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The omnichannel platform for online schools, mentors, and coaches

Increase the effectiveness of student relations, and improve communication with the audience of your school with excellent support and increased applicants’ conversion.

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Sales funnel
More high-quality inquiries
Receive applicants inquiries from 25+ instant messengers and social media channels
Greater sales conversion
Turn leads into deals by distributing requests and analyzing how employees work with them
Lower churn
Answer customer questions faster, and save all correspondence history

How Umnico helps educational courses and online training managers

Thanks to a set of universal integrations with one message aggregation service, Umnico omnichannel platform allows online schools to attract new students from a variety of popular social media and instant messengers. In addition, customizable message templates and hotkeys decrease the response time to frequently asked questions to a minimum and reduce coaches’ workload.

Student relationship management and communication with Umnico Inbox

Communicate with clients and students through messengers they like

Generate leads and convert them into students through messaging channels they love. Answer questions and get inquiries from WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, and other messengers in a single window of Umnico Inbox. With a rich set of integrations and basic CRM functionality, Umnico’s omnichannel service helps you to give enough attention to every inquiry or claim to get as many clients for your services as possible.

Umnico’s sales pipeline designed for online schools and coaches

Handle more inquiries with less effort

Systematize and manage, but not just collect inquiries from the website, social media, and instant messengers in one application. Stop wasting your time switching between social media platforms and messenger apps on your phone. Use templates and hotkeys to answer common questions to save time and spend it communicating with new prospective clients.

Umnico Inbox is used to manage group chats with students and clines

Engage student audience in group chats and comments

Participate in group discussions, manage communities and group chats in messengers. Communicate with your audience through WhatsApp and Telegram, marking important information and collecting statistics on students and teachers. Don’t leave user comments on Facebook and Instagram unanswered with custom notifications.

Attract new clients and work with a larger student audience
Utilize all essential features of Umnico omnichannel platform
Chat statuses in Umnico Inbox for online schools

Distribute student inquiries by status

The basic functionality of a customer relationship management system with a sales pipeline funnel makes it possible to organize all customer inquiries according to transaction stages and order status. The built-in sales pipeline can be easily customized to fit your business needs, helping not only to increase sales but also to improve the quality of service for existing customers. Thanks to tags, messages can be grouped according to designated parameters.

Umnico Inbox on iPhone to communicate with clients on the go

Stay always in touch with your audience

Work with student inquiries without interrupting other businesses, in any place and at any time, with the Umnico mobile app. It fully supports individual and group chats through all communication channels. WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, and other messengers are combined into a single app that notifies you of all inquiries. You can assign an agent or a sales rep responsible for each chat on the go.

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Additional features to develop your business

Live chat

Lead generation and communication tool for your website

Messenger widget

Buttons with instant messengers and social media links for a landing page

Performance analytics

Track the number of sales, the quality, and the speed of employees’ work

Mass mailing

Use a verified WhatsApp account to send messages to millions of people


Employ Umnico and give your students an unforgettable communication experience

Design your own rate to pay by paying only for the communication channels you need. Umnico’s price depends on the number of integrations, users, and subscription period.
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All-in-one messenger with custom rates

Frequently asked questions about Umnico for online schools

How easy is it to use Umnico’s messaging platform and CRM system?
Using the Umnico platform is easy and simple, just like a modern smartphone. Umnico Inbox interface is intuitive even for entry-level computer users. The key functionality of the service can be mastered in a few minutes. If you encounter difficulties, our specialists are always here to help.
Is it possible to use Umnico in my CRM or application?
Umnico API can complement your software product or business system with the functionality of popular instant messengers and social networks. To achieve better results, consult your development team regarding integration. Umnico omnichannel platform also has a widget and pre-built integrations with popular CRM systems such as Bitrix24, amoCRM, and Vtiger.
What is the best way to use Umnico Inbox to communicate with students?
First of all, sign up with Umnico, then connect all social media platforms and instant messengers used by your students. The setup process takes no more than 5 minutes. Invite operators/coaches, organize group chats, invite your audience, and start answering questions from all students in a single interface, engaging them in group discussions as well.aches, organize group chats, invite your audience, and start answering questions from all students in a single interface, engaging them in group discussions as well.
How can Umnico help you improve website conversion rate and sales?
Umnico’s live chat widget for websites always attracts the attention of visitors, who are able to ask questions and then join your group. The built-in messenger widget helps students to contact you via WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, VK, or other social media. And in case your employees could not reach a student by phone, they can always contact him or her via instant messengers or social media with Umnico.
Where do messages go if an agent is not online?
All messages sent by students in a group chat or directly are stored in the chat history while all operators are offline. This way, not a single question from a student or a prospect is left unattended.

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