How to Create a Virtual Phone Number for WhatsApp

The complete guide to setting up a second number for texts and calls.

Virtual Phone Number for WhatsApp

Recently, an increasing number of people have been looking for ways to use a virtual number for WhatsApp. Since the messaging app is among the most popular ones in the world, boasting a global audience of over 2 billion users, WhatsApp is widely used for private communication and customer-brand interactions alike. Both use cases can reap significant benefits from using a virtual number instead of a real one. From the article, you’ll learn how a virtual number for WhatsApp works, what are its benefits, how to create one, and what platforms can help with that.

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What is a WhatsApp virtual number

WhatsApp virtual phone number is a phone number that may be used to sign up for and activate a WhatsApp account without the use of a physical SIM card. It enables you to use WhatsApp on numerous devices at once and share the same phone number with multiple users.

Virtual phone numbers can operate on any device that is capable of accessing internet access, installing third-party apps, and receiving voice calls. For example, such a number can be used to make calls from laptops, smartphones, VoIP desk phones, or softphones. Nowadays, many people are using virtual phone numbers to register for social media and online messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and more. It is also a perfect solution for any business that has an in-office, remote, or work-from-home setup. There are numerous apps and services that let you select a local or international number from various nations and regions, as well as capabilities such as call forwarding, routing, and voicemail (more on them below).

Benefits of using a virtual phone number for WhatsApp

Virtual phone numbers have been a game-changing innovation in the field of telecommunications, as they adapt to the changing technological environment. Using a free virtual phone number for WhatsApp can benefit your business in many ways, such as expanding your market reach and enhancing your outreach. As a result, more and more businesses are opting for virtual phone numbers.

Benefits of WhatsApp Virtual Number

Cross-device synchronization

One virtual phone number can be used on multiple devices in several locations, which facilitates seamless communication with the use of an array of internet-enabled devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. This connectivity transcends geographical boundaries, bridging gaps from within the same building to continents apart.

In an era characterized by the surge in remote work, businesses search for ways to set up reliable and robust communication channels. The use of virtual phone numbers eliminates the risk of missing calls if, for example, an agent works out of the office and receives a call from a customer.

Optimized customer engagement

The WhatsApp platform, a common tool for customer communication, creates a sense of familiarity among customers. Therefore, it improves communication efficiency, enabling smooth interactions with both existing clientele and potential customers. A more personalized customer experience can be effectively achieved with the adoption of a free virtual phone number for WhatsApp.

Customers preferred communication channels

Buying a virtual number for WhatsApp to send text messages, videos, and images for marketing and promotional purposes allows a company to keep in touch with its audience. It also aligns with today’s customers’ preference for messaging on the platform rather than traditional customer support phone lines. Additionally, it provides a practical solution for efficiently managing a high volume of daily emails and messages from customers.

Improved internal communication

With the growing importance of remote work in business strategies, access to virtual communication tools, such as online phone numbers, emerges as a logical choice. Virtual phone numbers liberate employees from the constraints of being tethered to a specific location or device to ensure they don't miss important calls. Furthermore, the inherently flexible nature of this service makes it an invaluable asset for both remote-oriented companies and professionals frequently on the move.

Protection of privacy

Not everyone feels comfortable sharing personal phone numbers for professional contacts. The great thing about virtual WhatsApp numbers is their capacity to link to a private telephone number without compromising your privacy. This setup proves particularly advantageous for sole proprietors who run their businesses while safeguarding the sanctity of their home numbers. A side benefit here: you can easily choose a ‘beautiful’ virtual phone for customer communication, instead of using a real number, which can often be hard to memorize.

Useful integrations

Virtual phone numbers platforms provide their users with a wide array of free and paid integration options that deliver a wealth of valuable benefits to businesses. These encompass features like virtual receptionists, calendar integrations, voicemail (with transcription services), online faxing, and team messaging capabilities. Furthermore, integrations with such popular platforms as Microsoft 365, Canvas, Salesforce, and Zendesk may be feasible to seamlessly integrate phone communication into a company’s business environment. Certain subscription plans even include advanced teleconferencing features. These integrations and enhancements empower businesses to communicate more efficiently and operate with unparalleled seamlessness.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service and has the largest customer base for any business. Umnico’s WhatsApp integration allows a company to add the messenger’s functionality into its CRM system or other software, ensuring seamless and efficient customer communication. This way, you can achieve proactive customer outreach and respond promptly to their inquiries — all within a single web app or your CRM system.

Increased marketing returns on investment

The virtual phone number for WhatsApp represents a cost-effective, compared to traditional phone lines. For smaller enterprises requiring just a handful of phone lines each month, the cost can be surprisingly modest, often staying well below a hundred dollars. However, as businesses expand, with their workforce numbering in the hundreds, thousands, or even millions, communication expenses tend to spiral. When you factor in multiple office locations, possibly spanning several countries, telephone costs can skyrocket into the thousands monthly.

