Function: “Bulk actions”

The “New Chats”, “My Chats”, “Archive” and “Funnel” tabs have a built-in mass action function with dialogs that allows you to make selected dialogs;

  • read/unread for the operator;
  • bulk change the funnel status;
  • tag;
  • add a task;
  • appoint a responsible person.
Bulk actions

To activate this function, tick the checkbox next to the necessary dialogs with which you need to perform bulk actions. Then select the action you need.

Bulk actions process

The action may take a few seconds to process.

Bulk actions button

To activate the bulk actions mode in the “Funnel”, click on the “Bulk actions” button.

Should you still have any questions, please visit the “Help — Chat with the operator” section. We will be glad to assist.

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Test all the features of

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