Umnico Shared Mailbox to Manage All Emails in One Place

Set up Umnico email integration to organize and manage customer email inquiries as easily as instant messages. All correspondence history is securely stored in the system.

  • Easy-to-use interface for emails and messages
  • Support of all email services
  • Email templates and hotkeys

What is email integration with Umnico?

Free email integration allows you to receive, send, and process emails in a single interface of Umnico omnichannel messaging platform.

With email integration, you can connect a shared mailbox and distribute emails among employees, as well as process inquiries from multiple email accounts in a single window.

Communication with customers will become faster and easier, no email will be left unattended.

Sell and resolve issues via email, not on the phone

Omnichannel platform Umnico helps your business to sell more and provide top-notch support without employing additional resources. Umnico’s easy-to-use email integration allows you to process mail in a modern chat format.

Merge emails with messengers and social media

Receive and send emails from multiple accounts, attach documents and multimedia to emails right in the Umnico team mailbox service. Respond to customer requests via instant messengers or social media to increase the speed and quality of communication.

All email correspondence history, along with chats in instant messengers and social media, is stored in Umnico’s CRM. No message will ever be lost again.

Reach out to your client first via email

Contact your client first and send bulk emails to a client base directly from Umnico.

There are no limits on the number of emails and attachments. Take advantage of the traditional way of communication and engaging customers.

Process emails faster than others

Merge multiple email accounts and email services in a single window of the Umnico communication platform. There is no need to check different mailboxes, spend time categorizing emails and synchronizing them with email clients.

Templates, hotkeys, as well as faster sending and receiving of emails help you to resolve customer issues and nurture leads better than your competitors.

Focus on your customers, not on email management

Don't miss important emails thanks to notifications, reminders and statuses. Distribute customer requests by choosing a sales rep. responsible for processing particular categories of emails and messages. Several employees will no longer respond to the same email.


Process email inquiries faster with Umnico email management tool for teams

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How to set up Email integration

To start working with Umnico’s free email management tool:

1. Sign up for Umnico omnichannel platform.
2. In the Settings, go to the ‘Integration’ section and select Email.
3. Input your email account and its service details.

You are good to go!

Now all emails will be gathered in the Umnico shared mailbox, along with messages from instant messengers and social media.

Email integration setup with Umnico’s email management service

Receive, store and send emails in Umnico for free

Umnico’s email integration is absolutely free. There are no limits on the number of sent and received emails.

Business messengers and social media support can be added to the system by purchasing a premium subscription.

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Frequently asked questions about Umnico’s email management tool

Why do I need Umnico email integration?
The integration allows not only conducting communication and storing chat history in a reliable social CRM but also distributing client emails among sales or support department employees, tracking the status of deals, as well as controlling the work of operators.
Is it possible to use Umnico for mass mailing?
Umnico allows you to send bulk emails to an email database, but Umnico is not a mail service. Your email service provider is responsible for delivering emails to recipients.
Can emails be chained together?
As part of the new email integration process, you can configure email aggregation by the sender (customer) or by email subject so that emails appear as threaded messages, making viewing them more convenient.
How many domain names can be connected to Umnico?
There is no limit on the number of email domain names. You can use as many domains and emails as you need. Popular free email services are also supported: Outlook, Gmail,, and Yandex Mail, as well as the two-factor authentication used by them.
What protocols are used to send and receive emails?
Umnico receives emails from your server using the IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) protocol. This is a modern application-level protocol for accessing e-mail, which supports the receipt and management of emails directly on the mail server. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is used to send emails from a sender's server to a recipient's server.

Need advice on how Email integration works?

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