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B2B Communication Platform

Communicate with business representatives in messengers, live chat on a website and social media. Shorten B2B sales cycle and close more deals.

Umnico omnichannel messenger allows any B2B company to build effective communication with decision-makers and representatives of potential clients, increasing profits without attracting additional traffic and extra spending on advertising.

Text inquiry
Win businesses faster
Communication via instant messengers, in addition to email and calls, allows you to shorten the sales cycle and close B2B deals faster
Communication supervision
Control all interactions with the client
Supervisors can assess sales reps’ conversations with clients through a convenient interface at any moment
USD, green
Optimize your sales
Automation reduces routine, while detailed analytics show which communication channels (and employees) have the best performance

We are trusted by over 5,000 companies worldwide

The complete set of tools for customer communication for business to business vertical

All you need for effective B2B communication

Improve your sales and customer consulting capabilities by using multiple channels to communicate with potential customers. Make appointments and record agreement details with companies’ reps through both traditional and modern communication channels. This will help you to close more deals efficiently.

Chat bubble

All chats and inquiries in a single platform

Digital pipeline

Sales pipeline and task automation

Smile with sunglasses

Monitoring employees’ communication


Smart search across chat history and deals

CRM for B2B sales

Handle all customer inquiries from various online platforms in one unified view. Umnico's communication platform streamlines customer service by offering basic CRM features and creating Deal cards based on your chats. These cards automatically capture key information and update based on the sales pipeline stage, allowing you to stay on top of every interaction and deliver exceptional service.

Omnichannel messenger for B2B

Umnico helps companies build long-term relationships with customers through social media, instant messengers, and traditional communication channels (email and VoIP telephony), boosting conversion and sales.

All chats in one window and message templates

Speed up customer inquiries processing

Combine all communication channels with customers in one window. Staff will be able to quickly and easily find the information they need, without losing a single request. Use templates to answer common customer inquiries to improve the speed and quality of consultations.

Automatic inquiries distribution in Umnico Inbox and a GPT4 chatbot

Automate mundane activities

Set up automatic sending of notifications to clients about agreements reached and upcoming meetings. Avoid losing potential clients and free up sales reps and agents’ time to solve more complex problems. Automate the distribution of incoming inquiries among employees to avoid overloads and errors.

Win businesses faster and build long-term relationships with clients
Sell and consult in all popular channels through one interface
Customer data is stored and securing in Umnico Inbox

Systematize and control communication with clients

Manage the entire history of correspondence with clients in a single platform. This will allow you to quickly find the information you need and personalize your interactions with them. Each employee always has access to the entire history of dialogues with a client across all channels, along with their preferences and requirements.

All employees communications in one service and chat supervision

Make business safer and teamwork more convenient

Use a secure environment to communicate with customers instead of employees' personal devices. All communication with clients remains transparent to managers, who can configure which dialogues each manager can access. An employee who quits will not take the client base with them. Umnico also allows several employees to simultaneously use one account in instant messengers and social media, promoting efficient collaboration.

Try Umnico B2B messenger for free

Create your set of customer communication channels that is necessary for your business, or take advantage of a special subscription plan for B2B companies.

Umnico for B2B price is adjustable and depends on the number of used communication channels, the subscription term, and the number of invited users

from $5.2 / month

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Questions and answers about Umnico communication service for B2B

Our clients most often ask the following questions:
How to set up work with leads and clients through Umnico?
You can start using Umnico in no more than 5 minutes. Register, connect the selected communication channels, and invite your employees to work on the platform
How much time does it take to learn to work in Umnico CRM?
Umnico is an intuitive CRM for B2B that will help you increase work efficiency without additional effort. The Umnico interface is intuitive and simple, so all employees will be able to master all the functionality easily. Also, our support service is available, if you have any questions.
Can Umnico be integrated with other CRMs or business applications?
Umnico provides an open API, using which you can add the functionality of Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, and other social media to any business software or CRM system. In addition, Umnico provides pre-built and tested integrations of messengers and social media with popular CRM systems such as Bitrix24, amoCRM, Vtiger, MoySklad, and others.
Can employees use Umnico on their phones?
Yes, employees can work through Umnico from a phone. Umnico mobile apps are free and available for Android and iOS. They allow your agents to communicate simultaneously through several messengers and social media in one application, staying in touch with clients even on the go.
What capabilities does Umnico provide for B2B companies?
With Umnico, you can reach out first via popular messaging apps, respond to inquiries in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, live chat on a website, and email, as well as make calls through VoIP telephony. The Umnico communication service allows you to exchange images and documents, continue a conversation initiated with a client in one messenger in another app, and analyze the effectiveness of each agent's work.

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