Connection of Telegram Personal

Telegram Personal is not just a messenger, but also a channel of user support and sales of goods/services that is gaining popularity. The key advantage of this customer interaction channel is to reach customers first, finding users by their nickname and phone number, as well as the presence of group chats where you can discuss with consumers.
Telegram integration allows you to receive messages from Telegram clients in Umnico app in the same way as you would receive messages in the client of this messenger. You will no longer miss important inquiries from customers, and all correspondence will be stored in Umnico in a systematic way, increasing the efficiency of the sales team and customer support.
Integration with Telegram is already a vital necessity for most businesses in Europe and in Asian countries.
Umnico uses an official integration mechanism for aggregating all messages from Telegram, which is extremely reliable. All correspondence with customers can be carried out directly in Umnico or CRM, and without delay, exchanging not only text messages but files as well.

Connecting Telegram Personal to Umnico:

1. In Umnico account, select “Settings — Integrations — Telegram Personal”.

Umnico interface

2. The connection window will open. Enter your phone number in the field (numbers only) and click “Connect”.

Telegram connection window

3. A notification with an authorization code will be sent to the specified number in Telegram. Enter the code and click “Connect Telegram”.

Telegram code
Insert telegram code

4. The connection window will close and integration with your Telegram Personal number will be added in the “Connected” section. At the same time, Telegram will send you a notification about logging in from a new device. It’s okay, that’s how it should be. From now on, all messages sent to your account will be delivered to Umnico.

Telegram connected


If you close the login to your account, the integration will stop until it is reconnected.

You can connect both Personal Telegram and Telegram Bot to Umnico.

Should you have any issues connecting the integration of your personal Telegram number, please contact Umnico support in the “Help — Chat with the operator” section. We will be glad to assist.

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