Umnico Inbox — many instant messages and social media in one app

Omnichannel messaging platform Umnico Inbox

Receive and process inquiries from business messengers and social media in one omnichannel platform.

Raise sales without bringing in new traffic and improve support through business messengers

Process more claims
Stop losing client messages
All discussions with customers are accumulated and stored in one window
Manage your sales funnel
more claims
Respond to more customer inquiries on time and with less effort
Umnico omnichannel messaging platform
your sales funnel
Convert requests into transactions by viewing chats and messages

What is omnichannel messaging?

Omnichannel messaging is a solution for delivering seamless, ongoing conversations, across all messaging platforms and social media under one interface.

Umnico Inbox is a robust platform and all-in-one messenger that unites modern communication channels employed by consumers in one window.

  • Connect social media and instant messengers in a couple of clicks
  • Communicate with all clients with a single application
  • Manage your sales and support desk efficiently and with no hustle

Umnico Inbox delivers official and secure solutions to grow your business.

How to start using the omnichannel platform Umnico Inbox and why do you need it?

1. Register for free
  • takes less than a minute;
  • minimum data required;
  • no commitment.
2. Connect messengers and social media
  • a few clicks are needed;
  • official API provided;
  • no correspondence leakage.
3. Start selling more and effectively
  • communications are simplified;
  • brand loyalty increases;
  • sales increases.
Umnico Inbox uses the official integrations with world-leading instant messengers and social media. There is no risk for your account to be suspended.
The systematization and integration of business messengers provided by Umnico service can boost the efficiency of your company.
Test the full functionality of Umnico - the omnichannel platform that merges business messengers and social media!

Advanced messengers and CRM integration

25+ official integrations supported

Well-tailored integration with any system

Web-based live chat icon
Web-based live chat

Web-based live chat

Connect a universal chat on your site to communicate with clients and customers, answer their questions, help solve issues, and grow sales.


  • Connect your instant messengers and social networks to this online chat, so your clients get the opportunity to communicate with you in any channel conveniently
  • Create your individual chat design with the color picker
  • Set up auto-messages in case the client writes after business hours or your managers are not available
  • Customize templates, hotkeys, and notifications
  • Share any files with client
  • Collect contact information of your website visitors through lead forms
  • Use employee avatars in the online chat to make conversations friendlier


To set up the online chat, paste the code on each page of your site before the closing tag, it should take less than 5 minutes.
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and even more
Test the full functionality of Umnico - the omnichannel platform that merges business messengers and social media!
All-in-one messenger Umnico

All-in-one messenger to deal with incoming inquiries, requests, and claims

Umnico Inbox consolidates messages from all communication channels in one window, so your managers do not need to switch between different apps and tabs.

After employing Umnico you will be able to:

  • Process all inquiries with one application
  • Appoint responsible managers
  • Set tasks and check their statuses
  • Track the history of every request
  • Use hotkeys and templates
  • Exchange any files without traffic restrictions

Sales funnel and pipeline in Umnico Inbox

Umnico Inbox omnichannel communication platform provides a virtual Kanban-style board with cards to visualize working with sales leads. It brings the essential features of popular CRMs, such as pipeline, so you convert your clients into customers with high velocity and more efficiently.

The pipeline is a powerful analytics tool for tracking customer progress through each step of the sales process. Easily create statuses, and sort leads with an intuitive drag-and-drop workflow.

The sales funnel can be easily customized for any requirement and task.

Sales funnel and pipeline in Umnico Inbox
Communication automation in instant messengers and social media

Communication automation in instant messengers and social media

Umnico Inbox offers free functionality of automatic actions in chats, which can significantly improve the speed of inquiry processing, as well as increase sales conversion. For example, an incoming message can be automatically routed to a relevant operator, according to a communication channel or other triggers.

You can set up automatic responses to incoming messages during non-working hours or when an inquiry moves to another status in a digital pipeline, as well as program inquiry’s routing to a responsible specialist, when a certain status is used, or if a client sends updates. Not a single inquiry will be left without proper attention, and customers won’t go away to your competitors.

Omnichannel messaging on smartphones

Omnichannel messaging on smartphones

Process sales or support requests on the go and at any time with the Umnico mobile app.

  • Provides the key functionality of the service
  • Incoming message notifications are supported
  • You can take photos and send them to chat directly
  • Available on iOS and Android
Set up and try out all the functions of Umnico Inbox — an omnichannel platform for social media and messenger right now!
Analytics and control of the operators' performance

Analytics and control of the operators' performance

Analyze all the information on the inquiries, evaluate the employees’ performance and their response time. All statistics can be grouped by parameters and uploaded to Excel for regular analysis of customer service quality.

All-in-One Messenger for CRM integration

Umnico's omnichannel communication and support desk platform can be integrated with leading CRM systems and business environments. In addition, Umnico's multifunctional widget can help with:

  • Mass mailings
  • Combining data with CRM systems
  • Being the initiator of a chat with customers
  • Searching across messages and clients
  • Customizing filters
  • Sharing files
CRMs supported by Umnico

Messengers and social networks in amoCRM

Set up an integration with amoCRM to communicate with clients in Deals, on its widget, or the mobile applications. SalesBot and Digital Pipeline features are supported in full.

Process business messages in Bitrix24

Connect Umnico Inbox with Bitrix24 to speak with all clients in Open Lines, on its widget, or on the mobile application. Robots and Business Processes functions are supported as well.

Omnichannel customer service with an advanced functionality

Enjoy a complete set of settings and functions to solve common business problems.

  • Full functionality of social networks
  • Online chat and Multilink
  • Template messages and stop lists
  • Client base exporting
  • Unlimited number of employees
  • Flexible access settings
  • Analytics and descriptive task calendar
  • Incoming calls notification
Advanced functionality of Umnico Inbox

Multichannel messenger with pre-built integration and an open API to leverage social media

Add the functionality of the all-in-one business messenger and omnichannel platform to your software application or ad-hoc CRM. Use a combination of pre-built integrations with popular CRMs. Any integrations are possible upon request.
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Rates and pricing

Starts at $8
Umnico lets you design your own tariff plan. Pay for instant messengers and social media required by your business needs only. Get a discount of up to 35% when paying for a tariff plan for a period of 3 to 24 months.
You can test Umnico for free. Use the full functionality of the service without restrictions:
funnel Funnel
integrations Integrations
templates Templates
application Application
history History
online chat Online chat
Quick Start
3 days as a gift
Setup in 5 minutes. No coding required.

Over 5,000 companies have chosen Umnico omnichannel messaging platform

Leading companies have already valued a great number of available integrations, extensive functionality, and our prompt service support.
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