Connection of Facebook Comments

Facebook Comments is a tool for working with comments from social media users on a Facebook page. It allows you to reply to customers’ comments on your page.
Integration with Facebook Comments allows you to handle all comments from current and potential customers from Facebook in Umnico. User comments will no longer be lost or unanswered. The quality of the comment handling can be analyzed in Umnico.
Umnico uses a robust integration mechanism to aggregate all comments from Facebook without delays or restrictions.
To connect this integration, log in to Facebook. You must have the rights of the Page Owner or Administrator.

Connecting Facebook Comments to Umnico:

1. In your Umnico personal account, go to “Settings — Integrations — Facebook Comments”.

Umnico interface

2. In the connection window that opens, click “Connect”. A tab with Facebook will open.

Facebook connection window

3. Next, in the query window, click “Change settings”.

Facebook change settings

4. If you have an Instagram business account linked to this account, the application will request access to it as well. Select and click “Next”.

Facebook link account

5. In this window, select Facebook pages that the application will work with. After you finished the selection, click “Next”.

Facebook link pages

6. In the next window, choose permissions you give t tohe Umnico application. It is very important not to change anything, because this directly affects the integration functioning. Click “Done”.

Facebook setting access

7. Facebook integration stage setup is complete, click “OK”.

Facebook connect completed

8. After clicking “OK” you return back to Umnico to select the desired group. Select and click “Connect”.

Facebook connect group in Umnico

9. After confirmation in “Connected” the integration with the selected Facebook group will appear. From now on all group comments and messages will be sent to Umnico.

Facebook messenger connected


Sometimes, it happens that some posts do not reach Umnico. Please note that our integration is an official integration, and in this regard, there are restrictions from Facebook, namely, comments under promotional posts will not be delivered to the system. Our company is constantly negotiating on the possibility of fixing this deficiency.

In situations if it’s an ordinary post and it hasn’t been delivered to Umnico, go to your Facebook account and select “Settings”.

In the left menu at the very bottom, select “Business Integrations”.

In the tab that opens, take a close look at all integrations. They all slow down the work with Umnico. We advise you to refuse other integrations to ensure a proper and stable functioning.

If you want to find out more details, watch the video tutorial on our YouTube channel, which explains how to connect a group to Facebook:

Should you have any issues connecting the integration with Facebook Comments, please contact Umnico support in the “Help — Support Chat” section. We will be glad to assist.

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