Umnico Live Chat widget function

Umnico communication platform provides access to a multifunctional live chat for a website. Not only does it allow to quickly respond to customer inquiries, but also to integrate the live chat with instant messengers and social media, reach out to website visitors first and set up chatbots for optimized customer communication.

A large selection of settings helps to adapt it to any business. If necessary, it can only be used as a messenger widget (a button with messengers on the site).

Example Umnico Live Chat

Creating and configuring live chat widget

To create a chat, go to the tab “Settings — Live Chat”.

You can create an unlimited number of widgets by clicking on the “+” icon. Now, let’s consider the available settings.

Configuring Umnico Live Chat

Editing the Widget Design

Select the “Settings” section, where you can choose the color of the widget button, its location, and the display of instant messengers. Once selected, click the “Save” button.

Widget Design

Editing the welcome chat window

Select the “Online chat” tab. Here you can edit the color of the window and messages, chat localization, automatic response text, and online/offline status.

Welcome chat window

Editing the list of displayed messengers in the chat

Select the “Messengers” tab, specify links to messengers and social media in the required windows.

Messengers tab

Chat call button

You can add a call button to the chat site. Go to the “Call button” tab, add the phone number and select the button color.

Call button

Quick response feature in the chat on the website

To add quick replies, go to the “Quick replies” tab, select a localization if necessary. Indicate the question and the answer to the question. The answer will be displayed in the chat, when you click on a question.

Quick replies tab

Forms in the chat widget for websites

To add forms to fill out, go to the “Forms” tab. Select a localization, if necessary. Indicate what data to ask from a user.

Forms tab

How to test the chat on the site?

After creating a widget, you can test it by clicking on the “Test chat” widget button.

Test chat

Setting the additional chats

If you need additional chats, you can create them by clicking on the “+” button and adding any quantity of widgets.

Additional chats

Automatic distribution of inquiries among operators

In order for requests to be received sequentially by available operators, set up automatic distribution of requests. In the Funnel, click on the Light Bulb icon, select “Distribution of deals” and set up trigger parameters: channel, distribution order and operators.

Set up automatic distribution of requests

For repeated inquiries, you can additionally track whether the operator had a chat before or not.
The trigger can always be changed, reconfigured or removed. Prior to deletion, all actions taken by the trigger are saved.

Visitor analytics

The “Visitors” function allows you to monitor the users of the website and reach out to them first.

How to view website visitors:

  • In the left menu, click on the “Visitors” tab.
  • You will see a list of visitors who are currently browsing the website.
  • There are details provided next to each visitor’s profile: what page they are viewing, time spent on the website, approximate geolocation, device type, source.
Visitors page

How to write to a client in a live chat first:

  • In the “Visitors” tab, click on the “Write first” icon (notebook with pencil) next to the profile of the desired person.
  • A chat with the client will open with full information about their visit.
  • After you write to the client, you can continue communication either in the current chat or in the Inbox chat, where the dialogue will be assigned a number.

Adding a chat to a website

After the widget is fully configured, it must be added to your resource. To do this, you need to install the code on each page of the site before the closing </body> tag.

The code can be found in the “Setup” item in the widget settings.

Widget settings

Typing animation and message preview

Live chat will notify an agent when a client is typing a message, as well as notify the client about a response being typed. Also, Umnico has the ability to display typed but not yet sent messages.

How it works:

  • If the client types a message in the chat, but hasn’t sent it yet, a gray message with the status “Not yet sent” will appear in the dialog, displaying the message text.
  • Once sent, the message will immediately disappear and appear as a normal sent message.


Each Umnico user can set up chatbots for any communication channel using ready-made templates or a personalized solution for their project. Creating chatbots and video instructions for setting them up are available in the “Settings” section in the left menu — “Chatbot” section.

Should you still have any questions, kindly visit the “Help — Chat with the operator” section. We will be glad to assist.

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Test all the features of

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