Umnico partnership program rules

The following information is considered an offer. The acceptance of the offer is the creation and placement of your referral links on any resources on the network.
Umnico’s partner attracts new users to the service and receives commision for this.

Commission amount

  • The payout for the “Promoter” is 15% of all payments made by the attracted user.
  • The amount of payment for the “Integrator”:
    • 30% of all payments from 0 to 9 referred users;
    • 45% of all payments from 10 to 19 referred users;
    • 60% of all payments from 20 attracted users.

No payments are made for impressions, leads, registrations and other intermediate goals before payment.

Payment term and method

Interest is accrued after the referral registers and pays for the service. The month count period is 30 calendar days, from 00:00 of the first day until 23:59 of the last day. The payment process starts after you sign up for withdrawal with a partner or an integrator. The initiative comes from the partner/integrator. Withdrawal is made to R/S for integrators and partners. All additional: taxes, interest, penalties, — the partner/integrator declares and pays independently.
Payments are made only in Russian rubles. The transfer fees are paid by partners/integrators.

Withdrawal conditions

A Partner/Integrator requires at least 3 active referrals in his/her affiliate cabinet who have paid for the service in order to request a withdrawal. The minimum amount for withdrawal is $30. Applications for withdrawal from partners/integrators who do not meet these conditions will not be considered.

The rules of attaching referrals

Transition cookies are stored for a month and activated on the last click. In order for the referral to definitely stick with you, it’s necessary to motivate him/her to register right away.
Referrals are not attached manually and through support, only in automatic mode. Re-registration is not prohibited.

Forbidden practice

  • Any “black” traffic to Umnico websites. For example, ClickUnder, Pop-under, Adult traffic, Spam mailings.
  • Copying and creating “mirrors” of Umnico sites to domains that do not belong to Umnico.
  • Creation of branded groups in social networks and other actions on behalf of Umnico.
  • Any material that contains misinformation about users.
  • Direct contextual advertising Umnico: Yandex Direct and Google Adwords.
  • Introducing yourself as Umnico employees and acting on its behalf.
  • Using referral links and other partner privileges for any purpose other than attracting new customers.

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Test all the features of

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