Telegram integration with Bitrix24


To set up this integration, connect all the necessary Telegram integrations from Umnico service.

To set up Telegram integration to Bitrix24 follow these steps:

1. In the Bitrix24 interface, select “Applications — Market” in the left menu.

Bitrix24 Menu - Applications

2. In the search bar, enter the name of the application - Umnico and click “View”.

Search for Umnico in Bitrix24

3. In the application description that opens, click "Install".

Umnico widget in Bitrix24

4. In the window that opens, check the boxes for agreeing to the "License Agreement" and "Privacy Policy" and click "Install".

Umnico widget installation

5. In the application window that opens (Fig. 1), enter the Umnico API token. To do this, go to the Umnico service, select "Settings - API" and click "Copy token" (Fig. 2). Paste it into the appropriate box in Bitrix24 and click "Save" (Fig. 3).

Connecting the Umnico service

Figure 1

Your API token in Umnico

Figure 2

Entering API tocken in Bitrix24

Figure 3

6. After saving the API token, click the "Update connectors" button.

Updating connectors in Bitrix24

7. In the Bitrix24 left menu, select "Contact Center".

Bitrix24 Menu - Contact Center

8. The "Contact Center" will display all connected Umnico integrations as connectors. To connect, select the connector you want. An example is given in the Telegram integration.

Contact Center in Bitrix24

9. In the open menu, click "Connect" (Figure 1). Select the required "Open line" and "Responsible employees" (Figure 2). Click "Save". After clicking, the notification "Channel configured successfully" should appear. After that, the connected connector will become highlighted in light green color (Figure 3).

Connecting Umnico & Telegram - Step 1

Figure 1

Connecting Umnico & Telegram - Step 2

Figure 2

Connecting Umnico & Telegram - Step 3

Figure 3

10. Everything is ready! From now on, all messages will be sent to "Open lines" Bitrix24. The other connectors are connected in the same way.


Please note that if you have added new integrations for Umnico service, you should "Update connectors" in Umnico application settings. Without this, new connectors in the "Contact Center" will not be displayed.

Should you still have any questions, check Umnico widget in the "Technical support" section or in the "Help – Chat with the operator" section. We will be glad to help.

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