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Better integration
WhatsApp with amoCRM


The familiar WhatsApp interface in your amoCRM from 1050 rubles per month without limits!

Ability to add multiple WhatsApp numbers, as well as flexible configuration of access and distribution of new calls.


Write to the client in WhatsApp from amoCRM first

Email your clients first to any numbers from the deal card and widget.

Send messages, contracts, photos, videos, audio files, any files without restrictions.


WhatsApp mailings from amoCRM

Integration of Umnico with amoCRM allows you to send bulk messages to WhatsApp for all active transactions!

Sell without sellers with the Sales Bot. Now the auto seller will be able to communicate with customers via WhatsApp.

Full support for the Digital pipeline.


Umnico's widget amoCRM

In amoCRMa multifunctional Umnico widget is presented, which allows you to conduct a dialogue with all clients, respond to comments, write to clients first, and all this in a user-friendly interface.

The widget has built-in search by messages and clients, and all necessary filters are present.


Correspondence from the mobile application amoCRM

Full support for the functionality of the mobile application.

Communicate in the application on all connected integrations: WhatsApp, Instagram, VK, Facebook, Telegram.

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