Umnico subscription payment

Umnico service works in close partnership with YuMoney and Stripe. For each payment via YuMoney, the client is sent a check to the mail specified during registration. For each payment via Stripe, a check is sent to the client at the specified mail when paying.

Recurrent subscription to Umnico service

A user can enable the recurrent subscription option to pay for the selected service package when paying for the first time. This is possible only with the users’ consent. This payment method has proven itself and is considered the most convenient for service users, since it allows the extension of connected integrations and not risk losing customers with data.

Umnico payment by invoice

For invoicing, send your details with the tariff and term of use to

Should you still have any questions,please visit the “Help — Chat with the operator” section. We will be glad to help.

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Test all the features of

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