The “Archive” section stores conversations from the “New chats” and “My chats” sections that have archived statuses assigned to them. The section provides “Filters”, “Search”, “Bulk actions” and “Reach-out-first” options.

Dialog interface in the Archive section

Conversation interface in Archive section

All archived customer conversations are presented in a table format with the following columns: “Client”, “Pipeline step”, “Response time”, “Price”, “Tasks”, “Owner”, “Tags”, and “Source”

Description of columns

Client: displays the client's avatar, nickname/login/full name/serial number, the icon of the social media/messenger where the conversation has been received from, the last message, and the number of unread messages.

Client column

Status: reflects the current status of the dialog funnel, which can be changed both within the conversation and from the general list of conversations.

Status column

Response time: indicates the duration between receiving a client's message and responding to it.

Response time column

Price: shows the specified amount from additional fields in the dialog.

Price column

Tasks: visually presents the task and the remaining time to complete it.

Tasks column

Employee: indicates the agent responsible for the conversation.

Employee column

Tags: displays any specified tags added to additional fields of the conversation.

Tags column

Source: indicates the name of the communication channel through which the conversation has been received.

Source column

Conversation window interface

Let's go inside the dialog box

Message entry window

Message Entry Window

Conversation sidebar

Dialog sidebar

If you have any questions, you can reach out to us in the «Help — Chat with the operator» section. We’ll be glad to help.

To learn more about how to improve customer communication effectiveness, check our guide available in Umnico's blog.

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