How to connect Telegram Bot to Umnico

Umnico’s Telegram Bot integration is designed to enhance your communication with potential customers and consumers. It allows your sales team to address common customer inquiries while effortlessly handling non-standard requests that traditional chatbots may struggle with.

By seamlessly integrating Telegram Bot with Umnico, you unlock a multitude of advantages. Experience the ability to effortlessly track incoming messages from clients directly within the Umnico application, streamlining your customer interactions. Also, our Telegram integration provides pre-defined templates for automating dialogues and enhancing overall efficiency.

Telegram integration is particularly advantageous for both small companies and well-known brands that engage with their customers through Telegram. By leveraging Umnico's proven integration mechanism, you can seamlessly aggregate messages from Telegram Bot, ensuring prompt and effective communication.

Connecting Telegram Bot to Umnico

1. Access your Umnico personal account and navigate to "Settings - Integrations - Telegram Bot."

Umnico interface

2. A connection window will open, guiding you through the setup process.

Telegram bot connection window

3. Open the Telegram app and click on the search icon to proceed.

Telegram app

4. In the search bar, enter "@BotFather" and ensure that the chosen bot is an official one, denoted by a white checkmark within a blue star. Select the verified bot.

Telegram BotFather

5. Enter the "/newbot" command and assign a name to your bot. The bot will validate the availability of the chosen name and prompt you to append "_bot" to the end (e.g., Bot_Umnico_telegram_bot). Once confirmed, the bot will provide you with an API token for the connection. Copy this token and return to Umnico.

6. Paste the copied API token in the designated field within Umnico and click on "Connect Telegram."

Telegram bot insert code

7. Upon successful connection, you will see the integration with Telegram displayed under the "Connected" section.

Telegram bot connected


You can connect both Telegram Bot and Telegram Personal to Umnico, maximizing the potential of your communication channels.

Also, check our video tutorial on Telegram integration below.

Should you encounter any difficulties during the integration process, our dedicated Umnico support team is ready to assist you. Please don't hesitate to reach out via the "Help - Chat with the operator" section. We’ll be glad to help.

Discover the power and convenience of our exceptional Telegram Bot integration today!

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