How to set up notifications in Umnico

Umnico allows you to set up customizable notifications received via multiple channels to ensure that you won’t miss a single incoming inquiry or customer reply.

To manage your notification settings, access the “Settings” section and navigate to “Notifications”. Here, you can customize the notifications for incoming messages according to your preferences. Currently, the following options are available:

  • E-mail: Enable or disable notifications sent to your registered email address.
  • Telegram: Receive notifications through Telegram by sending a unique code to the Telegram Bot.
  • Umnico interface: Enable notifications within the Umnico interface itself.
Notification settings in Umnico Inbox

1. To connect notifications, click the “Turn on” button.

Messenger notification settings in Umnico Inbox

2. For email notifications, the email address provided during your Umnico registration will be used.

Email input window

3. To receive notifications in Telegram, please follow the instructions to send the unique code to the Telegram Bot.

Telegram notification settings

4. If desired, you can also disable sound notifications for incoming messages and tasks.

Sound notification settings in Umnico Inbox

5. If you have WhatsApp numbers connected to Umnico you can enable notifications for particular numbers. To do so, manually enter a number in the search bar and find it. At the moment, such notifications are available in the Umnico and by email.

Integration status notification settings

If you encounter any difficulties while setting up notifications in Umnico, contact our support team via the “Help — Chat with the operator” section.

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