through messengers
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Health and Wellness communication package by Umnico

A complete set of tools for communication with clients in health and wellness

Communicate with clients and patients not only on the website but also on Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms in a single window. Have a conversation with a client through a messenger of their choice.

A variety of communication channels with customers reduce the workload on your frontdesk and increase the velocity of inquiries processing.

Interact with customers on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram. Umnico will provide* a free VKontakte integration and a chat widget for a website to make your business earn more.

* Requires purchase of Instagram, Telegram, and WhatsApp subscription for a period of 3 months or more. The integration with VKontakte is provided free of charge only at the time of the first payment. The offer is valid only for new customers who have not previously registered with Umnico.

Incoming inquiries

All incoming inquiries in a single window

Performance monitoring

Track the status of a conversation with a customer

Sales analytics

Control employees’ quality of work

Outgoing calls

Reduce customer churn of not phone reachable patients

User-friendly CRM for healthcare & wellness

Respond to customer inquiries and process appointment bookings from multiple messengers in a single window. Umnico omnichannel platform with essential CRM features for healthcare helps not to lose a single inquiry and be aware of ongoing customer communication.

Multichannel service for managing inquiries and appointment bookings

The platform for managing inquiries and appointment bookings by Umnico was made taking into account the specifics of the healthcare, wellness and beauty brands. It helps attract more customers through social media and instant messengers, as well as automate the process of appointment processing.

Multiple chats from several social media and messengers in one application

Make your frontdesk more efficient

Communicate with patients through many popular channels, not just by phone. Collect, organize, and process customer inquiries from your website, social media, and instant messengers with one easy-to-use app.

Your employees won’t have to switch between multiple tabs of social media and instant messengers losing leads and inquiries.Complete details of each customer are easily available upon request. In turn, reply templates allow you to answer more questions in less time.

Text-based telemedicine in action provided by Umnico Inbox

Advise patients in messengers

Help patients remotely by consulting on treatments in private chats, not just phone calls. Telemedicine through social media and instant messengers is more efficient and confidential, and is already actively used for patient consultations by many companies, saving time for both medical staff and clients.

The entire history of doctor-client conversations is stored in Umnico and on the patient's phone, so prescriptions and treatment plans won't need to be retyped, and drug names won't be mixed up.

Automatic inquiries distribution and chat bot in Umnico

Automate customer communications

Automatically distribute inquiries among agents from several social media accounts and instant messengers. You can also automatically assign the necessary tags to an inquiry or set tasks when its status or assignee changes, or a new message from a client is received.

Easily customizable chatbots will not only speed up the processing of appointment requests and help staff, but also personalize communication with clients, providing requested information even after hours. Direct the efforts of your team to solve really important tasks, not routine ones.

Introduce modern communication channels into your practice
Test all the functionality of Umnico for free
Bulk messaging settings and automatic message sending in Umnico for Healthcare & Wellness

Inform customers and send bulk messages

Stop spending money on expensive SMS and ineffective emails. Message the patient database and send automatic notifications via instant messengers. The delivery status feature lets you know if a message is read, after which interested customers can be contacted and provided with more details.

Working with clients on social media and instant messengers helps to reduce the number of no-shows to appointments and minimize the churn of patients who do not answer phone calls.

Health and Wellness business communication analysis

Manage team and measure performance

Monitor the quality of all interactions with clients through a single web platform or mobile app. Umnico shows who, how, and when communicates with customers, as well as evaluates agents’ response speed. Based on this data, it will be easier for you to control the performance and set up a motivational program for sales staff.

Thanks to pre-built integrations with popular CRM systems, your business will be able to collect requests from 25+ communication channels in the familiar platform. You won't miss a single customer again.

Client information hiding and securing in Umnico Inbox

Protect customer and patient data

Keep the entire history of correspondence with patients in Umnico communication platform, instead of employees’ social media and messenger accounts. Hide your visitors' contacts. Important customer data can’t be exported and transferred to competitors by fraudulent employees. Moreover, you will no longer have to share passwords from social media accounts with staff. Employees will be able to communicate with clients in different channels through Umnico without accessing the company's accounts directly.

Set up Umnico and take customer communication to a new level

Create a custom subscription plan, paying only for the options you need, or take advantage of a great value package designed for enterprises in healthcare and wellness.

Umnico’s price is adjustable and depends on the number of used communication channels, the subscription term, and the number of invited users.

from $5.2 / month

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