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Health & Wellness

Seline Clinic

Leading clinical centers for aesthetic medicine that offer premium service, health diagnostics, and the best anti-aging and skin rejuvenation solutions.

The Problem

The clinic network uses multiple channels to communicate with clients: website, WhatsApp, email, and social media. Previously, support staff responded to patients in each messenger separately. Operators found it inconvenient to constantly switch between dozens of tabs and control each application, as they could not always respond quickly.

Social media requests were handled by the marketing department. They also did not always manage to respond promptly to the request and did not have enough information to answer all the client’s questions. All this greatly increased the response time to incoming messages, and sometimes the response could come after a day. The clinic management decided to fix the situation and began looking for a service that would help streamline communication with clients.

The Solution

After setting up Umnico, the response time has reduced significantly. The quality of service has also improved since all inquiries are now processed by a call center that has all the relevant information. Now everyone is happy: customer support, the marketing department, and customers.

It is also very convenient to monitor the response speed of call center operators in Umnico. It allows managers to track who is late with the answer, and who is doing well.


Salon Marketing

Salon Marketing is a community for managers and executives of beauty industry enterprises.

The Problem

Operational feedback plays an important role in the company’s work. During workshops and conferences, the company regularly faces a large number of customer requests on Telegram. Initially, all agents worked from personal accounts and phones, which did not allow tracking analytics and led to poor support quality.

When searching for a service to organize centralized communication, Salon Marketing tried several options. Most of them did not work out because they had low-quality analytics, no statuses, tags, sales funnel customization, or trigger communication, and Telegram integration was unstable. Since it was critically important for the team to organize an effective support and feedback system, they spent a lot of time searching for a service that would combine all the necessary functionality.

The Solution

By choosing Umnico, the team was able to analyze support performance metrics in detail: the number of requests and the speed of agents’ response to incoming messages. In addition to Telegram integration, Salon Marketing connected a free online chat widget on the website so that users could get answers to their questions even faster.

Now all requests and operators’ work are under control. The team constantly monitors all metrics and improves support quality, and customers notice positive changes.



A popular online store of professional cosmetics for hair, face and body from the world’s leading brands.

The Problem

Previously, the Cosmico customer support department managed customer interactions through Instagram mobile app and Facebook Manager. Employees did not use templates, reminders. and statuses. The work was inconvenient and difficult. The main issue was the growing number of inquiries; it required the constant switching between accounts, since one manager runs several branches of the business; without tagging and searching by keywords, finding messages in conversations was also difficult.

The Solution

After trying several different services, the Cosmico team settled on Umnico. Using the platform for customer support has brought tangible results. The speed of processing requests and their quality has improved. The conversion rate has increased from 10% to 20-25% and continues to grow. The average check has increased by 15%—30% for different categories of products and customers. It has become more convenient for the manager to control employees, monitor conversations with clients and suggest correct answers. The employee’s efficiency has increased by 30%. It is easy to assign chats to managers, even across different social media accounts and several shifts. The number of lost and unanswered inquiries has decreased.



PrintOn is an advertising and production company that helps entrepreneurs promote their goods and services through outdoor advertising and high-quality large-format printing.

The Problem

PrintOn is a popular local company and receives about 30 orders per day. Most often, clients write to them on WhatsApp. Previously, the team had to process requests on personal numbers, so it was difficult to collect all the information in a single view or distribute orders among employees if someone went on vacation. All requests were distributed chaotically.

Another problem was that company employees had to manually transfer requests from WhatsApp to CRM, which took a lot of time. Plus, manual input sometimes led to inaccurate data in the client’s card.

The Solution

When PrintOn’s team realized the importance of structured work and automating the synchronization of incoming requests with CRM, they began looking for a solution and considered several platforms. Umnico turned out to be the best option for us due to its wide functionality and price/quality ratio. At first, the company set up a trial period, tested the platform’s functionality, and then purchased a subscription to work with WhatsApp through Umnico.

Umnico’s experts helped PrintOn to quickly set up WhatsApp integration with RB-CRM. Now all managers work in a single Umnico interface, all requests are structured, and information about clients and all correspondence is automatically added to CRM. All this significantly simplified the operational processes, freed the employees from routine tasks of filling out cards in CRM, and allowed them to devote more time to working with clients.


Fish Rules

Fish Rules is an online store for fish and seafood that produces "almost ready-made" products. The company also deals in wholesale supplies, has a partner network, and closely monitors the quality of its products. It also takes an open approach to customer communication.

The Problem

Agents responsible for customer communication messaged customers in messengers and social media apps from their personal devices. Each new employee had to be given the password to business accounts, and the correspondence was scattered, making it impossible to track the quality of communication.

The company's management faced the challenge of streamlining customer communication and finding a convenient service for processing inquiries, 50 to 500 per day. According to the marketing director, Umnico was a real lifesaver for the company — the functionality of other services did not meet the online store’s requirements.

The Solution

Umnico helped the company combine all customer communication channels in a single interface: VKontakte, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram. Fish Rules also added Umnico’s free live chat widget to the website.

As a result, the efficiency of the management team has increased by at least twice, as all inquiries can now be viewed in one window and it takes much less time to process them.

The tasks of the SMM specialist have also changed, as they now focus on creating content instead of tracking and processing requests on social networks. This has helped to improve the quality of content and make each specialist responsible for more platforms.

The implementation of Umnico has also had a positive impact on customer retention, as repeat purchases have increased by 5–6% thanks to regular communication and personalized special offers.

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