CRM Integration with Messengers and Social Media

All popular messengers in your CRM. Reach out to customers first and reply to their inquiries on WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Viber, and over 20 other channels directly from a CRM system. Stable and secure integrations with amoCRM, Bitrix24, and other business software.
Umnico helps you organize customer communication on social media and messengers, providing control over chats with customers.

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Messenger broadcasts
Reach out to clients first from their cards in Deals and set up messenger blasting
Multiples instant messengers functionality inside amoCRM
Automation of conversations
Full support for automation and triggers, as well as auto-replies and GPT chatbot
Chats in CRM
Customer chats within CRM
All dialogue history and comments are saved in a single Umnico window

Why do you need CRM integration with social media and messengers?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system integration with social media and messengers allows you to communicate with customers directly from the business system, without switching between multiple social media tabs or messaging apps. The entire history of correspondence is saved in deal cards, not on employee phones. Having full access to the history of interaction with each client, your employees will be able to provide more personalized and informed service.

Also, CRM integration helps to automate customer inquiry processing in messengers and social media. You get the ability to thoroughly analyze all text-based communication with customers in those channels.

Umnico CRM app allows you to...

Process more leads from social media

All leads are sent to deal cards and Umnico widget, where they can be quickly processed using templates and automation tools.

Key messaging features directly in...

Umnico app in Bitrix24

Chat in Open Lines, widget, and mobile app, send mass mailings, reach out first, connect Robots, and set up Business Processes. The widget allows you to chat in Bitrix24 with all customers simultaneously from the familiar messenger interface. All types of files are supported without restrictions.

All popular messengers in your CRM — without delays and limits on the number of messages.

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Start dialog
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Messenger Widget for CRM

Umnico's multifunctional widget allows you to communicate with all customers, reach out to them first, and respond to comments — all in a convenient interface. The widget provides search for messages and customers from social media and messengers with customizable filter options.

Social media and instant messengers integration into CRM by Umnico
Connecting several social media accounts to a CRM

Communicate from multiple accounts

Connect any number of accounts to your CRM or work together from one account. Each customer profile, conversation, or inquiry can be assigned to a specific agent automatically or manually. You can work in group chats, and send messages with documents, photos, videos, or audio files attached, without restrictions on their size.

An instant messenger business user
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New message settings by Umnico

Reach out first on WhatsApp and Telegram

Don't wait for the customer to initiate the conversation. Write them first on WhatsApp or Telegram from the widget of the Umnico app or their card in Deals. This way, you can warm up the customer's interest by reminding them of you. Send special offers, notifications about promotions, or welcome bonuses and sell more.

WhatsApp Business broadcasting in a CRM via the official API

Message broadcasts via WhatsApp Business API from CRM

Official CRM integration for WhatsApp Business allows you to work without the threat of account suspension or unexpected disconnections. Your support team can communicate with customers through a verified WhatsApp account, and sales agents can reach them first. Deals for new customers are created automatically.

Bitrix24 processes settings

Business process automation

CRM integration allows you to use Salesbot in Digital Pipeline, Robot, and Business Process functionality. Communicate with customers from a single app, make mailings, automate the processing of incoming requests, tagging, and sending trigger messages. Connect bots to messengers, social media, and a live chat widget to quickly answer frequent questions and even close deals without the participation of a live agent.

How to install Umnico for...

To integrate Umnico with amoCRM, sign up for Umnico platform, go to the left menu of your personal account “Settings — Integrations” and click on amoCRM.
In the opened tab, select amoCRM, authorize in the CRM and click “Allow”. Then you can start setting up CRM integration with social media and messengers.

amoCRM Integration into Umnico

Open API for working with messengers from any business system

Umnico API uses simple and understandable code and works on the REST API and HTTP Webhooks architecture, which allows it to be used not only in familiar CRMs but also in other business apps. Respond to customer inquiries or send message broadcasts to active chat sessions from a single interface and with a single set of commands, without spending time learning the specifics of working with the APIs of different messengers.
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CRM systems and profit potential

Earn money by integrating social media and messengers with CRM

System integrators and business app developers can earn a commission for referring new customers to Umnico. Earn up to 60% of a monthly payment of each referral for their entire time of using the system.

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All social media and messengers in one mobile app

Umnico mobile app, which combines all messengers, allows you to stay in touch with customers anywhere and at any time. It provides access to all Umnico's outstanding features: sales pipeline, message templates, and customer cards. In the mobile app, you can take a photo and immediately send the image to the chat with your client.

Umnico mobile application for iOS

Use Umnico in amoCRM and Bitrix24 for free

CRM integration with Umnico is completely free and available on any subscription plan.

Communication with customers via WhatsApp and Telegram requires a premium subscription, the cost of which depends on the term and number of communication channels.

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“We use Umnico to interact with clients through WhatsApp in Bitrix24. Now we can quickly and effectively give feedback to customers through all specialists”

Kristina Turchina, StavropolPneumatic

“We have been using Umnico for quite some time to process and record customer inquiries from Avito. The platform clearly improves sales”

Alexander Bondarenko, Viplombard

Questions and answers about CRM integration with social media and messengers by Umnico

Our clients are mostly interested in the following questions:
Is there a trial period?
Yes, 3 days. This provides enough time to familiarize yourself with our CRM integration and get acquainted with all the features of Umnico's service.
Is there an API?
Yes, there is. For more information on Umnico's API documentation, read here.
How do I make cashless payments for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs?
Payment by bank transfer is possible. In order to receive an invoice for payment, contact Umnico support with the subject “Cashless payment”.
Do your solutions support emojis and file transfers?
Yes, all the basic features of Instagram, WhatsApp, VK, Facebook and Telegram are provided. You can send emojis, audio, video, and photos. Integrate Umnico products into your CRM, and you can save your entire conversation history for later analysis.
How much does it cost to connect CRM to messengers and social media?
It all depends on the number of communication channels. So the integration with Bitrix24 and amoCRM is free, you only need to pay for integrations with social networks and messengers. For more details, you can view our price list here.
Does Umnico support group chats?
Yes, we have a group chat support feature. You can quickly respond to customers in these chats directly from the Umnico widget, sending any attachments, stickers, and emojis.
Can I do message broadcasting from CRM with Umnico?
Yes, you can send mass mailings from amoCRM and Bitrix24 to all social media and messengers that you have connected as part of your subscription plan.
How many agents can I connect to Umnico?
You can set up accounts for any number of employees on Umnico and set a custom access for each of them so that they only see their own conversations. Adding each new employee is billed separately.