Telegram in Bitrix24 CRM, Umnico Widget

Bitrix24 and Telegram integration

Reliably integrate Telegram Personal and Telegram Bot into Bitrix24 with additional business features.

Use the familiar messenger interface by integrating it with Bitrix24 CRM system.

Reach out to clients first from any deal card
Communicate with customers in group chats
Supervise the quality of your department’s work

What is Bitrix24 and Telegram integration?

Bitrix24 integration with Telegram is a combination of popular CRM-system features with Telegram instant messenger used by your clients.

When you communicate with a client via Telegram, all dialogs, client data and deals are stored in Bitrix24, in Open Lines, deal cards, as well as in a widget. You can automate messaging, generate sales reports, suggest related services, predict next purchases, and much more.

Telegram and Bitrix24 integration capabilities

Telegram Personal and Telegram Bot’s official integration mechanism will allow you to use their key features without traffic restrictions or the threat of account suspension

Contact your client first with Telegram and Bitrix24 CRM

Reach out to a client first by its username or phone number and check the delivery status

Combine Telegram and Bitrix24 with Umnico service and be the first to start a dialog with customers right from a deal card or widget.

Verify whether personal message has been delivered and read in Umnico widget in Bitrix24 using the “Delivery Status” feature.

Your client’s phone number or username is automatically linked to the deal.

Send and receive text, photos, documents and stickers from Bitrix24 window

Exchange text messages, files of different formats, voice messages and stickers directly in the CRM.

Reply to messages with a citation feature so that the user understands exactly what question they are getting an answer to.

Utilize templates for quick answers to frequently asked questions. Save employees’ time by automating routine tasks.

Text, images, audio and files sharing with Telegram and Bitrix24 CRM
Group chats in Telegram integrated with Bitrix24 CRM

Engage clients in Telegram group chats

Connect to group chat discussions directly from Bitrix24. So, you won’t miss a single message from your customers for sure. Group chats features are available as part of the Telegram Personal integration and require no additional configuration.

Reach out to any member of a group chat directly, getting a new lead for sales or opening a ticket for your support team.

Never leave a single message unattended
Manage dialogues with clients and exchange files using Telegram inside Bitrix24
Telegram chats monitoring in Bitrix24 CRM

Supervise employees who communicate with clients from their personal accounts

Connect several operators to Umnico so that they can process more messages at the same time. Such will increase the processing speed and enhance customer loyalty.

All messages that employees send to clients from their personal accounts will be stored in Umnico widget in Bitrix24. The manager can easily track the quality of a dialogue and sales of each user. Messages sent by a client from the Telegram app are also displayed in open lines or deal cards.

Run mailings by Telegram from Bitrix24

Bitrix24 integration gives you the ability to conduct mass mailings of advertising and service messages in Telegram to base segments from the CRM system.

In addition, you will be able to use the full functionality of Business Processes and Robots to automate your customer communication.

Telegram when integrated with the Bitrix24 accept newsletters posting about the company, marketing and technical mailings. For example, you can notify a customer about events, sales, and order status.

Mailing with Telegram and Bitrix24 CRM
Several Telegram accounts in Bitrix24 CRM

Use several Telegram Personal and Telegram Bot accounts at once

With Umnico you can connect multiple personal Telegram accounts to Bitrix 24 at once.

Utilize Telegram Bots to automate communication with users. Bots will be able to answer questions without employees’ involvement. Telegram Bot integration with your CRM system will expand your automation capabilities.

Connect Telegram to Bitrix24 in 5 minutes

Should you have any questions, we’ll help every step of the way.

Bitrix24 Integration into Umnico
Sign up for Umnico and connect Telegram to the service
Install Umnico application in Bitrix24
Copy Umnico API token and add it to CRM system
Connect Telegram connector from Umnico

The price of Telegram and Bitrix24 integration

Umnico subscription price depends on number of connected messenger and social media accounts, subscription term and number of connected employees.
Starting from $6.5 a month
Get the most out of your Umnico for free or pick the perfect plan now.
All-in-one messenger with custom rates

FAQ about integration of Bitrix24 with Telegram

The most frequently asked questions by Umnico users about Telegram and Bitrix24 bundling are the following:
How long does it take to integrate Telegram with Umnico and CRM systems?
It takes a few minutes to set up all integrations. If you have any difficulties, Umnico specialists will quickly come to your aid and advise you.
How many Telegram numbers can I connect to Bitrix24?
With Umnico, you can connect an unlimited number of personal Telegram numbers and create the number of Telegram bots you need as part of your integration with Bitrix24.
Can I do mass mailings via Telegram?
Bulk mailings via Telegram are possible, but abusing this functionality is fraught with account blocking as a result of user complaints and exceeding mailing limits. It is not recommended to send more than 100 messages per day.
Is there any risk of blocking my Telegram account?
Telegram Personal can be blocked if you receive complaints from users. Handling Telegram appeals using the Umnico service carries no risk of number blocking.
Is it possible to use group chats in Bitrix24?
By installing the Umnico widget and setting up integration with Telegram Personal, you can create and join group chats right within Bitrix24. Group chats give you the opportunity to collect contacts of prospects in order to reach out to the most interested of them directly, thus receiving leads for your sales reps or getting tickets for your customer support team.
Is it possible to reach out to client first via Telegram through Deal cards in Bitrix24?
Certainly. With the Telegram integration for Bitrix24, you can engage a client directly from the Lead, Deal, Contact or Company card using the standard “Send message” function. Specify “Telegram” as the channel. When a client replies to your message, a new chat is created in Open Lines.
How can I test Telegram integration with Bitrix24?
You can activate a trial period in Umnico, set up the necessary integration, connect any number of operators and make sure the service works for a few days.