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Better integration
WhatsApp with Bitrix24


The familiar WhatsApp Web interface in your Bitrix24 from $23 per month without restrictions!

Add multiple WhatsApp numbers, as well as flexible configuration of access and distribution of new calls.


Reach out to clients first

Umnico gives you the ability to text your customers first at any number from the deal card and widget.

With Umnico, you can text your customers on WhatsApp messenger first at any numbers from the deal card and widget.


WhatsApp messaging from Bitrix24

Umnico's integration with your CRM system allows you to do bulk messaging on WhatsApp for all active transactions!

All bots and features of Bitrix24 are supported.


Umnico widget

In Bitrix24a multifunctional Umnico widget is presented, which allows you to conduct a dialogue with all clients, respond to comments, reach out to clients first, and all this in a user-friendly interface.

In our widget, you can search by messages and customers using any filter you need.


Chat from the mobile app Bitrix24

Full support for mobile application functionality.

Communicate within the app on all integrations connected to Bitrix24: WhatsApp, Instagram, VK, Facebook, and Telegram.

How to connect WhatsApp to Bitrix24?

1. Connect WhatsApp to the Umnico service

2. Install the Umnico application in the Bitrix24 system

3. Copy the Umnico API token and add it to the CRM system

4. Go to the Contact Center and connect the WhatsApp connector from Umnico

Questions and Answers

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