How to Connect Facebook Leads to Umnico

Facebook Leads is a popular tool for lead generation on Facebook. By utilizing this channel, you can gather contact details of potential customers genuinely interested in your products or services.

Integrating Facebook Leads with Umnico allows you to conveniently track all leads and receive valuable customer data within the Umnico app. This integration enables you to directly reach out to each new client through messaging on the Umnico platform.

The integration with Facebook Leads is suitable for professionals in marketing, sales, and customer support across various companies. Umnico employs an official integration with Facebook so that all customer data from Facebook Leads forms is promptly and securely delivered to the platform.

Connecting Facebook Leads to Umnico

To set up the integration, you have to log in to your Facebook account with Page Owner or Administrator rights.

1. Access your Umnico personal account and navigate to "Settings - Integrations - Facebook Leads".

Umnico interface

2. In a window that opens, click "Connect" to open a tab with Facebook.

Facebook connection window

3. Click "Change settings".

Facebook change settings

4. If you have an Instagram business account linked to this account, the app will request access to it as well. Select it and click "Next".

Facebook link account

5. Select the Facebook pages that you want to integrate with the app. Click "Next".

Facebook link pages

6. Choose the necessary permissions to grant the Umnico app. It is crucial not to modify any settings, as this directly impacts the integration's functionality. Click "Done".

Facebook setting access

7. The Facebook integration stage setup is now complete. Click "OK".

Facebook connect completed

8. You are redirected back to Umnico to select the desired group. Choose the group and click "Connect".

Facebook connect group in Umnico

9. Select the desired Facebook Leads form and click "Connect".

Facebook Leads form

The integration with the selected Facebook group will appear in the “Connected” section. From now on, all lead forms from it will be automatically sent to Umnico.

Facebook Leads connected

If you encounter any issues while setting up the integration, reach out to Umnico support in the "Help — Support Chat" section. We’ll be glad to help.

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