Customer communication solution and CRM for car dealership and aftermarket (auto parts) by Umnico

Communication service for dealerships, automotive aftermarket, and garages

Get more orders from popular car websites. Sell to customers through messengers, not just by phone.

Umnico communication system helps car dealers, car services and auto parts stores improve sales via popular car websites and improve communication with customers

Immediate responses to inquiries
Set up a chatbot and auto-replies to respond to website visitor questions 24/7, which will increase the conversion and earnings
Inquires linking to ads
Do not get confused while managing multiple inquiries with the listing preview feature
Inquiry distribution among the team
Automatically distribute leads from different accounts and messengers among employees
Automotive industry communication package by Umnico

All-in-one service for car dealerships and auto parts stores

Process incoming inquiries from several accounts on,, and*, receive orders via live chat on your website, and organize communication via Telegram, as well as other instant messengers and social media in a single CRM by Umnico.

The variety of communication channels will reduce the load on a contact center and allow you to process inquiries 3 times faster.

Optimize inquiry processing through Avito and Telegram Personal. Umnico provides free** integrations with,, and live chat to make your automotive business sell more.

* Integration with is in beta testing currently and is provided at the discretion of Umnico upon a separate request from the user.

** A paid subscription to, and Telegram Personal for 3 months or more is required. Integration with is provided free of charge only for the time of the first payment. The offer is valid only for new customers not previously registered with Umnico.

Incoming inquiries

All inquiries and conversations on a single platform

Automatic digital pipeline

Automation and Digital Pipeline

Performance monitoring

Monitoring of customer conversations

Internal search

Smart search across chats

Omnichannel CRM for dealers to raise sales and retain customers

Dedicated solutions for auto business from Umnico allow you to systematize the processing of inquiries from instant messengers, social media, and popular car classifieds in a single window. The platform also automates the distribution and processing of orders within your team. The advanced functionality of the CRM system for car dealers and car workshops helps you to avoid missing inquiries and improve the entire customer communication process.

Everything you need to manage car dealership or repair shop contact center

Umnico platform has been created with consideration to the modern needs of the auto business operating both in the local and international markets. The service aggregates inquiries from popular auto websites and Telegram in a single window, which helps to process all customer requests in a centralized manner, while the CRM functionality and automation simplify and speed up the sales process.

Several chats from multiple automotive accounts and messengers in one application

Manage all conversations on a single platform

Communicate with customs through multiple channels, including,, and, in a single window. Employees do not have to spend time switching between different sites and apps or searching for the history of previous conversations. Details on interactions with each customer are stored in Umnico and allow a sales rep to sell as quickly as possible, taking into account their preferences.

Each new application from Avito or is accompanied by information from the ad, including the price and photo of the car. It makes it easy to identify what particular car a customer is interested in and avoid confusion.

Leads and inquiries allocation among chatbots and the team

Automate customer communications

Take orders and answer customer inquiries 24/7 with auto-replies and a chatbot. Requests received during non-working hours will be processed by the bot, which can answer common questions and collect contact details of potential buyers who will no longer go to competitors due to receiving no answer.

Automatic distribution of inquiries between operators from several accounts of auto websites, social media, and instant messengers, tagging, and task assigning allow you to efficiently process inquiries, spend less time on routine and provide a personalized service to your customers.

Stop losing inquiries and control employees’ performance
Try all the functionality of Umnico for free
Customer data securing in Umnico Inbox

Take communication under control and secure customer data

Monitor the quality of employees’ interactions with customers through Umnico communication platform for dealerships. With the help of easy-to-use analytics, you can track the activity of employees in real time and understand who, how, and when has communicated with each customer. Metrics, such as speed of response and the quality of work will help to build a transparent system of incentives for the sales team.

The entire history of correspondence is stored in Umnico instead of employees’ personal devices. Hide customer contacts so that employees cannot sell them cars or spare parts bypassing your business or stealing your customer base.

Bulk messaging settings and automatic message sending in Umnico for Automotive

Inform customers via instant messengers, not expensive SMS

Continue dialogues from auto marketplaces in messengers and social media loved by your audience. With Umnico, you can set up auto-information about the status of an order in Telegram or WhatsApp, giving up expensive SMS.

Communication via messengers allows you to quickly contact customers who do not answer phone calls — the open rate messengers send via these apps is higher than emails. Stop losing costumes who cannot be reached by phone.

Integrate Umnico’s automotive communication pack into popular CRMs

Combine your CRM system with Umnico

You can receive and process inquiries from, Avito, and in amoCRM or Bitrix24 using Umnico widget. All conversations from multiple accounts, social media, and instant messengers (Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Viber, and WhatsApp) are united in one window. Thanks to this, it is easier for you to control employees’ performance, convert leads and increase your earnings.

Pump up your sales with CRM for dealerships and aftermarket by Umnico

Create a custom subscription plan, paying only for the options you need, or take advantage of a great value package designed for car dealerships, auto parts stores and garages.

Umnico’s price is adjustable and depends on the number of used communication channels, the subscription term, and the number of invited users

from $5.2 / month

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Discover the full functionality of the service!

Questions and answers about Umnico for auto dealership

Generally, our clients, managers of car dealerships and auto repairs, ask the following questions.
Is it possible to set up Umnico integration with
Yes, Umnico uses a certified integration for that allows you to receive messages from visitors interested in buying a car in real time. In addition, a picture of the car from the listing and its price appears at the beginning of each new conversation. This allows the specialist to immediately understand what kind of transport the customer is interested in.
Does Umnico have integration with Avito?
Yes, Umnico uses the official API for integration with Avito, which allows you to use almost all the features of the platform within Umnico Inbox or via a CRM system. Thanks to the integration with Avito from Umnico, car dealers can communicate with buyers through multiple accounts, as well as other instant messengers in a single window, which makes communication more efficient.
Does Umnico have integration with
Lately, Umnico has been providing integration of Umnico Inbox with This communication channel is in beta testing and can be provided to users as part of a package offer or upon separate request. If you are interested in this functionality, please contact us.
How does live chat on a website affect the conversion of visitors?
Umnico Live Chat allows you to receive visitor analytics and promptly reply to inquiries from potential buyers, thereby increasing conversion and sales. Live conversations are the best way to dispel doubts about the purchase, clarify the details, and make a personal offer that will set you apart from the competition.
How long does it take to get comfortable with working at Umnico?
An intuitive interface and easy setup allow you to fully master the platform in 1-2 days. You won’t need to distract employees from tasks for long training, moreover, Umnico provides free onboarding and consultation for new users of the communication platform for dealerships.
Can I reply to messages from auto portals via my smartphone?
Yes. Umnico mobile apps for Android and iOS smartphones allow sales representatives to be in touch with customers on the go or while on a business trip. This reduces the likelihood that a buyer will change their mind about a purchase due to a late response.
Can Umnico be integrated with my own CRM?
Umnico provides ready-made integrations with amoCRM, Bitrix24, MySklad, Vtiger, LeadVertex, 2KURS. An open API allows you to implement individual integration with the CRM system or business apps used by your business.

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