Irrespective of your business's size, adopting virtual phone numbers can substantially decrease your telephone expenditures. These online numbers eliminate the need for expensive multi-line corded hardware. Depending on your service plan, you might even secure at least one virtual phone number for WhatsApp for free. Furthermore, receiving domestic calls is often cost-free, and international call rates remain budget-friendly.

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How to create a virtual phone number for WhatsApp

The process of creating a virtual phone starts with deciding on a phone number provider. There are many companies providing such services, each differing in available options and pricing policy.

  1. Register on a virtual phone provider platform of your choice.
  2. Select a country code and phone number type (local, mobile, toll-free, national, etc.).
  3. Select a subscription period or pay-as-you-go plan.
  4. Purchase the virtual number using a suitable online payment method, such as a credit card or PayPal.
  5. Use the new number to register a WhatsApp account and start receiving and sending messages and calls with it.

Top platforms for WhatsApp virtual number

Let’s take a closer look at some of the noteworthy platforms that can be used to buy a virtual number for WhatsApp.


Hushed is a versatile app that offers a range of virtual numbers. It allows you to safeguard your private phone number while sending SMS, MMS, making calls, and using WhatsApp, just like your regular phone number. One of the reasons for its popularity is that Hushed provides users with a toll-free number registration option.

Hushed offers a lifetime plan for $25 and supports Android and iOS platforms. The app has several key features, such as managing multiple numbers within a single app, accessing your number using Wi-Fi or data connection, ensuring privacy and security in your conversations, customizing and recording voicemail, affordable international call rates, supporting call forwarding and call routing, and offering integration with Dropbox and Slack. The app also provides a second number and allows the selection of numbers from different countries. However, it does not offer a free trial, and some users reported occasional connectivity issues.

Numero eSIM

Numero eSIM app allows you to generate a phone number through a mobile application. This app provides instant data connections to various locations using eSIM data plans, offering online and offline services with free roaming. It’s compatible with most instant messaging and social media platforms. Numero eSIM has several key features, such as instant data connections, roaming services without traditional fees, voicemail for your contacts, multiple customer support channels, local and international calling options, and customizable bundles at competitive prices. Numero’s pricing plans start at $0.97 a month.

Numero eSIM app


Talkatone is a free app that allows you to get a free virtual number for WhatsApp. It offers a free phone number after logging in with your Facebook account. You can obtain a virtual number for WhatsApp and other messaging apps.

Talkatone has several key features such as a personalized free US phone number, changing your phone number anytime, connecting with friends and family, free US/Canada phone numbers for texting and calling, supporting local and international numbers, and unlimited group and individual messaging. The app also provides free SMS and picture messages, free international calls over Wi-Fi, and high call quality. However, it contains ads in the free version and users complained about the limited availability of customer support.


Blacktel is a service that lets you buy and use virtual phone numbers without physical SIM cards or cell phones for WhatsApp. You can choose from phone numbers in the US, UK, and Canada, and pay with cryptocurrencies. Blacktel offers different features for different needs. There are Calls + SMS packages, as well as SMS only or Whats SIM, which provides a number to register accounts for WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms that require SMS verification. The Trash SIM option lets you use a disposable number for a limited time, such as when you travel or sign up for something. This saves you from getting a new phone line or changing SIM cards and also keeps your privacy by hiding your real number.

Blacktel app

Each new Blacktel’s user gets one free number for call or WhatsApp after registration. The pricing for additional numbers varies, depending on the region and available modes of communication (SMS only, calls + SMS, WhatsApp) and starts from €10.

Aptly named, the platform is a convenient solution for quickly obtaining virtual phone numbers from over 25 countries, making it ideal for bypassing phone number verification on various platforms like Amazon, WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, and many more. It offers the advantage of getting a virtual phone number within seconds and supports receiving an unlimited number of SMS messages on any local number. provides the ability to make web, audio, and video conference calls from anywhere, ensuring connectivity. Moreover, it boasts secure operations with HIPAA compliance, making it a reliable choice for businesses. Additionally, allows for call queuing and routing to specific phone numbers, enhancing call management. The pricing plans start at $12.74 per month, with a 20% discount available for yearly payments. While it doesn't offer a free trial, it does provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving users the confidence to explore its services without commitment.


Virtual phone numbers are a great way to keep your personal phone number private while still being able to communicate with others via WhatsApp. They are also a great option for business since they allow multiple support agents using different devices to process customer inquiries sent to a single number. When choosing a virtual number provider for WhatsApp, it’s important to consider what types of phone numbers are available, what features it has and the selection of price plans.

If you’re looking for a virtual phone number, you likely also need a WhatsApp integration to streamline your messaging on multiple messaging apps. Consider Umnico omnichannel messaging platform, which allows users to send text messages on WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, and more than 25 other apps from a single desktop and mobile interface. A free trial period is available for all new users.

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