Connection of VKontakte group

VKontakte is a popular Russian social media, which has already established itself as an efficient communication tool with a large customers’ audience. The main VKontakte advantage as a communication channel is to respond to both direct messages and comments coming into the group.
Umnico integration with VKontakte allows you to receive messages and comments from social media users directly in the Umnico application. You will no longer lose a single message from the client, since all correspondence is available in Umnico at any time. All dialogues’ data can be systematized and analyzed.
Integration with the VKontakte community is ideal for most companies. The most active users of this social media are medium and small businesses.
Umnico uses a reliable official integration mechanism for aggregating all messages from VKontakte, which allows it to exchange not only text messages with the client but also documents, photos and files without any delay.

Before setting up the integration, you need to log in to VKontakte. You are required to be the owner or administrator of the group.

Connecting VKontakte group to Umnico:

1. In Umnico personal account, select “Settings — Integrations — Messages + Comments”.

Settings personal Umnico account

2. The connection window will open; click “Connect”.

Connection window

3. Select a group and click “Save”.

Select a vk group

4. A window for requesting application access to the account opens. Click “Allow”.

A window for requesting application access

5. Click “Get access key”, copy the token from the address bar and paste it into the “URL” field. Click “Connect”.

Connect window
Access key example

6. The connection window will close and integration with the selected VKontakte community will be added to Connected.

Connected VKontakte on Umnico


There are situations when a group has been combined with a large number of CRM and services, then you can’t connect it in the normal way. To solve this problem, go to your VKontakte community. Select “Management”.

Then select “Work with API”.

Here you need to familiarize yourself with all the integration keys and reduce their number to the maximum. Leave a maximum of 3-5 pieces. Next, go to the “Callback API” tab.

Here you need to familiarize yourself with all the servers created for your group. VKontakte social media makes a limit on the number of servers for one group, so there should not be more than 2 of them. You can view all servers by clicking on the drop-down list at the top right. Irrelevant and unfamiliar servers must be deleted, for this there is an inscription “You can delete the server” at the bottom of the page.

After all the steps taken, reconnect the group to Umnico. Everything will work properly.

Watch a video tutorial on our YouTube channel, which describes how to enable integration with a VKontakte group:

Should you have any issues connecting the integration of VKontakte groups with Umnico, please contact our support team in the “Help — Chat with an operator” section. We will be glad to assist.

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