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Health & Wellness

Seline Clinic

Leading clinical centers for aesthetic medicine that offer premium service, health diagnostics, and the best anti-aging and skin rejuvenation solutions.

The Problem

Previously, our employees answered client inquiries in each messenger and social media account separately (and there are many of them). It was quite inconvenient and required to manage multiple apps, which often led to slow responses.

All social media accounts were managed by the marketing department, which did not have both enough time and all the necessary information to provide clients with high-quality and prompt service.

Often clients waited for a response for a whole day. So it was necessary to find a convenient solution for centralized customer communication.

The Solution

After setting up Umnico, our response time has reduced significantly. The quality of service has also improved since all inquiries are now processed by a call center that has all the relevant information. Now everyone is happy: customer support, the marketing department, and customers.

It is also very convenient to monitor the response speed of call center operators in Umnico. It allows managers to track who is late with the answer, and who is doing well.



A popular online store of professional cosmetics for hair, face and body from the world’s leading brands.

The Problem

Previously, the customer support department managed customer interactions through Instagram mobile app and Facebook Manager. Employees did not use templates, reminders. and statuses. The work was inconvenient and difficult. The main problems were the growing number of inquiries; the constant switching between accounts, since one manager runs several branches of the business; without tagging and searching by keywords, finding messages in conversations was difficult.

The Solution

After trying several different services, we settled on Umnico. Using the platform for customer support has brought tangible results. The speed of processing requests and their quality has improved. The conversion rate has increased from 10% to 20-25% and continues to grow. The average check has increased by 15%—30% for different categories of products and customers. It has become more convenient for the manager to control employees, monitor conversations with clients and suggest correct answers. The employee’s efficiency has increased by 30%. It is easy to assign chats to managers, even across different social media accounts and several shifts. The number of lost and unanswered inquiries has decreased.

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