Connection of Viber Bot

Viber Bot is a robotic Viber program designed to automate user interactions with businesses. This is the only way to process Viber user inquiries for most companies.
Integration with Viber Bot allows you to record all requests from customers and receive messages from Viber users directly to the Umnico app. You won’t get tangled in messages and customer inquiries anymore, all dialogs will be fully available in Umnico.
Umnico uses the official integration mechanism with Viber Bot, allowing messages and images to be exchanged without delay.

Connecting Viber Bot to Umnico:

1. Select “Settings — Integration — Viber Bot” in your Umnico personal account

Viber Bot in Umnico account

2. Viber Bot connection window will open.

Viber Bot connection window

3. If you already have a bot token, enter it in the field and click “Connect”.

3.1 If you don’t have a token, you need to create a bot. Go to the Viber partner resource and sign up. You should already have Viber account (its number is indicated during registration), a login code will be sent to it.

Viber Admin Panel

3.2 Go to the control panel and select the bot creation button: “Create bot Account”.

Viber control panel

3.3 On the next page, fill out the bot card, where:
Account Name — your bot name, which will be displayed in Viber for your customers.
Account Image — your bot icon, 400×400 pixels.
Uri — name in the link to the bot like:
Category and Subcategory — the category and subcategory of the subject of your future bot.
Language — language.
Description — your bot short description.
Website Address — your website address (optional).
Email Address — email address for communication.
Location — your location.
The account contains adult content — check the box if your bot refers to adult content.
I accept the Terms and Conditions — consent to use the Viber bot service.

Bot card fields
Terms and Conditions

3.4 After that, click on the Create button. Your Viber bot will be created and the page will show the Key (Private token) you need. Specify this key in Umnico connection field and click “Connect Viber”.

Account created

4. After clicking “Connect” in the “Connected” section, integration with Viber Bot will appear. From now on, all messages sent to the bot will be delivered to Umnico.

Connected Viber Bot on Umnico


At the moment, Viber shows bots from large companies and well-known brands in Viber search, so access to your bot can only be via a direct link like viber://pa?chatURI={botname}.

Watch a video tutorial on our YouTube channel, which explains how to enable integration with Viber Bot:

Should you have any issues connecting the Viber Bot integration, please contact Umnico support in the “Help — Chat with the operator” section. We will be glad to assist.

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