Connection of Telegram Bot

Telegram Bot is a sort of chat-bot in the Telegram messenger and an efficient way to automate communication with potential customers or consumers. Your sales team can use Telegram Bot to answer common customer questions and handle non-standard inquiries that a chatbot can’t handle.
Integration with Telegram Bot with Umnico will allow you to track incoming messages from clients directly in the Umnico application, as well as use templates to automate dialogs. Your team will no longer lose a single message, because all correspondence will be stored in Umnico in a systematic way.
Integration with Telegram Bot is useful for small companies and well-known brands that communicate with customers via Telegram.
Umnico uses a proven integration mechanism to aggregate messages from Telegram Bot, so that messages can be exchanged with clients without delays or restrictions, and files of all types can be sent.

Connecting Telegram Bot to Umnico:

1. In Umnico personal account, select “Settings — Integrations — Telegram Bot”.

Umnico interface

2. The connection window will open.

Telegram bot connection window

3. Next, go to Telegram and click on the search icon.

Telegram app

4. In the search line, type @BotFather. Please note that the bot you have chosen is official. Opposite of it there should be a white checkmark in a blue star. Select the bot.

Telegram BotFather

5. Type in the /newbot command, and give a name for the future bot. The bot will check if the given name is free, and if it is free, it will ask you to re-enter the bot’s name with the name ending in _bot. For example: Bot_Umnico_telegram_bot. After that, the bot will send you a message with an API token for connection. Copy it and return to Umnico.

6. Enter the token and click “Connect Telegram”.

Telegram bot insert code

7. After clicking “Connect”, integration with Telegram will appear in “Connected”.

Telegram bot connected


You can connect both Telegram Bot and Telegram Personal to Umnico.

Watch the video tutorial on our YouTube channel, which explains to enable the Telegram integration:

Should you have any problems connecting the integration with Telegram Bot, please contact Umnico support in the “Help — Chat with the operator” section. We will be glad to assist.

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