Customer communication solution for real estate by Umnico

Customer communication platform for real estate agencies and developers

Streamline communication with customers in instant messengers, social media and live chat on your website. Stop losing leads and close more deals.

Umnico omnichannel messaging platform allows real estate agents and developers to establish effective communication with property buyers and sellers, as well as increase profit on the same amount of traffic, without additional advertising expenses

Text inquiry
Texts instead of calls
Chat is more convenient and cheaper than phone calls. Reach agreements with clients in messengers
Inquiries linked to ads
Avoid confusion in communication with property ads previews in conversations
Communication automation
Distribute inquiries and answer questions even after business hours with a chatbot
The complete set of tools for customer communication in real estate brokerage

Comprehensive customer communication tool for real estate

Advise clients via live chat, receive inquiries from several social media or classifieds accounts, and reach out to buyers and sellers via WhatsApp or Telegram through a single communication platform by Umnico.

The variety of communication channels allows you to contact and communicate with a large number of customers, including those who find it expensive or inconvenient to talk on the phone.

Streamline customer communication via Facebook, Live Chat, WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber, and keep chat history and customer data in a single app, instead of employees’ personal phones. Such an approach will help your business to stop losing leads and close more deals.

Incoming inquiries

All inquiries and conversations in a single window

Automatic digital pipeline

Fewer unreachable customers

Performance monitoring

Employee performance monitoring

Data security

Enhanced customer data security

4 in 1: CRM, automation, analytics, and messaging app for real estate

Umnico omnichannel messaging platform allows you to collect and process applications from social media, messengers, and real estate classifieds in a single window. Visitor analytics shows customers on the website in real time, where they came from, and what interests them. A chatbot and customizable triggers help you to promptly reply to inquiries, automatically distribute them among agents and inform customers on the statuses of deals. Thanks to CRM functionality with a sales funnel, you can easily convert dialogues into deals.

Omnichannel messaging platform for real estate developers and agencies

Umnico communication platform was created to solve issues of real estate companies and facilitate customer support in the construction business. It helps to generate incremental leads and close deals with effective communication through real estate classifieds, social media, and world-popular instant messengers.

All customer inquiries in one window

Streamline customer communication

Process inquiries and answer questions through multiple channels in a single window. Keep the entire history of correspondence with clients in one system, instead of agents’ phones.

Chat with several clients simultaneously, without wasting time on long phone calls. Reach agreements in messengers, create tasks, and find the necessary information in conversations in a few seconds. Conversation history through various messengers is available on demand and protected from unauthorized downloading.

Help prospects to become a client through a web chat conversation with Umnico Live Chat

Consult and arrange property showing directly on the website

Interact with real estate buyers on the website using a free online chat widget, help them to make a decision and schedule a property viewing. Visitor analytics helps you to identify returning customers, what they are interested in, and find out the main sources of traffic.

Auto-invites to chat help engage potential customers in a dialogue with an agent. Your employees can also reach out to any visitor of the website first, which can significantly increase the conversion from website visits to property showing.

Your customers prefer texting to calls.
Don’t miss them!
Sell more than the most successful competitors with Umnico
Automate communication with your clients in real estate

Automate communication with customers

Reply to customer inquiries on the website, in social media, and instant messengers at any time of the day or night. Customizable auto-replies in Umnico and a chatbot powered by ChatGPT can process messages and schedule property showing even after hours, without human involvement. Potential customers will no longer go to competitors due to receiving no reply promptly.

Don’t spend time on micromanagement. Distribute inquiries among agents from multiple accounts, social media, and instant messengers; set tags; assign tasks, and change responsible agents automatically. Devote more time to strategic issues and assisting key customers.

Send notifications to your clients via messengers automatically

Inform customers through messengers, not phone calls

Send special offers across active chats through free instant messengers with a 97% open rate, without wasting time and money on expensive phone calls. With Umnico, you can also set up automatic notification of clients on transaction status via WhatsApp or Telegram. This way neither they nor you will forget about meetings and other arrangements.

Messengers already help many real estate agents to stay in touch with clients even when they are not answering their phones. You will no longer lose a seller or a buyer who cannot be reached by phone.

Integrate Umnico’s communication pack for real estate into popular CRMs

Use Umnico within your CRM

Communicate, schedule property showings, and arrange deals via online chat on a website, social media, and classifieds in amoCRM or Bitrix24. All dialogues from social media and instant messengers are combined in one window of the Umnico widget. Thanks to the open API, Umnico functionality can be integrated into any business app.

Set tasks, control employees, and close deals in a familiar business system.

Get more deals in real estate with Umnico

Create a personalized subscription plan and only pay for the features you need, or buy a special subscription plan for real estate companies.

Umnico’s price is adjustable and depends on the number of used communication channels, the subscription term, and the number of invited users.

from $5.2 / month

Try for free

Discover the full functionality of the service!

Questions and answers about Umnico for real estate agencies and developers

Users of Umnico, leading developers and successful real estate agencies, are mostly interested in the following:
What are the capabilities of Umnico integration?
With Umnico, you can respond to comments on your Facebook posts, as well as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, and live chat on a website. Agents and property developers can not only collect inquiries from interested clients, but also communicate through multiple accounts, share photos and documents, and resume conversations started in one messenger in another one, which makes communication more efficient.
Is it possible to set up an integration with real estate classifieds?
Umnico omnichannel messaging platform supports property classifieds upon request and requires custom integration. Please contact our support for more details.
Why do I need a live chat widget on a real estate website?
For a buyer, the process of choosing an apartment is complicated. In most cases, an interested customer requires additional information about the property and its infrastructure, which is not always easily available. Live chat on a website allows you to get contacts and advise interested customers at the most favorable moment for a purchase. A small chat widget has already helped many real estate agencies to significantly increase the conversion of website visitors to property viewings.
Is it possible to work with Umnico on a smartphone?
Yes. Umnico mobile apps can be installed free of charge through the official app stores for Android and iOS. This allows agents and consultants to communicate simultaneously through several instant messengers and social media in a single app, staying in touch with clients on the go or while on a business trip.
Is it difficult to learn how to use Umnico?
Umnico has an intuitive interface that allows you to fully master the platform in a few days. Our team provides free onboarding advice for all real estate companies, and our support is here to answer even the most complex questions.

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