A funnel is a visual mechanism that demonstrates tracking the «path» of an appeal from the «initial contact» stage to the «successfully completed» stage. It includes built-in filters and bulk actions.

Umnico sales funnel

When you create an account, the first standard sales funnel with stages is automatically created. It can be completely modified to suit the needs and specifics of your business.

When creating sales stages, you need to understand what exactly they are needed for. After passing the transaction through the sales funnel, statistics are recorded for each stage, which you can later view in the «Analytics» section. In particular, you can find out the conversion rate when moving from stage to stage, and understand how many customers move to the next stage and how many leave.

At the beginning of work, select only the most key sales stages, since in the future you can add new stages at any time, or leave the default funnel.

Setting up a sales funnel in Umnico

To start editing the funnel, select the «gear» icon in the upper right corner.

Setting up a sales funnel in Umnico

The «Add status» tab will appear in the left menu. When you click on it, add the name of the new status and assign it to the active group «My chats» or the archived «Successful», «Unsuccessful», «Ignore». As soon as you select the group, the status will be added.

Add status

In the funnel edit mode, you can rank the location of its stages by dragging the stage in front of / behind other stages, thereby raising or lowering it in the sequence of funnel statuses.

Sequence of funnel statuses.

You can also edit the name of an already created stage. To do this, click on the current name, specify the desired name, and then click in any free area. The name will change.

Edit the name

To display only the columns you need, a column collapse functionality is provided.

Column collapse

If necessary, you can move the dialog to another status immediately from the funnel by dragging it to the necessary stage.

Move dialog to another status

Should you have any issues setting up the funnel, please contact Umnico support in the «Help — Chat with an operator» section. We will be glad to assist.

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