Funds withdrawal from the partnership program

Funds withdrawal is provided for participants of the partnership program .
Each payment of the referral attracted by you is displayed in the statistics and is summed up with the rest of the payments. The total income for all referrals is displayed in the “Income for the entire period” item.
A partner can have two statuses:
1) Integrator — a verified account, independent maintenance and configuration of clients.


2) Promoter — attracting traffic, maintaining and setting up by Umnico specialist.


To be able to withdraw, the partner’s balance must have an amount of at least 3,000 rubles. To withdraw funds, enter the required amount in the field and click “Withdraw”. Next, you need to fill out a withdrawal card, indicating your full name, mail, phone number and company details.


After you have submitted a withdrawal request, it will be displayed in the “History” and will be processed by the partner department.

History of withdrawal

After processing, the funds will be sent to the requisites you provided.

Should you have any questions about the partnership program, we will be glad to answer them. Contact or

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Test all the features of

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