Connection of Instagram Official API

Instagram is an efficient channel for showcasing products and services. Moreover, you can also use it to organize user support if you want. The main advantage of this communication channel is the ability to reply to a direct message, work with comments under profile posts, and also use other ways to interact with customers.
The integration with Instagram allows you to track all inquiries, receive messages and comments on posts from customers and users who write on Instagram, in Umnico application in the same way as you receive messages in a messenger or social media. You will no longer lose a single message from a client, and all communication with them will be available on request. Moreover, the data of the dialogues can be systematized and analyzed.
The integration with Instagram is suitable for most companies, however, the most active users of this business messenger are medium and small businesses, clothing stores, beauty salons, online stores and others.
Umnico uses a formal and robust integration mechanism to aggregate all messages from Instagram, so you can share not only text messages with your client and comments, but also multimedia without delay.

Before connecting:

1. You need to check the status of your Instagram account; the account should be switched to professional status. You can change your account type in the Instagram mobile app by going to Settings — Account — Change account type — Switch to professional account. In this case, it is mandatory to link your account with Facebook.

Instagram application settings account type

2. In the Instagram application settings, you should enable access to account messages. To find it, go to “Settings — Privacy — Messages — Cross-service tools section — Allow access to messages”. If this setting is not displayed, check the account status under the point 1.

Instagram application settings

3. The integration should be connected by an employee with access to Facebook Manager at least as high-level as the owner. The Instagram account must also be verified in Facebook Manager.

Connecting Instagram to Umnico:

1. In Umnico personal account, go to “Settings — Integrations — Instagram Official Direct + Comments” in the left menu.

Umnico Settings

2. Click the “Connect” button in the window that opens. Before that, familiarize yourself with the necessary settings and specifics of the Facebook API.

Connecting Instagram to Umnico

3. You should be logged in to the Facebook account, where you are the Page Owner. Enter the username and password and click “Log in”. If you are already logged in to Facebook, click “Continue as ...”

Log in to Facebook account

4. In the next window, select the Instagram business accounts you want to connect to Umnico. Once you have made your choice, click “Next”.

Instagram business accounts

5. In the window that pops up, choose which of your existing pages you want to use for integration with Umnico. Select and click “Next”.

Integration with Umnico

6. In this window, select what permissions are given to the Umnico application; for proper functioning, all permissions should be allowed. Turn on the permissions and click “Next”.

Umnico application permissions

7. Facebook integration stage is completed, click “OK”.

Facebook integration stage is completed

8. After clicking “OK”, you will return to Umnico to select the right group to which your Instagram account is linked. Select a group and click “Connect”.

Instagram account in Umnico

9. Everything is ready. A connected account will appear in the integrations, and from now on, all messages and comments will go to Umnico.

Connected account in Umnico

Watch a video tutorial on our YouTube channel, which explains in detail how to enable integration with Instagram Official API:

Should you have any issues connecting this integration, please contact Umnico support in the “Help — Chat with the operator” section, we will be glad to assist.

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