How to connect Facebook Comments to Umnico

Facebook Comments is a useful tool for managing comments from users on your Facebook page, which enables you to respond to customer comments easily.

By integrating Facebook Comments with Umnico, you can manage all comments from your current and potential customers on Facebook within the Umnico platform. You won't lose any comments or leave them unanswered. Additionally, you can analyze the quality of the comments handling in Umnico.

The integration mechanism used by Umnico is reliable and collects all comments from Facebook without any delays or restrictions.

Connecting Facebook Comments to Umnico

To connect this integration, you need to log in to Facebook with your Page Owner or Administrator rights.

1. Log in to your Umnico personal account and navigate to "Settings" — "Integrations" —"Facebook Comments".

Umnico interface

2. In the connection window that appears, click on "Connect" to open a new tab with Facebook.

Facebook connection window

3. In the query window, click on "Change settings" to proceed.

Facebook change settings

4. If you have an Instagram business account linked to Umnico account, the app will request access to it. Select it and click on "Next".

Facebook link account

5. In the window that follows, select Facebook pages you want to connect. Click "Next".

Facebook link pages

6. Grant access permissions to the Umnico app. It is important not to make any changes as it directly affects the integration's functionality. Click "Done".

Facebook setting access

7. Once the Facebook integration stage setup is complete, click on "OK".

Facebook connect completed

8. After clicking "OK", you will return to Umnico. Select the group and click "Connect".

Facebook connect group in Umnico

The integration with the selected Facebook group will appear in “Connected”. From now on, all group comments and messages from it will be sent to Umnico.

Facebook messenger connected


Sometimes, certain posts may not reach Umnico due to restrictions from Facebook. Promotional post comments, in particular, may not be delivered to the system. We are continuously working to address this limitation.

  • If an ordinary post hasn't been delivered to Umnico, you can troubleshoot the issue by accessing your Facebook account settings.
  • In the left menu, select "Business Integrations" at the bottom.
  • Review all integrations listed in the tab that opens. They may affect the performance of Umnico. It is recommended to disable other integrations to ensure proper and stable functioning.

For more detailed instructions, you can watch our video tutorial on how to integrate Facebook Comments with Umnico.

If you encounter any issues connecting the integration with Facebook Comments, contact Umnico support via "Help — Support Chat" section. We’ll be glad to help.

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