WhatsApp in Bitrix24 CRM, Umnico Widget

Bitrix24 and WhatsApp Integration

User-friendly, stable integration WhatsApp into Bitrix24 for skyrocketing sales growth and a rapid increase in customer satisfaction.

Use the accustomed WhatsApp messenger interface without limitations by combining it with the Bitrix24 CRM system.

Connect multiple numbers and accounts at once
Multiple messages
Distribute requests and customize access
Discussion forum
Conduct mass mailings on WhatsApp with the database

Why do you need Bitrix24 and WhatsApp integration?

The integration of WhatsApp and Bitrix24 CRM enables you to combine the capabilities of Bitrix customer relationship management system with the world’s most popular instant messenger. Furthermore, the integration with Umnico is used to connect the WhatsApp channel to Bitrix24 Open Lines.

All conversations with customers from WhatsApp are received in the CRM system and not just stored on employees’ phones. Using the integration, you can optimize the work of sales and support departments, distribute requests, control employee correspondence, and collect data about each client to increase sales.

Advantages of WhatsApp integration with Bitrix24

A validated integration mechanism will enable your employees to write to clients directly from Bitrix24, automate work with requests, and have many conversations with clients in a single Umnico widget window. Using WhatsApp for selling will become more efficient and faster.

Reach your client first with WhatsApp and Bitrix24 CRM

Reach out to clients first via phone numbers

Combine WhatsApp and Bitrix24 using the Umnico service and be the first to start a conversation with customers directly from the deal card or widget. You do not need to add the number to your phone contacts list.

Use all popular messenger functions, send messages and files, and carry out service mailings without time delays or traffic limitations.

Сonduct mass mailing through WhatsApp right from Bitrix24

After integration with Bitrix24, you can create bulk newsletters of promotional and service messages via WhatsApp for all transactions in the CRM system.

All functionality of Business Processes and Robots is retained.

Mailing with WhatsApp and Bitrix24 CRM
Umnico - one widget to process all inquiries

Process all inquiries in a single widget window

All WhatsApp messages from customers are sent to a single interface of the multifunctional Umnico widget. Therefore, you no longer need to open separate windows or use your phone to communicate via WhatsApp.

Be the first to start a conversation, set up and use filters, search by contacts and messages, and attach the necessary files without a traffic limit.

Use WhatsApp not Just for Chatting but also for Selling to Customers
Connect WhatsApp to Bitrix24 CRM in just a few minutes
WhatsApp chat with clients in Bitrix24 mobile application

Chat from Bitrix24 mobile app

Reply to messages in the mobile application of the CRM system.

The application keeps all Bitrix24 and WhatsApp functions, including the functions of all connected integrations: Instagram, VK, Facebook, and Telegram.

Control your managers’ correspondence with clients

Connect employees’ personal WhatsApp accounts to Umnico and track all correspondence with clients, monitor the quality and speed of responses, and track the message delivery status (sent, read). All conversations are saved in the Bitrix24 CRM, so the resigned seller will not be able to take away the communication history with the client.

WhatsApp chats monitoring in Bitrix24 CRM
Text, images, audio and files sharing with WhatsApp and Bitrix24 CRM

Automate communication with clients via Bitrix24

Save sellers time so they can process more requests. Set up template responses to typical customer questions and auto-responses for non-working hours. Set appointment reminders. Quote customer messages to improve the conversation quality. Accompany correspondence with audio and video files for an unforgettable presentation of your product.

How to connect WhatsApp to Bitrix24?

Should you have any questions, we will gladly assist at every step of the way.

Bitrix24 Integration into Umnico
Connect WhatsApp to Umnico
Install Umnico application in the Bitrix24 system
Copy Umnico API token and add it to the CRM system
Connect the WhatsApp connector from Umnico in the Contact Center

The price of Bitrix24 and WhatsApp integration

The cost of using WhatsApp in Bitrix24 open lines and the built-in Umnico widget depends on the number of connected accounts and the subscription period.
Starting from $26 per month
Try all WhatsApp and Bitrix24 function bundles for free, or create your subscription plan.
All-in-one messenger with custom rates

FAQ about the integration of Bitrix24 with WhatsApp

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How to use WhatsApp within Bitrix 24 for free?

Is it possible to integrate Bitrix24 with WhatsApp business API?

What’s the difference between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API?

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